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Common and Trade Names of Chemicals

By Chemistry Department at California State University,
Dominguez Hills,
Carson, CA, U.S.A.

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Common name
Chemical name
Alcohol, wood methanol, methyl alcohol CH3OH
Alcohol, grain Ethanol or ethyl alcohol C2H5OH
Alcohol, rubbing 2-propanol, propyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol  
Alcohol Ethyl alcohol  
Alka Seltzer Sodium bicarbonate  
Alum Potassium aluminum sulfate dodecahydrate  
Alumina Aluminum oxide Al2O3
Alundum Fused alumina  
Antifreeze Ethylene glycol  
Antipersperant Aluminum chlorohydrate  
Aqua regia 1:3 mixture of nitric and hydrochloric acids HNO3+HCl
Aspirin Acetyl salicylic acid  
Baking soda Sodium hydrogen carbonate NaHCO3
Baking powder Sodium bicarbonate  
Banana oil Amyl acetate  
Baryta Barium oxide  
Barytes Barium sulfate  
Battery acid Sulfuric acid  
Bauxite Hydrated aluminum oxide  
Benzol Benzene  
Bleach (laundry) Sodium hypochlorite NaClO
Bleaching powder Calcium chloride hypochlorite  
Blue vitrol Copper (II) sulfate CuSO4*5H2O
Bluestone Copper II sulfate pentahydrate CuSO3*5H2O
Boracic acid Boric acid  
Borax Sodium tetraborate decahydrate Na2B4O7*10H2O
Brass Alloy of copper and zinc  
Brimstone Sulfur S
Bronze Alloy of copper and tin  
Calamine Zinc carbonate  
Calcite Calcium carbonate  
Calgon Calcium hexametaphosphate  
Calomel Mercurous chloride  
Carbolic acid Phenol  
Carbon tetrachloride Tetrachloromethane CCl4
Carborundum Silicon carbide  
Caustic soda Sodium hydroxide  
Chalk Calcium carbonate  
Chile saltpeter Sodium nitrate  
Chloroform Trichloromethane CHCl3
Chlorox Hypochlorus acid  
Chrome yellow Lead chromate  
Cinnabar Mercury II sulfide HgS
Club soda Carbonic acid  
Copperas Hydrated ferrous sulfate  
Corrosive sublimate Mercuric chloride  
Cream of tartar Potassium hydrogen tartrate KHC4H4O6
DDT Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane  
Dextrose Glucose  
Diamond Carbon C
Dolomite Calcium magnesium carbonate CaCO3*MgCO3
Drano Sodium hydroxide  
Easy-off oven cleaner Sodium hydroxide  
Egg shells Calcium carbonate  
Epsom salts Magnesium sulfate heptahydrate MgSO4*7H2O
Ether Ethyl ether  
Ex-lax Phenolphthalein  
Fertilizer component Ammonium nitrate  
Flurostan Stannous fluoride  
Fool's gold Iron Pyrites  
Formalin 40% solution of formaldehyde  
Freon (refrigerant) Dichlorodifluoromethane CCl2F2
Galena Zinc sulfide  
Galena Lead II sulfide PbS
Glauber's salt Hydrated sodium sulfate  
Glycerine Glycerol  
Grain alcohol Ethanol or ethyl alcohol C2H5OH
Graphite Carbon C
Green vitriol Hydrated ferrous sulfate  
Gypsum Calcium sulfate dihydrate CaSO4*2H2O
Heavy water Deuterium oxide  
Hypo Sodium thiosulfate pentahydrate Na2S2O3*5H2O
Ice bite Calcium chloride  
Invert sugar Mixture of glucose and fructose  
Laughing gas Dinitrogen oxide N2O
Levulose Fructose  
Lime Calcium oxide CaO
Limestone Calcium carbonate CaCO3
Liquid paper Titanium dioxide  
Lite salt Potassium chloride  
Litharge Lead monoxide  
Lithopone Mixture of zinc sulfide and barium sulfate  
Liver of sulfur Potassium sulfide  
LOX Liquid oxygen  
Lunar caustic Silver nitrate  
Lye Sodium hydroxide NaOH
Magnesia Magnesium oxide  
Marble Calcium carbonate CaCO3
Margarine Partially saturated fatty acid  
Marsh gas Methane  
MEK Methyl ethyl ketone CH3COC2H5
Microcosmic salt Hydrated sodium ammonium hydrogen phosphate  
Milk sugar Lactose  
Milk of magnesia Magnesium hydroxide Mg(OH)2
Milk of lime Calcium hydroxide  
Mohr's salt Hydrated ferrous ammonium sulfate  
Moth balls Naphthalene  
Msg Sodium hydrogen glutamate  
Muriatic acid Hydrochloric acid HCl
Nutrasweet Aspartame  
Oil of bitter almonds Benzaldehyde  
Oil of vitriol Sulfuric acid (conc.) H2SO4
Oil of mirbane Nitrobenzene  
Oil of vitriol Concentrated sulfuric acid  
Oil of winter green Methyl salicylate  
Oleum Fuming sulfuric acid  
Paris green Double salt of copper acetate and copper arsenite  
Perier Carbonic acid  
Pewter Alloy of tin, antimony, copper, and lead  
Phosgene Carbonyl chloride  
Photographic hypo Sodium thiosoulfate  
Picric acid Trinitrophenol  
Plaster Calcium hydroxide  
Plaster of Paris Calcium sulfate hemihydrate CaSO4*(1/2)H2O
Potash Potassium carbonate K2CO3
Prussian blue Ferric ferrocyanide  
Pyrite (fool's gold) Iron disulfide FeS2
Quartz Silicon dioxide SiO2
Quicklime Calcium oxide  
Quicksilver Mercury Hg
Rochelle salt Potassium sodium tartrate  
Rolaids Dihydroxyaluminum sodium carbonate  
Rouge Ferric oxide  
Rubbing alcohol 2-propanol, propyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol  
Sal ammoniac Ammonium chloride NH4Cl
Sal soda Hydrated sodium carbonate  
Sal ammoniac Ammonium chloride  
Salt, table Sodium chloride NaCl
Salt, lite Potassium chloride  
Saltpeter Potassium nitrate KNO3
Sand Silicon dioxide SiO2
Sani-flush Sodium bisulfate  
Saran wrap Poly-1,1-dichloroethylene  
Silica Silicon dioxide  
Slaked lime Calcium hydroxide Ca(OH)2
Smelling salts Ammonium carbonate  
Soda ash (washing soda) Sodium carbonate  
Solder Alloy of tin and antimony  
Sugar Sucrose  
Sugar, table Sucrose C12H22O11
Sugar of lead Hydrated lead acetate  
Sun-tan lotion Para-aminobenzoic acid  
Teflon A polymer of tetrafluoroethylene  
TNT Trinitrotoluene  
Toluol Toluene  
TSP (Tri) Sodium Phosphate Na3PO4
Tums Calcium carbonate  
Turnbull's blue Ferrous ferricyanide  
Tylenol Acetominophen  
Vinegar Acetic acid, ethanoic acid  
Vitamin C Ascorbic acid  
Washing soda Sodium carbonate decahydrate NaCO3*10H2O
Washing soda Hydrated sodium carbonate  
Water softener Barium hydroxide  
White lead Basic lead carbonate  
Windex Ammonia  
Wood alcohol Methyl alcohol, methanol CH3OH
Zinc blend Zinc sulfide  



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