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Free Glossaries at

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Glossary title / link

376 Glossary of terms related to translation industry
375 Free glossary of terms related to coronavirus crisis (in several languages)
374 Medical terminology glossary
373 Glossary of radiology and orthopedy (Italian/English and English/Italian)
372 Computer hardware terms glossary
371 Internet-related terms glossary
370 Aviation, aerospace, and aeronautics glossary
369 American trucking industry glossary
368 XML markup languages glossary
367 Dyeing Terms Glossary
366 Glossary of Dental Implantology terms
365 Glossary of Near-field Optical Microscopes
364 IP-PBX & Asterisk Glossary
363 Glossary of Financial Terms for Businesses
362 Packaging glossary
361 Jewellery glossary
360 Raman spectroscopy glossary
359 SMS language (textese) glossary
358 Acronyms in the Philippines
357 Information technology acronyms
356 Photography abbreviations glossary
355 English-Spanish Glossary of Olive Oil Taste Testing
354 Spanish-English Glossary of Olive Oil Taste Testing
353 Spanish English Academic Glossary
352 English-Spanish Academic Glossary
351 Bone Cancer Glossary
350 Max Security Intel Glossary
349 Spanish-English Legal Glossary
348 English-Spanish Legal Glossary
347 Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Emoticons Glossary
346 Art Glossary
345 Printmaking Glossary
344 Animation Art Glossary
343 Writing Career Glossary
342 Point of Sale Glossary (POS Glossary)
341 Fall Protection Glossary
340 Security Glossary
339 Multimedia File Formats Glossary
338 Diamond Certificate Glossary
337 Tax Terminology Glossary
336 Architecture Glossary
335 Nazi Party Leaders and Officials Glossary
334 Graph Theory Glossary
333 Nazi Germany Terms Glossary
332 Riemannian and Metric Geometry Glossary
331 High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) Glossary
330 The French Revolution Glossary
329 Modular Building & Construction Terms Glossary
328 Medical Roots, Suffixes and Prefixes Glossary
327 Anatomical Terms of Motion Glossary
326 English Administrative Divisions Glossary
325 Flag Terminology Glossary
324 Medieval Land Terms Glossary
323 Bicycle Parts Glossary
322 Chess Problems Glossary
321 Rugby Union Terms Glossary
320 Baseball Terms Glossary
319 Fan Fiction Terms Glossary
318 “Dune” Terminology Glossary
317 Pipe Organ Stops Glossary
316 Newspeak Words Glossary
315 Game Theory Glossary
314 Poetry Groups and Movements Glossary
313 Carnatic Music Terms Glossary
312 Ornament Music Glossary
311 Musical Forms Glossary
310 Opera Terminology Glossary
309 Guitar Terms Glossary
308 Popular Music and Jazz Terms Glossary
307 Musical Terminology Glossary
306 Environmental Science Glossary
305 Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Glossary
304 Climate Change Terms Glossary
303 Classical Physics Glossary
302 Ichthyology Terms Glossary
301 Literary Terms Glossary
300 Motion Picture Terminology Glossary
299 Poetry Terms Glossary
298 Glass Art Terms Glossary
297 Classical Architecture Terms Glossary
296 Graphonomics Terminology Glossary
295 Tax Management Glossary
294 Shaper Bits / Shaper Cutter Glossary
293 Movers Glossary
292 Business Cards and Office Printing Glossary
291 Chinese - English - Chinese Glossary of Architectural Terms
290 Glossary of Internet Terms
289 Glossary of Diseases and Symptoms (Italiano-Inglese and English-Italian)
288 Glossary of Anatomy (Italiano-Inglese and English-Italian)
287 Airport Acronyms Glossary
286 English to traditional Chinese Biblical glossary for use with OmegaT
285 English to traditional Chinese glossary for use with OmegaT - Miscellaneous
284 English to traditional Chinese glossary for use with OmegaT - Hours
283 English to traditional Chinese glossary for use with OmegaT - Terminology
282 English to traditional Chinese glossary for use with OmegaT - Bible Books
281 English to traditional Chinese glossary for use with OmegaT - Places
280 English to traditional Chinese glossary for use with OmegaT - Names
279 English to traditional Chinese glossary for use with OmegaT - Phrases
278 Internet security glossary
277 Backup Data Encryption, Tape Encryption & Cryptography Glossary
276 Hotel Bucharest Glossary
275 EGL Asia Diamond Grading Lexicon Glossary
274 CPT Go Green Packaging Glossary
273 Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Glossary
272 Algorithms and Data Structures Glossary
271 Router Bit Glossary
270 Saw Blade Glossary
269 Mathematical jargon glossary
268 Field theory glossary
267 Topology glossary
266 Cryptographic key types glossary
265 Category theory glossary
264 Arithmetic and Diophantine geometry glossary
263 Order theory glossary
262 Military abbreviations glossary
261 German military terms glossary
260 North American railway glossary
259 UK railway glossary
258 New Zealand railway glossary
257 Passenger rail glossary
256 Rail glossary
255 Automotive design glossary
254 Mill machinery glossary
253 Machine Vision glossary
252 Library and Information Science glossary
251 Wildfire glossary
250 Unified Modeling Language glossary
249 Air pollution dispersion glossary
248 Sinhala words of Tamil origin
247 Fuel cell glossary
246 Sinhalese words of English origin
245 Fisheries glossary
244 Sinhala words of Portuguese origin
243 Loan words in Sri Lankan Tamil
242 Sinhala words of Dutch origin
241 Malay words of Tamil origin
240 Christian terms in Arabic
239 Weimar Republic glossary
238 Spanish words of uncertain origin
237 Spanish words of various origins
236 Spanish words of Semitic origin
235 UK local history glossary
234 Spanish words of Nahuatl origin
233 Japanese History glossary
232 Spanish words of Italic origin
231 Spanish words of Iranian origin
230 Clinical research glossary
229 Spanish words of Indo-Aryan origin
228 Psychiatry glossary
227 Spanish words of Native American origin
226 Medical prescriptions abbreviations glossary
225 Spanish words of French origin
224 Medical slang glossary
223 Spanish words of Chinese origin
222 Communications disorders glossary
221 Spanish words of Celtic origin
220 French Revolution glossary
219 Spanish words of Basque/Iberian origin
218 Anatomy glossary
217 Spanish words of Austronesian origin
216 Loan words in Indonesian
215 Spanish words of African origin
214 Non-English glossary for administrative divisions
213 English words of Yiddish origin
212 Owarai glossary
211 English words of Welsh origin
210 Notaphily glossary
209 English words of Ukrainian origin
208 Partner dance glossary
207 English words of Turkic origin
206 Italian music glossary
205 English words of Swedish origin
204 Ballet glossary
203 English words of Spanish origin
202 Anime and manga glossary
201 English words of Scottish Gaelic origin
200 Sculpting glossary
199 English words of Scots origin
198 Poetry groups and movements glossary
197 Eponymous musical glossary
196 English words of Russian origin
195 Colombian music glossary
194 English words of Portuguese origin
193 Graffiti glossary
192 English words of Polish origin
191 Pinball glossary
190 Chess glossary
189 English words of Persian origin
188 Sudoku glossary
187 English words of Old Norse origin
186 Water polo glossary
185 English words of Norwegian origin
184 Volleyball jargon glossary
183 Trampolining Glossary
182 English words of Native American origin
181 Table tennis Glossary
180 English words of Māori origin
179 Sumo Glossary
178 English words of Malay origin
177 Latin words with English derivatives
176 SCUBA diving glossary
175 English words of Korean origin
174 Rugby League glossary
173 English words of Japanese origin
172 Rowing glossary
171 English words of Italian origin
170 Ice hockey glossary
169 English words of Irish origin
168 Golf glossary
167 English words of Hungarian origin
166 Sports terms named after people
165 English words of Hebrew origin
164 Fencing glossary
163 German expressions in English
162 Bicycling glossary
161 English words of French origin
160 Curling glossary
159 English words of Dutch origin
158 Cue sports glossary
157 Words derived from toponyms
156 Canadian football glossary
155 English words of Chinese origin
154 Basketball glossary
153 English words of Afrikaans origin
152 Glossary of Australian and New Zealand punting
151 English words of African origin
150 American football glossary
149 Wrestling glossary
148 Tennis glossary
147 Cricket glossary
146 Puerto Rican slang words and phrases
145 Climbing glossary
144 Airline codes
143 Aviation, aerospace and aeronautical abbreviations
142 Astronomy acronyms
141 Protologisms for English
140 Optometric abbreviations
139 ITU letter codes
138 Latin abbreviations
137 Acronyms in healthcare
136 Energy abbreviations
135 Ecclesiastical abbreviations
134 Heideggerian terminology
133 FIPS region codes
132 FIPS country codes
131 Glossary of philosophical isms
130 Food Additives, Codex Alimentarius
129 Country codes
128 List of acronyms and initialisms
127 Airports by ICAO code
126 Airports by IATA code
125 U.S. Navy acronyms
124 List of medical abbreviations
123 Currency abbreviations
122 Three-letter broadcast callsigns in the USA
121 Legal abbreviations
120 Business and finance abbreviations
119 U.S. Marine Corps acronyms and expressions
118 Abbreviations in Webster
117 Computing and IT abbreviations
116 Abbreviations in the CIA World Factbook
115 Abbreviations in use in 1911
114 Medieval abbreviations
113 Classical abbreviations
112 Government and military acronyms
111 Abbreviations for medical organisations and personnel
110 English Arabic Juvenile Law Glossary
109 English-French Glossary for Medical Learners, Doctors and Nurses
108 A Short Guide To Real Estate Lingo And Acronyms
107 Self-contradicting words in English
106 Misused English language phrases
105 English words with disputed usage
104 Broadcasting terminology
103 Glossary of darts
102 Glossary of firefighting equipment
101 Glossary of nautical terms
100 Numismatic glossary
099 Glossary of terms associated with diabetes
098 Textile manufacturing glossary
097 Glossary of Unified Modeling Language terms
096 Woodworking glossary
095 Terminology of the history of the galaxy
094 Glossary of legal terms in computer technology
093 Glossary of firefighting terms
092 Glossary of wine terms
091 Glossario del vino
090 Glossary of bagpipe terms
089 Glosario de relatividad
088 English words containing Q not followed by U
087 Glosario de Béisbol
086 Slang terms for police officers
085 Glosario de términos médicos
084 Germanic and Latinate equivalents in English
083 Glossary of rhetorical terms
082 Glossary of language teaching terms and ideas
081 Glosario: Jerga en Internet
080 Glossary of blogging terms
079 Journal Abbreviations List for Volumes 50 onward
078 Glossary of General Philosophical Terms
077 Synonyms of Minerals
076 Glossary of Kant's Religious Terms
075 Synonyms of Chemicals
074 Glossary of Kant's Technical Terms
073 Common and Botanical Names of Common Woods
072 Français - Arabe Terminologie De La Copropriete
071 Common and Trade Names of Chemicals
070 Architectural glossary
069 Glossary of Compensation Terms
068 Steel Erection eTool: Glossary
067 Earth Observatory Glossary
066 Silica eTool: Glossary
065 Shipyard Employment eTool: Glossary
064 Construction Scaffolding eTool: Glossary
063 Sawmills eTool: Glossary
062 Glossary of Respiratory Protection Terms
061 Poultry Processing Industry eTool: Glossary
060 Glossary of Logging Terms
059 Eye and Face Protection eTool: Glossary
058 Battery Manufacturing eTool: Glossary
057 Hospital eTool: Glossary
056 Ammonia Refrigeration Glossary
055 Veteran Workforce Investment Program (VWIP) Glossary
054 Education Kit 2000 Glossary
053 Electric Power eTool: Glossary
052 OSHA Construction eTool: Glossary
051 Construction Safety and Health Outreach Program Glossary
050 Workforce Development Glossary
049 Ergonomics in the Printing Industry eTool: Glossary
048 Welfare Basics Glossary
047 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Glossary
046 Substance Abuse Basics Glossary
045 U.S. Department of Labor History Glossary
044 eValid Terminology Glossary
043 Glossary of Musical Instruments
042 Dress King Fabrics Glossary
041 TestWorks & Testing Technology Glossary
040 Dress King Fashion Glossary
039 Yacht Charter Glossary
038 Retrospective Journal Abbreviations
037 Glossary of Candlemaking Terms
036 Glossary of Legal Terms
035 Glossary of HIV/AIDS Related Terms (English)
Glosario de infoSIDA (Spanish)
034 The trans-k Glossary of Translation and Interpreting Terminology (English)
Das trans-k Übersetzer- und Dolmetscher-Glossar (Deutsche)
033 A Glossary of Statistics (in particular, re-randomisation statistics)
032 English-Arabic Legal Glossary
031 HIV Vaccine Glossary
030 Numismatic Glossary
029 Glossary of Terms for Uranium and the Nuclear Energy Industry
028 Gliding Glossary (English)
Glossar Zum Segelfliegen (Deutsche)

Glossary of Water Terms (English)
Glossaire de termes sur l'eau (Français)

026 Australian English Glossary from A to Zed
025 Black is White Law Glossary with Secret Canons of Judicial Conduct
024 Québec French Glossary
023 Glossary of Institutions, policies and enlargement of the European Union
022 Aerospace engineering glossary
021 Français Arabe glossaire juridique
020 Glossary of Allergy Terms
019 English - Arabic Finance Glossary
018 Glossaire informatique des termes publiés au Journal officiel par la Commission générale de terminologie et de néologie le 22 septembre 2000
017 Jensen's Technology Glossary
016 Glossaire informatique des termes relatifs à l'informatique publiés au Journal officiel du 16 mars 1999
015 Closed Circuit Television Glossary (CCTV)
014 Oncology-related Terms Glossary
013 TOTFinder Glossário Ornitologia - Port-Inglês
012 Lexique informatique officieux de la Commission ministérielle de terminologie informatique (Français-Anglais)
011 TOTFinder Perfuração Offshore e Naval
010 Lexique informatique officieux de la Commission ministérielle de terminologie informatique (Anglais-Français)
009 TOTFinder Oil Glossary
008 Flamenco glossary
007 Sewing Terms Glossary
006 Water Science Glossary of Terms
005 Proverbs and Phrases of Biblical Origin
004 Printing Glossary And Terminology
003 Glossary of Localization Terms
002 German Children's and Teenagers' Slang
001 English <> Spanish Maritime Glossary

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