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Testimonials, Part 3

Peter Hodges photo

Thanks to my thoughts on translation theory are being recognized amongst your readers. Please keep up your very impressive contribution to translation studies.

If you would like to use this as a testimonial, you are more than welcome.


Peter Hodges,
French to English Translator
Tea Gardens, Australia
peterjhodges at bigpond com

I am sooooo happy that you did these improvements to your site - now it would be much easier (and faster!) to manage our accounts.

I have already got lots of project thanks to

Many thanks and keep up the good work!

Kind regards,

Nika Plevnik
English<>Slovenian translator, interpreter and proof-reader

Luis Filipe Ferrand d'Almeida photo

Thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer my questions.

The new features of the Translation Directory website have encouraged me to use its services more frequently and I believe the same is happening with other translators.

Keep going with your nice job!

Best regards,
English to Portuguese translator
Viseu, Portugal
luis.ferrand at


I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your outspoken communications to our colleagues regarding Jesus Christ and Christianity. As you are probably aware, there's a verse in Isaiah that says the Lord's Word never returns to Him void, so I know God is using your messages!

May God bless you in 2009 and beyond!

Caroline Moreno,
Chinese Translator
caroline_moreno04 at

Sunday, 18 September 2011

To whom it may concern had been in the yeoman services of assisting translators and translation industries as a meeting point for several years. They have helped a lot of translators to identify their real potential through good companies as well as companies to come across experts in various fields. Normally they do not encourage any fake person or company and if they come to know immediately black list them.

Recently we sought their assistance to post our requirement for DTP and Translation Experts and with their help, we could identify some good talents, which would have been impossible had we used the ocean of internet. We are really thankful to them for their services and wish them all the best in the years to come to continue to help.

For doBash Trans,

Malati Venkatesh
PM (HR & Admn.)
doBash Trans
info at

Time has elapsed, my experience has grown, new skills are being acquired, the wallet has increasingly been assessed in spite of life issues.

Meanwhile, I have liaised with some other agencies, but for sure none has faithfully served me as You are the one who never asks my money; and I owe you a large percentage of my jobs. I like all your proceedings, and let me put it this way:

May God and our Savior Jesus Christ bless you profusely!

Happy new year to all your team.

David M. Baker
Lingala to English and English to French translator
Kinshasa, Zaire
davidbakermwanke at

I am more than happy to write a testimonial for you.

I have a very nice experience cooperating with you.

You have very kind customer services and quick response.

No matter what kind of help I asked for, you always tried your best to help me out. I wish your site a great success in the future.

Eileen Dai
Theotino Information Technology R&D (Hangzhou) Co.,Ltd
daicx at theotino com

Thank you,

I have been enrolled for about 2 months (??) on your site as a free lancer and already got two good projects.

When I asked the client how she reached me she said, "through *your* site."

When I asked her to send me a link of "my site" she sent me the link on TranslationDirectory.

I think whoever prepared the graphics and the arrangements on your site shold be congratulated.

Sara, M.A.Lit.,
Translator, Editor, English/Hebrew Teacher
Member Israel Translators Assn
Tel Aviv
Tel: 972-3-6046022
Mobile: 972-502-954433
liorabs at netvision net il

Your website is excellent and I am sure it helps many to find the connections and the jobs they need.


Willem van den Bos
Bavalamedia Productions
bavala at web de

Dear Team!

I avail myself of this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for your great and precious work in forging and facilitating the translator-client relationship.

For me personally, this experience proved to have been very positive and extremely handy over the past two years.

I am looking forward to hearing from you on many forthcoming occasions and, remain

sincerely yours,
Abdulaziz Mavlyanov
English to Russian translator
aziz at uz-drsc uz

Dear Translation Directory,

Thank you for providing this most valuable service! I regret that, as a translator, I never came across your website until today.

I will soon be launching a translation agency on the web, and when I get to that stage I will most certainly avail myself of your services in the search for good translators worldwide.

James Lenko
Freelance Translator
lentrans at rogers com  

Madam / Sir,

While thanking you for the good work you are doing from your end, please accept my sincere thanks for the same.

I expect to grow with you in the coming years and I wish to buy the database at a later date. Please bear with me. The has been very helpful for my need and I do hope to be reciprocating the same in the future.

Thanks a lot for the concern towards professionals like me to be put on the dias.

Yours truly
Vijaya Shanker
German Translator / Corporate Trainer
vijay932 at yahoo com

I stumbled upon your site today and was quite impressed. I really liked the design. Did you make it yourself?


Traditionally we carry out researches in our native language, but since we need to share our research results with others, your portal does a great job online giving opportunity to the worldwide translation research community to share recent theoretical and practical experience issues.

By Khatuna Beridze,
Lecturer of the translation theory and practice,
Batumi State University
khatunaberidze at yahoo com

Thanks so much. Its a great site and great service that you offer.

Sheila and Fazal Wahab
Pashto & Urdu translators
penlady5 @ shaw ca
Canada and Pakistan

Thank you for such a great website !! It really helps me out !! (I've got my first projects in two days).

I wil be very glad to have correspondence with any freelance translator who works with English, Russian, Uzbek, French, Spanish and Italian languages, exchnange ideas on better and faster translation, and share experience.


said.translator at yahoo com

Please accept my best wishes for a Blessed and Happy Christmas.

May Our Lord protect you and your family and give you Peace and Health (spiritual and physical) throughout the New Year of 2008.

I would like to take advantage of this opportunity to congratulate you for the excellent job you are doing for the translator's community through the Translation Directory.

Best regards,

Luis Filipe Ferrand d'Almeida
Portuguese Translator
Member of the Portuguese Translators Association - APT (
E-Mail: luis ferrand at sapo pt

Happy New Year 2008! May God bless you and TranslationDirectory. com profusely for your unceasing services to me and many other translators throughout the world.

I have been - through your assistance - sent works to translate from English into Lingala; English into Kikongo, but also hardly from English into French. Even if I can't have these works on a regular basis - I am particularly suffering from a some kind of "abilism" from French outsourcers - what I receive in the two first pairs is significant.

I hope and wish that could have some more jobs this year.


David M. Baker Ngabizele
davidbakernga at yahoo fr

I thank you for the wonderful job of maintaining this site.

As a Somali translator based in UK, the site helped me gain more translation skills.

LibAhm at aol com


I am a new member of TranslationDirectory and would like to thank you all for the great job!

Many thanks again!

Cristian Campani
English to Italian Translator
cristian campani at yahoo it

Ladies and Gents,

thanks a lot over your golden contribution,

Wail Lamouri
English to French Trnaslator
lamouriwail at hotmail fr

Dear Sirs,

I would like once more to thank Translation Directory for suggesting high quality translation jobs. I have already signed contracts with two very important subtitling agencies and due to that I have full time job.

Thank you and keep this Directory so reliable,

Sincerely yours,

Marina Kyrillopoulou

Translation Directory is a great tool to recruit new talent.

I posted a announcement looking for English to Chinese translators and within 2 days I received a large pool of qualified translators. A job well done.

Thank you so much Translation Directory - I can highly recommend you!

Best regards,
Stephanie Blair
Cosmos Lingua, Inc.
Language Services
sblair at

What a great resource portal website! I got tons of qualified resources from this website so soon which I never faced in others before.

Thanks to for a very great support in everything.

Fontong Boontubtim
EQHO Communications Co., Ltd
fontong.boontubtim at

I have been recently helping to launch a global outsource and freelance job site and was looking for a way to translate the new software to multiple languages.

The response I received from has allowed me to contact many translation agencies and freelance translators to achieve this.

I appreciate this and can recommend as a good source for anyone requiring translation services.

Thank you.

Best regards

John Armstrong
iFreelancer - Outsource and Freelance Jobs Marketplace

I'm happy to tell you that your service is very popular and I got over 50 offers. Thanks !

We will review them and decide.

I didn’t know how to my find my ad - maybe you can direct it in the welcome mail

Also I couldn’t suspend or delete myself.

Again - Great work

x0544543172 at

I have found the translators that I needed already.

I am impressed with the prompt reply that I received from your service. I will definetly use your service again next time and recommend it to others.

Thank you very much.

On Click Translation
onclicktranslation at

Hi, that was very considerate of you to put my ad in a more relevant place.

I've gotten lots of inquiries and a fair amount of participation as a result of posting at Translation Directory.

Thanks very much for your help and guidance.

-- Dave
ddomingo at fluentialinc com

Dear Sirs:

I already found the translator.

Your service is excellent.

Thank you very much.

Project Manager
TransTea Language Solutions, Inc.
Dalian, China
projects at, transtea at

We received hundreds of applications from a wide range of professional translators.

This is an amazing resource if you are willing to go through the process of screening the avalanche of applications.

Applicants were professional and brought a wide range of skills to the table.

Ed Park
Pileus Productions
epark89 at

Mark Haskell photo

Great source for translators. We need 7 languages and have had a huge response from many capable candidates.

Keep up the good work.

Best Regards,


Mark Haskell
Partner Development Manager
Blueberry Software Ltd (Vietnam Office)
mark.haskell at

Dear TranslationDirectory

I would like to thank you so much for your help. I have got very useful and interesting information.

Thanks so much

Roka A
Freelance Arabic English Translator
Al- Basra

Respected Sir,

Thank you for your job posting at I find it more than helpful. The service is GREAT.
My recommendations for your service.

Thanks Again
Romio Pradhan
Cont no: +919237174857
romiopradhan at

Well I rather should thank you. Such swift reply after just sending you the E Mail, I am overwhelmed by the response.

And also fine qualified translators are replying swiftly as my mailbox fills up.

Great work, and I will certainly find the qualified people for the job.

Greetings, Rob Canta

ASRock Europe B.V.
Bijsterhuizen 31-51
6604LV Wijchen
mailto: rob_canta at

Andrew Weston photoMay I also comment how wonderful it is of you to have a section on the website dedicated to God's creation. :}

That gave me a smile.

It did give me a smile, and I look forward to looking through those photos when I get a moment.

Andrew Weston


I noticed that lately you started adding the IP addresses of the job posters: what a great step forward to detect possible scams or, less seriously, more or less innocent shams on behalf of said job posters.

One example: job 8406:

Signature: Cindy (typical adopted English first name for a Chinese girl, especially when the family name is XIN)

Country: France!

IP address: CHAOYANG, China!

Whichever the reason for this lie, with your new system it is exposed.

So, thanks and best regards.

English, Spanish, Italian to French Translator
Bischwihr, France
m3c.lambert at

Andrew Weston photoDear CEO,

I am very new to, but not to translation/interpretation.

As with all businesses after the credit crunch, companies, are fighting hard and furious to get something for nothing, and it is disgusting, how TRANSLATION COMPANIES, try to exploit the translators, by offering the same price as the freelancers, and expect the freelancers to do it for 50% less or even less.

However, getting offers, or even offers to tender, it has been a very difficult year. I have however, seen a light at the end of the tunnel, as I feel I get more opportunities through than I do through the other websites I´ve been registered with for a longer period of time. Perhaps this is a coincidence, but nontheless, I feel that credit should be given where credit is due.

Once things get rolling again, I may be in a position to buy your directory, and try to expand even further; but at least I am beginning to feel that translation work has a fighting chance.


Mr. Sigurjón Helgi Kristjánsson
4 Hawthorne Grove

Tel.: +44-161-344-1554
Mobile: +44-757-084-4224
helgi_magri at used God, Jesus Christ, Christmas, Messiah... all in the same line... and on the internet!! I mean how politically un-correct!!


Ron Smith
cobrajester at

You're welcome, Ron

And thanks for your feedback! Would you like to have it published as a testimonial?


Yes, by all means! It wouldn't matter to me if it were comments on the Christian religion, or Islam or Judaism, whatever... I feel that you have the right to say it without having to be politically correct.

And I think Christmas is Christmas, NOT the holiday season.

Take care,



Your service is fantastic, and worked well for me at the time of need.

Now I am retired and seem to be settled for what I've got.

Thank you very very much for what you are doing for the translators and interpreters all over the world,

Yours sincerely,

Angia Green (former Robshaw)
100 Royd Street, Longwood
Huddersfield, UK
angia at

Hi there

Nothing wrong with you.

I am leaving this country for one where the Internet is a problem... yet, and I would not like my inbox to be full of messages if I am ever able to come back.

Thank you for your service!!! It was good.

Dr. Miriam Milan
Rua Do Aeroporto
Huambo 236
estelamilan58 at

I no longer work as a translator for the moment, that is why I have decided to delete my account.

I am really satisfied with everything related to Translation Directory, but I think I will try something different in my life regarding my job, that has nothing to do as a translator per se.

That is why, for the moment I think that to delete my account is the best thing to do.

At present, and thanks to my experience as a translator (and thanks to Translation Directory) I am working at a beautiful project in Paraná (the city where I was born and live) that has to do with Spanish as a Second Language (teaching Spanish to foreigners). I hope everything goes well! Thank you for everything and thank you for your kindness.

Natalia Manfredi
Paraná, Argentina
natmanfredi at

Julia Blecher's photoHello there at Translation Directory!

I have just opened an account as a freelance translator on your site. Holding the equivalent to an MA in Translation, I have been working in other fields and am now looking for a way to get experience translating and - hopefully - good references. So I chose the minimum pay option and am basically offering my services on your site for free. I was just wanting to check whether that is ok with you.

I noticed the Christian links on the site and it cheered me up enormously, since I am a born again Christian and was just having a long and exhausting day.

How refreshing to then stumble upon pictures of sunsets and butterflies under "Admire God's creation".

Thank you so much and keep up the good work!

Blessings galore,


London, UK
English to German Translator
julia.blecher at

TranslationDirectory is a great site and thank you doing such a good job!

Tetyana Struk
Linguistic Centre
lingvo at
Lviv, Ukraine

Yes I was, thank you very much. I was impressed by your fast response and action. Well done, keep it up! :-)

Clare David
Simpson Soft Services
London, UK

I must say that TranslationDirectory is the best amongst all other translator's forums and I would surely rate it as number 1.

Best wishes --

Thanks & regards
Revati Sapre
Phone: 09819242505
r.sapre249 at

I have enjoyed my membership, which has brought me a number of valuable clients.

All the very best to you and for the future of the TD.

Douglas d'Enno
Brighton, UK
E-mail: doug.denno at

Your service is the best!

Alas, I found some other jobs.

Thank you and keep making your work the best there is! (:

Arnon E
Tel Aviv, Israel

Hallelujah glory to the Most High!

I am so proud that this company is not willing to lower their standards by not denying their faith in Christ Jesus🙌🏻

Hallelujah glory to the name of Jesus! He deserves all the glory, and recognizing the faith in our savior it’s very inspiring!!!

Why would we lose the favor of God by not mentioning him? He deserves our all🙏

Praise the LORD!

Ms. Michelle González Rojas

English to Spanish translator
E-mail: magroja98s at




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