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Testimonials, Part 1

Gülşah Şengün photo

A satisfied member’s testimonial:

I have become a full member of and many other websites offering translation jobs for freeelance translators only three months ago and seems to be the only professional translator website which helped me contact foreign outsourcers directly and yield positive results.

I have only applied to one tenth of the foreign translation agencies working in my language pair, established many useful business ties and have already started receiving my first translation jobs from a few of these agencies.

I believe becoming a member of has been a great investment in my career.

It is simply a no-nonsense website bringing translators and translation agencies together and the full lists of reliable and blacklisted outsourcers are unique must haves for all translators.

Gülşah Şengün
English to Turkish Translator
Ankara, Turkey
E-mail: gulsah.sengun at hotmail com

A satisfied returning member’s testimonial:

Kollayuth Singhchawala photoHi,

Thank you very much for your email and hope this email finds you well.

I have been happier with your service.

If you need my testimonial, here what it is supposed to be: Thank you for it’s service.

I was able to get back on my feet again because of constant clients overflowing my mailbox.

4 years passed, now I am serving more than 40 agencies worldwide singlehanded, opening my own virtual translation service, averaging USD25-30K per annum.

Thank you and wish you a good day ahead.

Once posted, kindly let me know. 🤨

Kollayuth Singhchawala
English - Thai - English translator
Bang Saothong 10570
E-mail: kollayutz at  

Ulla De Stricker photoA satisfied returning member’s testimonial:

Thank you! Here is my testimonial: is an extremely valuable tool for matching providers and clients. It was a very wise decision to join!


Ulla de Stricker
English to Danish to English translator
905 338 0357
ulla at

Nancy Jan photoA satisfied returning member’s testimonial:

I am Nancy,

I am very glad to cooperate with this website.

This is a free translation platform, it's a great platform -- well organized, open to all, with lots of information and translation opportunities.

I believe becoming a member of has been a great investment in my career.

My wechat: 644784631
Mobile: 15927151357
Email: Nancy.translator at

Anuj Lingual logoA satisfied member’s testimonial:

I have been a member of TD since 2011.

TD has given me more than I ever expected or dreamt of. It's an awesome platform for professionals. Double value at low costs !!!

Anuj Panda, Anuj Lingual Services
Tel: (+91) 9583420558 |
E-mail: anujmd.als at

Honey Translation Services logoA satisfied corporate member’s testimonial:

Respected Sir,

Good Day!

We Honey Translation Services is a paid member in your translationdirectory website for the past 1 year. We're very much satisfied with your services and our management is glad to extend our subscription for 1 more year.

We would like to know whether there's any reduction available if we renew our subscription within 1 year. Please reply ASAP, as the deadline is tomorrow.

Sales Manager
Skype: honeytranslations
Primary Email 1: sales at
Primary Email 2: info at
Direct Line: +91 7299005577 and 8608102951

Edward Whiteside photo

A satisfied member’s testimonial:

OK, I'm in.

Now, if I had known that it contains all this, I would have become a member much earlier.

German to English and Hungarian to English translator
London, UK

Dr. Pedro Faria's photoA satisfied member’s testimonial:

I'm very pleased with the membership I purchased from TranslationDirectory.

I will surely purchase an additional membership next year.

Dr. João Pedro Faria
Certified Portuguese Translator
Barcelos, Portugal
Skype ID:
Mobile: +351 916 006 617

Ansh company logoA satisfied corporate returning member’s testimonial:

The Translation Directory is the finest portal to be a member of, for anyone who is related to the translation industry.

We have gained many translators and orders from here.

The blacklisting details provided by the portal are very useful and the system of blacklisting is also very fair. The blacklisting process is not based on any single biased or unfair comment.

The investment we make in the membership earns us more than 100 times the cost.

Whenever we have any issue/problem related to the portal, the CEO (Serhiy Onoshko) returns back with an immediate and appropriate solution.

Our journey from a young little Indian company to being one of the largest translation companies today was possible because of the valuable input received from this portal from time to time.

We wish them good luck and thank them for their support.


Marco Corradi photo

A satisfied member’s testimonial:

Since becoming a member of TranslationDirectory, not only has the number of my long-term clients increased steadily, but also the number of clients as a whole.

Instead of continuously acquiring new customers, I can now use the time to develop my professional skills and advance my career.

Marco Corradi
Italian to German and English to German translator
Hamburg, Germany
E-mail: marcocorradi at

A satisfied returning member’s testimonial:

Dear Mrs/Mr,

Thanks very much for the help during these years when I went through dark times. I had doubted when I searched and found, and tried this website carefully.

I was amazed I earned money from a post in this site.

So I was really thankful and paid for the first one year of membership.

And the work went on and on, it has been for over 7 years, I feel really blessed and lucky and find my confidence and faith on my career.

I am very happy! Thanks!


Reid Chang

English to Chinese translator

Wuhan, China
E-mail: reid7777 at


A satisfied returning member’s testimonial:

Poonam Valera photoI would like to say that I am really happy with the investment I have made for purchasing the membership of Translation Directory.

Translation Directory is such a platform that can enhance a member's capacity to indulge in the realm of a wider pool of connections and remaining active there means creating a new world of translation field related knowledge, concerned contacts and varied software. Also, it can make a member win new clients at mutually agreed terms and conditions.

Dr. Poonam Valera
English to Gujarati and English to Hindi translator
Jamnagar, India
Contact No. 9898679505
E-mail: valerapoonam729 at

A satisfied member’s testimonial:

I have been able to have several dependable clients since I became a member.

Amlaku Eshetie

Amharic, Tigrinya, Oromo Translator

KHAABBA International Language Services
Lueltaz Building, 5th Floor
CMC Michael, P.O.Box: 110307
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

A satisfied member’s testimonial:

I have renewed my membership because I got some jobs from your page and your black list is especially useful before accepting anything!

Gema Pedreda
English -Spanish - English Translator
La Coruña, Spain

A satisfied returning corporate member’s testimonial:

Translation Directory

My experience with TD was very interesting.

Before TD, I had invested a lot of time to search for translators of each language pair without any good source - which killed my time. And last time some resource had not answered - which had been very troublesome.

However later on I decided to join TD - one year ago I joined as a corporate member.

After that my problem with the search for translators ended.

I invested some money, but in fact saved 100% of my time. Also I found trusted translators, even though I handle many important projects which would have really not been possible without the help of TD.

And, most important, TD also helped if some resource did not follow deadlines & with other kinds of issues very gently & listened to everyone – after which fair decisions were taken.

Thank you TD for the wonderful service!

Vikash Jha

Vadodara, India
E-mail: vikash.jha at

A satisfied member’s testimonial:

Your site is excellent - well organized, very comprehensive, and offering a lot of jobs.

I am happy to be a member here.

Brigit Nagy
German - English - German Translator
Ottawa, Canada
cadraw at travel-net com

Linguainfo company logoA satisfied corporate returning member’s testimonial:

I take great pleasure in interacting with you in appreciation of your services since I have been a client with TD for a very long time now.

Our organization is a registered member of your services.

We are extremely pleased to state that we have been receiving very good response through your service & we are very much satisfied with the same.

Hope you will continue to provide the same professional service to us in future.

The credit for our success as a business goes to a lot of mediums but the most prominent amongst them is TD.

Thanks & Regards

C- 2/10, Ist Floor, Bhagwati Garden Extn.,
Dwarka Morh, New Delhi 110059
Tel: 24*7 - 095 5437 5437, Office: 011 650 23456, 011 654 23456
Skype: Linguainfo, Linked In: Linguainfo, Twitter: Linguainfo
E-mail: language at

English Monitor logo

A testimonial of a satisfied customer who bought our "Advertising letter e-mailed to 5,400+ translation agencies" service:

I’d like to thank the team at for their professionalism and for executing such a fantastic email campaign for us.

We achieved a stronger than expected response and have developed a number of high-quality leads.

We are pleased that so many freelance English second language translators and agencies alike place a high value on the quality of their English translations and have shown interest in the services offered by

For the price, I cannot think of a more cost-effective method for reaching so many potential translation agency and freelance translator customers.

We highly recommend’s email marketing service!

Richard Cross

Email: info at englishmonitor com


Michael Harlan Lyman photo

A testimonial of a satisfied customer who bought our "Advertising letter e-mailed to 5,400+ translation agencies" service:

Since the translation agency email blast worked so well (thanks very much!), I'd like to do the 'Advertising Letter Sent to 39,000+ Freelance Translators' now.

Michael Harlan Lyman
A native English speaker proofreader
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
United States
mhlproof at






Michael Reilley photo

A testimonial of a satisfied customer who bought our "Advertising letter e-mailed to 5,400+ translation agencies" service:



Amazing! I woke up this morning = 153 emails plus some work!


Michael Reilley, MA, TEFL
French into English translator
Member, Language Industries Association
Montreal, Canada
Phone: 514-685-2529 res., 438-498-2529 cell
E-mail: writing at

Zsolt Sesztak photo

A testimonial of a satisfied customer who bought our "Advertising letter e-mailed to 5,400+ translation agencies" service:


The results are in, and while not nearly as overhelming as I would expect after 5400 recipients, it is a positive experience overall.

I got a small job literally minutes after you started sending the email, and so far got about 100 requests from potential new clients to provide additional information or to register in their database.


Zsolt Seszták
Multilingual translator and proofreader
Tel: +36302721431 +34626094545
Whatsapp: +34626094545
Skype: sesztakzsolt
E-mail: zs.sesztak at

Aline Chauvier photo

A testimonial of a satisfied customer who bought our "Advertising letter e-mailed to 5,400+ translation agencies" service:


Thank you for your good work concerning the advertisement. It helped me to get registered with more agencies and aim to higher quality work and better my services as a translator.

Excellent follow-up and rapid services.

Thanks a lot.

Best regards,

Aline Chauvier
Helsing - Regards - Cordialement - С уважением

Tra.No – Be a Mouvement
Multilingual Translation Agency
Writer, Thinker, Researcher, Dancer & Translator
English, French, Russian & Norwegian
E-mail: at gmail dot com

Sindile KhumaloA satisfied user’s testimonial:

Amen. You are blessed. I got a job through your website that has brought financial blessing and provision since September 2014.

Thank you.

Sindi (Zulu Translator)

Sindile Khumalo
Cape Town, South Africa
E-mail: sindilekh at

A satisfied returning member’s testimonial:

It’s so enjoyable to live such an easy life. One can earn money without hunting for the job and take good rest after finishing the job.

You will be alerted when there is a new job.

Best regards,

English - Chinese - English Translator
Hong Kong
swchansw at

A satisfied member’s testimonial:

Yes, I'm very satisfied with your site and absolutely wish to renew my membership. But I'll wait until February 2020. How should I proceed then?

Many thanks,


Dr. Marta Casarsa Marcinko
Freelance Translator
Croatian to Italian
German to Italian
English to Italian
Udine, Italy
E-mail: martacasa at mail com

Wow! I cannot believe this!

Thank you so much for your help! I really cannot believe it! It took me almost 2 years and after publishing on your site it took 2 hours. You are amazing!

Julio Ferrandis (MITI, MCIL, CL)
Chartered Certified Translator
English, French, Italian > Spanish
JFB Translations, Ltd. is the fastest way to find translators. We have received a lot of quality applications in a few hours. Congratulations to the team!

Anne Chabot
contact at

 A satisfied returning member’s testimonial:

Being a member of, you don’t have to rush around to find a job, nor writing a lot of application letters with many of them getting no replies. That really helps you, saving a lot of time and efforts.

Best regards,


English - Chinese - English Translator
Hong Kong
E-mail: swchansw at


Thank you for your quick reply and the links. I downloaded and opened both files successfully.

Several years ago I purchased the version that was available at the time (approximately 2400 agencies) and secured some work via the list. I sincerely hope that now the some of the additional 2000+ agencies will also help in making new connections.

Thank you for your timely assistance.

All the best for a happy new year.
Beer Sheva, Israel
amimaoz at

Translation Directory has absolutely the first position in the major search engines!

I hope my business connections will improve with the support of Translation Directory.

In particular Serhiy Onoshko is a serious, efficient and professional manager.

Thanks a lot for running the site and for providing this most valuable service!

Photo of Ioannis PittasIoannis Pittas
Italian to Greek Translator
Greek to Italian Translator
Padova, Italy
IT +39 333 700 3487
GR +30 69860 99400
info at

Peter Hodges photoAs a newcomer (three days!) to I'm already grateful for the kind and outreaching support and advice I've received.

I look forward to a very positive translation career thanks to your easily navigable website and the personal touch you supply.

The ease of communication with your personnel and their highly professional know-how is a pearl of great price, hard to find on the average website.

Thank you for being caring without sacrificing principles, and supportive without sacrificing good judgment.

Winona Lineberger
Newcomer on the Block
English Spanish Translator
winnie_turtle at
Richburg SC

Quite recently I have bought from you the list of translation agencies, and unfortunately it is all gone now as my computer crashed a week ago and I lost all of my emails and documents.

I would kindly ask you to resend me the list as I find it very useful.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Gordana Podvezanec
gordana podvezanec at bridge2babylon com

A testimonial of a satisfied customer who bought our "Advertising letter e-mailed to 5,400+ translation agencies" service:

Dear Translation Directory,

I have received a large amount of emails since you started the email campaign, and the result is quite positive. Thank you for your advertising campaign, it does work great!

Thanks and best regards,

Truong Lang
Viettonkin Translation
Tel: +84 918866858
Email: info at

Dear Sirs,

Although, I have been registered since last October, I didn't have the chance to thank you.

With the translation agency databases I now work more than part-time!!

A big thank you is not enough.

Sincerely yours,

Marina Kyrillopoulou
24, Howland Str.
15452 Psichico
makyrillo at yahoo com

Thank you for your prompt response.

You have an excellent web site and information.

I will do as you recommended and will probably sign up on your web site.

Good customer service is what people now a days are wanting to receive.

Thank you again.
Graciela Cortez
San Antonio, TX
cortez_graciela at yahoo com

Thank you for offering this product! Using the database and e-mail program has saved me a lot of time researching information about individual translation agencies, and I have gotten a favorable number of potential leads to new projects and partnerships. Thank you also for your excellent technical support! I will gladly recommend this product to fellow freelance translators and interpreters.

Best wishes,
Spanish to English Translator

Thanks for enquiring about the usefulness of your database. I haven't send mails to all addresses yet, but I have received many replies. Very few addresses do not work, about maybe 5-10% of all I used so far. By the way, I kept in records these addresses, if you think that could be useful for an update, I can send them to you.

All replies I got did not get me jobs, but I admit I found some clients through them. I can say I had lots of positive replies, of people asking me more details or sending me their registration form or web site. It saved me a lot of time ! I tried to create my own database, but it's so time consuming that it revealed counter producive.

I'd rather you don't mention my name or mail address, but you can definitely use my comments if needed.

So I guess this is a favorable feedback for a great tool ! And I appreciate it if you could send me the update.

Best regards,

English to French medical translator,

Hi There

Thanks for the list of the translations agencies.

I've already sent emails to the agents on the database list, and got replies from most of them and had already earned my first sum of money through translation.

Thanks once again for your help.

Hilal Talay

Kusadasi, Aydin
hilaltalay at hotmail com

Dear all,

hereunder are my replies.

1) Have you received replies from translation agencies listed on our database?


2) Have you received translation jobs from translation agencies listed on our database?


If yes, have you earned more money on such jobs than you have paid for our database?


3) How would you compare investing into our database with investing into other language service marketing methods (i.e. into paid memberships of translation job portals, associations etc.)?


4) Would you recommend our database for freelance translators looking for jobs?


PHONE Ј FAX: ++390119450816 - 393398819450
EMAIL: dnval at libero it

This address database is very comprehensive and allowed me to contact hundreds of new potential clients. Also, I appreciate your providing me with a free-of-charge update.


A Brazilian group specialized in Technical Translations (English/Spanish/Portuguese)
hemello at uol com br

I've been invited to speak at the conference in Buenos Aires ( and in the resources portion of my conference I plan to talk about direct marketing (what to do and what not to do) as well as give some resources.

Can you send me some updated info on your list (rates, number of agencies, etc.)

It's the only one I would recommend because it has given me such excellent results.

Also, if you have other resources for translators, please feel free to send them also.



Ricardo Martinez de la Torre
Chilean Language Services
English-Spanish Translator – Interpreter
Santiago, Chile
rmartin at clschile com

Translation Directory is a very useful web site, because it offers translators all over the world the opportunity to contact as many agencies as possible, which would normally be very hard for an individual trying to find freelance work by himself/herself, given how competitive the translation market is.

Therefore, I am really glad I purchased their very detailed database.

In addition, they are a very serious and reliable organization, and their customer service is efficient and very friendly, which makes them stand out from the many other sites offering similar services, but charging high amounts of money for outdated material.

So thank you very much for your assistance! I definitely am a satisfied customer.

Translator of English into Spanish and Spanish into English
patricoll at yahoo com au


Your translation directory was very useful indeed, it allowed me to customize my letters to the various agencies and the feedback rate was quite significant.

Since then, I have stopped translating however since competition is enormous in this field and I discovered it was not really my cup of tea.

On another note, do you by any chance have - or have access to - a similar database for art galleries?

Mario Guerra
25, rue des Pres
Luxembourg 8089
mario huru at euronet be

Thanks for making the email list available for us in the industry. It sure has cut short my work in searching and developing a similar list myself. It will probably take me days to do so.

We are looking forward to getting the updated list with increased success.

Please kindly confirm the receipt of this email. Many thanks!

All the B.E.S.T.,
Theresa Pham
32A Cao Ba Nha St., District 1
Ho Chi Minh City

best-vn at hcm vnn vn
Translation, Editing, Proofreading, Interpreting, Master of Ceremonies, Transcribing, Copy-writing, Copy-editing, Authorship, Typesetting, Desktop Publishing, Contract Printing, Software Localization, Website Globalization, Dubbing, Audio/Video Voice-Over, Subtitling, Glossary Development/Publishing, Connotation Check, Language Quality Evaluation, Document Archiving.

Thank you very much for the database of translation agencies in Germany.

As a graduate translator trying to become a professional translator I have no doubt your translation portal is great.


Judit Subirachs
Calaf (Barcelona)

juditsubi at hotmail com

If it was a list of Belgian translation companies, it was very useful.

Please let us know if we are right, we cannot really remember the details.

We may ask for another list for another country.


P. Lowe
info at windsortran com
Slough, UK

Your DB was a great help for us.

We could increase our sales in comparison with the time before using your DB.

I have got many requests from my clients. We hope to purchase your DB continuously.

Kind regards,

Miki Jeon
Overseas Business Manager
TEL: +82-19-299-3247
Fax: +82-2-337-1265
JTS Korea, Inc.
372-10, Seokyo-Dong,
Mapo-Gu, Seoul, Korea Republic

I admit, I was a bit dubious at first.

But I take my chances and I wasn't disappointed. All the feedbacks are definitely true, the Database is really valuable and well built, totally worth the money.

That's not the better part though, the people in charge are kind and can be amazingly helpful, I don't even know what more I could have asked !

Thank you to

Thank you,
Kind Regards,

I purchased the 'Database of translation agencies in Germany' in 2005.

The purchase of your database led to numerous translation assignments, as well as long-term cooperation with individual translation companies based in Germany.

I have recently purchased the update to the database and am interested in purchasing further databases at a later stage.

Best regards,

Joanna Salecka
Translator (German into English)
Coventry, United Kingdom
jsal at

PS I have successfully downloaded and opened the files!

Dear TranslationDirectory

It saved me a lot of time having your database of Translation Agencies. I have only contacted a fraction of them and within a very short time I got work. So the money I paid was soon recovered. Well worth it.

Kind regards

Jytte Crooks

12 Heaton Road
Tel.: +44 (0)1484 328890
Email: jytte at

VoxOrbis logo


It has been a pleasure to work with Translation Directory since 2010. We work with many translators on this site and many of our clients have contacted us via

Vox Orbis, LLC
226 East Canon Perdido Street, Suite C
Santa Barbara, California 93101 - USA
Office and fax: +1 805 845 0449
Cell phone: +1 805 455 6579

TD was the only site that gave us such a massive response on our latest job posting.

Additionally, we keep getting good translators from TD on a regular basis.

We are deeply indebted to TD and sincerely thank the team that makes all this happen for us vendors who are tied up in tight deadlines and limited budgets.

Thank you TranslationDirectory!

Dr. Asif Osmani, MD, MBA, TEFL
Panorama ILA s.r.o.
Tel: +420 585 002 827
Mobile: +420 608 766 677
E-mail: asif.osmani at

Dear Team,

I celebrated my 65th birthday last week. On this occasion, I have decided to retire from all sorts of work engagements.

I highly appreciate this website because I find it very well organized, informative and always kept up-to-date.

Best thanks for your efforts and best wishes to all of you!

Beata from Hungary

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I am grateful for, that you have helped with you homepage to find good partners to work with.

I have very good and trustful clients/translation agencies, who offer me work, who have found my contacts from your homepage.

I wish success for in 2022 and beyond.

Anniki Meister
Estonian translator
E-mail: anniki.meister at

Thank you very much, yes indeed I received so many offers from translators and it really helped me in my project, so here is my testimonial:

The translation directory has been super efficient in my case : many reactive and motivated translators from all over the world contacted me just after I posted a job proposal. It really helped for my project in a quick way. I could not expect better !

Arnaud Fillion
E-mail: arfillion at



Find majority of the testimonials at:

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