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Words derived from toponyms

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This is a list of words derived from toponyms, followed by the place name it is derived from.




Food and drink (other than cheese and wine)

Note: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan is named after the local Saskatoon berry, rather than vice versa.




There are some corporations whose name is simply the same as their original location.


See: Chemical elements named after places

Derivations from literary or mythical places

  • Eden, any paradisaical area, named after the religious Garden of Eden
  • El Dorado, any area of great wealth, after the mythical city of gold
  • hell, any horrible place, after the religious Hell
  • Lilliputian, meaning very small in size — Lilliput, fictional island in the book Gulliver's Travels
  • Shangri-La, a mythical utopia, a language usage — Shangri-La, fictional place in the novel Lost Horizon
  • utopia, term for organized society — Utopia, fictional republic from the book of the same name

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Published - January 2009

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