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Terminology of the history of the galaxy

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0-9 [ top ]

21 cm — wavelength of neutral hydrogen. Used specifically for SOS signals.

A [ top ]

ACD — Automatic Catastrophe Device, analogous to modern "black boxes". Contains video-recording equipment.

ALONE — codename of an independent behavior module. Used not only in the cybernetic system of servo-machines, but also in other types of combat equipment. When used in a servo-machines or ASF, the module is directly connected with the mind of the pilot, allowing the module to draw on the pilot's combat experience and tactical knowledge. Commonly known as the "Loner".

APIM — Artificial Pseudo-intelligent Independent Module.

ASC — Automated Scout Craft.

ASF — Aero-Space Fighter. Generic name for all craft capable of engaging in combat both in space and in planetary atmosphere.

ASUM — Automated Storage of Universal Mechanisms.

ATK — Autonomous Tacticai Kit. System for equipping the armored suit of space marine officers.

B [ top ]

Blister — semi-spherical extension of the hull, usually transparent. Used as a turret or, in case of peaceful use, to get a view of the surrounding space and set up scientific equipment.

C [ top ]

CRM — City Repair Mechanism.

Crystal Module — universal data storage unit. For example, several linked crystal modules contained the standard "Loner" program.

Crystal Sphere — crystal module enhanced by Galactic Cybersystems. Used as the main data storage unit for their "Raven" servo-machines (e.g. to store the pilot's consciousness in the event of death). Later heavily used in various cybernetic devices.

CSK — Combat Scanning Kit. Built as a metallic-kevlar semi-helmet with an armored visor, which acts as a HUD for scanner data output. Equipped with heat-vision, laser range-finders, built-in processor, internal memory, and wireless dataports. An optical cable can be used to establish a direct link to the marine's firearm, showing on the HUD the likely point of projectile impact given the weapon's current speed and position, calculated in real-time.

Cybreakers and Mnemonics — humans nearly identical in their implants' technical capabilities. The difference initially came from an artificially-modulated antagonism: cybreakers (old name - hackers), usually, broke into computer systems and networks, in order to gain access to hidden information or conduct sabotage. Mnemonics were initially employed by the large financial and industrial companies to prevent such attacks.

Cybstack — personal cybernetic module, equipped with a holo-projection system. Often used as a personal computer.

D [ top ]

Dipole Deflectors — create numerous false reading on any scanner.

E [ top ]

Entriphages — ancient spaceborne lifeforms. Looked like huge, glittering sheets of pure darkness. Lived near stars and lived off the energy of the solar winds. Possessed primitive intelligence. Apparently, were natural enemies of the Forerunners.

G [ top ]

GNI — Generator of Neural Impulses. Developed by Galactic Cybersystems to program and control their bio-robots.

The Great Exodus — the period of a massive colonization boom, when hundreds of transports filled with settlers were launched from the overpopulated Solar system, after the first test flights through hypersphere.

Grenade set on sensor (slang) — activated grenade ready to be thrown; the detonator will not work until the finger lets go of the pressure sensor. Similar to holding the handle of a modern grenade after the pin has been pulled.

H [ top ]

Hugo BD12 — androids specifically designed for colonial use. Every android is equipped with a set of programs allowing it to operate within three levels of freedom: First level was the standard program shell for the household machine. After activation, the robot could perform any household task, completely unable to act on its own volition and extremely limited in its ability to cause harm to humans. Second level activated automatically if the android received no commands from humans for a standard Earth month. For a landed colonial transport, this was a critical time frame, during which the craft's energy resources were being drained. This level is meant to allow the android to perform steps necessary to ensure the safety of the colonists and the automatic reconstruction of the landing zone. Third level could only be activated by a human by manually inputting a list of commands into a built-in control panel. This level enabled all processor and program capabilities of the android and forced it to protect the person or group of people (5 maximum) from danger at any cost. If another human is threatening its master(s), the android is fully capable of physically eliminating the threat.

I [ top ]

IR-Traps — thermal charges creating false targets in infrared scanning spectrum. Can be fitted with additional generators to imitate their ship's energy signature. Sometimes used in conjunction with so-called "phantom-generators" which create a holographic image of the ship.

L [ top ]

LDL-55 — Large Driver Laser. Walking laser cannon used by the Free Colonies' fleet starting 2620.

Logr — black-colored crystal, a Logrian mini-computer. Primarily used to record personalities of dying people. Billions of logrs are joined to form the supercomputer Logris.

LSM — Life-Support Module. Small semi-automatic device in the shape of a cylinder, one end of which contains medical analyzers, and the other contains medicine injectors.

M [ top ]

MAM — Marine Assault Module.

N [ top ]

Nanodust — popular name for nano-robots.

Neuro-shunt — fiber-optic cable used to establish a direct connection between a human (through the use of a brain implant) and a cybernetic device.

Nibelung — assault carrier class used to deliver space marines and heavy planetary vehicles from orbit. The most common type of assault ships used by the Earth Alliance up until the end of the Second Galactic War.

P [ top ]

PCCS — Pulse-Compression Combat System. Enhanced charge is accelerated in a barrel with an EM field, after receiving an initial acceleration pulse from a high-pressure system.

PCD — Personal Communication Device. Has limited range, usually set to a single secure channel.

PCV — Planetary Combat Vehicle. There are two types: light (moves on solid wheels) and heavy (treaded, similar to a modern tank).

PDF — Planetary Defense Forces.

Phag — cybernetic mechanism controlled by a live neural net. Unique by their very nature. Were secretly developed for the Alpha - Earth's first extrasolar colonial transport.

Phalanxer and Hoplite — the Phalanxer-class servo-machines are considered heavy planetary vehicles. Their weight varied depending on the model from 45 (beginning of the Second Galactic War) to 65 metric ton. Main armament - high-explosive heavy rockets, large-caliber (150 mm) automatic guns. Occasionally, the rocket launchers were replaced with heat lasers, similar to the shipboard "Pride" weapons. The primary purpose of the Phalanxer was to attack targets at long range (including those in orbit). At close range, they often became vulnerable due to their low maneuverability and inability to fire their heavy rockets directly at the target. That is why the Earth Alliance usually created "combat pairs" - every Phalanxer was escorted by a lighter (30-40 metric ton) Hoplite-class servo-machine, whose purpose was to cover its "big brother" at close range, conduct recon missions, and attack fortified enemy positions with the Phalanxer providing artillery support.

PPK — Pulse Pistol (automatic) designed by Kerdiabin.

R [ top ]

RAVEN — rare modification of a combat recon servo-machine. Weight: 45 metric ton. Developed by the Galactic Cybersystems Corporation as per their defense contract with the Worlds Security Council. Several servo-machines were kept by the corporation and were later modified for the needs of the Saint-Ivo family.

Replicator — device that creates an object or an organism based on a detailed description.

RTA — Robotechnical Armament.

RWK — Rocket Weapon Kit. Weapon system developed for armored suits. Rocket tubes are attached to the top of a wrist. Automatic weapon (30 mm) is set up on the right shoulder pad. Both components are controlled by a specialized co-processor.

S [ top ]

SMCV — Space Marine Combat Vehicle.

Skvarg — four-legged animal, which can be compared to a large house cat.

SPSR — Sewer Pipeline Service Robot.

SSP — Small Scout Probe.

Suspensor Field — unlike other forms of energy defense, EM suspension actively works with surrounding matter. Ideally, any gaseous environment will allow it to work. The prototypes used in the development of suspensor fields was ancient research to use EM enhancers for collection of interstellar gases to use in ship's reactor. After the discovery of hypersphere, this technology lost its use. A century later, it was remembered, as the engineers were working on a way to prevent explosive decompression in damaged ships. Here is how the field operates - gas or any other similar substance (e.g. dust on airless worlds) that gets trapped by the magnetic field becomes so dense that the individual molecules are forcibly "fused" into a single substance. The result - a layer capable of holding high-pressure air. The first such devices appeared at the close of the Second Galactic War. Later, with the advent of nanotechnology, came various modifications of suspensor defense. For example, additional emitters alter the layer's shape to allow people to pass.

T [ top ]

Text-glyphs — special symbols representing keyboard sensors which activate a certain command sequence.

X [ top ]

Xenobian "Horseshoe" — the largest alien ship, which has the shape of an arc. Used for interstellar travel.

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