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Max Security Intel Glossary

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Actionable Intelligence – Information that provides one or more relevant and practical applications or courses of action.

Africa Analysis – Congealed, interpreted information about political, social and economic developments in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Africa Intel – See Africa Analysis

Africa Intelligence – See Africa Analysis

Anti-Terror (Counter-Terror) – Defensive measures used to protect individuals, groups and property from political and/or criminally-motivated violence, which may include a response or containment from military or law-enforcement personnel.

Archangel Global Locator – A web monitoring interface that provides the ability to locate and safeguard users possessing the devices. The devices include live tracking of movement, a history for the purpose of re-tracking, geo-fencing for hazardous areas and a panic activation that provides a real-time alert.

Business Continuity – The action of continuing business processes and operations despite unforeseen changes in the security, political, cultural, bureaucratic, or logistical sectors.

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) – The process of identifying an entity’s exposure to internal and external threats and then establishing a roadmap for ensuring the continuity of operations under adverse conditions. Events that can disrupt operations such as a supply chain interruption, or damage to critical infrastructure may be simulated to identify potential flaws or breaking points.

Close Protection (CP) – The process of protecting an individual from security related threats and risks. (See Executive Protection)

Close Protection Courses – Courses that train individuals and teams in skills required to work as Close Protection Agents. The training may include: Hand to hand combat, firearm training, CP procedures and principles, counter-surveillance, operational driving, first aid medical care, security management and more.

Close Protection Services – A list of services that can include personal protection, travel management, counter-surveillance, operational driving, preventive intelligence gathering, first aid medical care and emergency security response.

Counterintelligence – Efforts taken by intelligence organizations and personnel to prevent hostile entities from obtaining intelligence that can be used for disruptive or destructive purposes. There are two types of counterintelligence: Offensive and Defensive. Offensive counterintelligence involves actively undermining the resources of the hostile entity. Defensive counterintelligence involves identifying potential areas of vulnerability and taking measures to protect them.

Dynamic Mapping – A visual Intelligence tool by Max Security Intelligence, that offers a comprehensive assessment of essential security and safety information visually displayed over satellite imagery. Dynamic Mapping aids security managers in both preventing and coping with security incidents, creating a common language between employees, management, security and ground support, enhancing real time decision making processes and operational coordination.

Executive Protection – A collection of security processes and capabilities designed to ensure the protection of individuals or others who may be at elevated risk due to status, wealth, political views, geographic location or other reasons.

Global Positioning System (GPS) – A triangulation system where signals are sent and received back and forth, through a central monitoring system via satellite. These signals provide the location of a selected position.

Intelligence – The result of collecting, evaluating, analyzing, integrating and interpreting information from open and covert sources.

Intelligence Analysis – See Intelligence

Intelligence Assessment – A forecast regarding possible developments following a process of intelligence gathering and analysis.

Intelligence Community – A group of government agencies and organizations that carry out intelligence activities.

Intelligence Gathering – The process of collecting information from overt and covert sources about a hostile or competitive entities in order to develop advantages against them.

Intelligence Journal – A regularly-scheduled literary work that provides information about intelligence-related topics.

Intelligence News – News that specifically relates to intelligence-focused topics.

Itinerary-based Tactical Monitoring – A service by Max Security Intelligence for high profile visits and events to risk areas. MSI will monitor the specific visit itinerary and update the client with tactical information which may effect the client’s safety and business continuity. Sources used for this service include a variety of local news outlets, social media and ground sources. MSI will update the client according to their preferences in style, content and frequency. The default will be to alert of any significant events with a possible effect on business continuity. This unique service has supported numerous corporate and official delegation visits as well as large corporate events and conventions.

MENA Analysis – Congealed, interpreted information about political, social, economic and security developments in the Middle East and North Africa.

MENA Intel – See MENA Analysis

MENA Intelligence – See MENA Analysis

Private Intelligence Agency – A non-governmental organization dedicated to the collection and analysis of information.

Private Intelligence Agencies – See Private Intelligence Agency

Private Intelligence Company – See Private Intelligence Agency

Private Intelligence Companies – See Private Intelligence Agency

Risk Analysis – The process of determining the nature of and degree of risks.

Risk Assessment – The general process of risk identification, analysis and evaluation.

Risk Management – Activities that control risk levels and exposure on an ongoing basis within an organizational entity.

Security Consulting – The process of providing a security and risk management advice, intended to mitigate risks. Security consulting can include crisis contingency and business continuity plans, physical security upgrades to a facility, travel security advice, implementation of new personnel security procedures, and more.

Security Intelligence – Intelligence on the identities, capabilities and intentions of hostile individuals and organizations potentially engaged in subversion, terrorism, sabotage or espionage.

Security Risk Management – A combination of security consulting, executive protection and real-time intelligence support.

Special Reports – MSI composes in depth special reports meant to inform clients on important local and regional issues and trends. These reports include organizational profiles, dossiers, and analysis on current events in the political, security, and cultural spectrum

Strategic Intelligence – The collection, processing, analysis and dissemination of intelligence for policy formation, business planning, or military action.

Tactical Intelligence (Max) – Focused intelligence consisting of rapid, real real-time reports for a one-time event or on-going situation. The distinguishing factors are that the intelligence is provided near real-time and the reports are inter-related. Tactical intelligence may be geographically focused, itinerary focused or for a major event that requires frequent updates and immediate reactions to developing threats.

Travel Security – A variety of security and safety measures ranging from anti-theft procedures to safety tips to executive protection and risk management. The essential focus is on reducing an individual’s travel risks.

Published - February 2013

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