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Testimonials, Part 2

A testimonial of a satisfied customer who bought our "Advertising letter e-mailed to 5,400+ translation agencies" service:

I would like to express my gratefulnes to you for mailing my CV to the agencies listed in your database.

This is a great opportunity for me to get new projects and be in demand in my area of specialization.

I'm absolutely satisfied with the level of service you provide and with your quick response to my request.

I will be happy to deal with you again!


Best regards,

Irina Novikova
English - Russian - Ukrainian translator
E-mail: novikov_irina at

A satisfied member’s testimonial:

My name is Kaori Kawakami, and I am a very active (thanks to your service) translator. My email addresses are cada_vez_mejor at and kaori .iguchi .kawakami at, both active.

When I have time (I am working on 3 projects right now that I really do not have time), I will update my info.

Thank you.

English to Japanese Translator
Santa Lucia, Brazil

LinguaInfo logoA satisfied member’s testimonial:


Thanks for your support and providing us a great platform here to grow our business,

Really helpful,

Kindest regards
LinguaInfo Services Pvt. Ltd.
New Delhi, India
Phone: 8506 8506 88, 011 650 23456

I'd like to express my sincere thanks for this extensive job you have done!! It saved me months of effort in searching and recording. Thank you!

Best regards,
SinoLSP Translation
Professional Chinese Language and Localization Company
Shanghai, China
sales at

I invested 47 euros in Serhiy's database of Belgian translation agencies and received a workload worth $2000 within 6 months from sending my CV to them.

Andrei Gerasimov
Moscow, Russia
gerasae at aha ru

Thank you.

I also want to let you know that we have used your site to find good translators for some of our technical projects in the past. You have a very useful website for the community. Thank you.

My Best,

Marcel Vilanez

Technovate Translations

Many thanks for the links. I have downloaded the database now.

This database of translation companies has been quite useful to me. In fact since I had purchased my first version few years ago.

I am extremely happy with this database and I will look into other other products you sell.

Once again thank you very much.

P.S. Please add a note to say Ahmed Al-Hamdi does not wish to be contacted for a copy of this list and those who are interested in the list should purchase it from

Kind regards,

Ahmed Al-Hamdi
United Kingdom
arabtranslator at

Replies are below the questions

1) Have you received replies from translation agencies listed on our database?


2) Have you received translation jobs from translation agencies listed on our database? If yes, have you earned more money on such jobs than you have paid for our database?


3) How would you compare investing into our database with investing into other language service marketing methods (i.e. into paid memberships of translation job portals, associations etc.)?


4) Would you recommend our database for freelance translators looking for jobs?


5) Other comments.


John Blackford - amtl. beeidet - officially sworn
Fachьbersetzungen - Specialist Translations
CH-6575 San Nazzaro, Switzerland

john blackord at blackford net

I have found a permanent job due to you!!! Thank you very much indeed!!!

Lyubov Zheliznyak
Russian/Ukrainian/English translator/interpreter
Hessle, UK
zheliznyak at

Thank you for the refund into our account. You proved yourself to be people of integrity. May God bless you.

David Brook
Lingotrans Services
hr at lingotrans com

Dear folks,

I was pleasantly surprised when obtaining your contact information today that such a high-quality interpreter/translator information site is located not somewhere in the West but in the Ukraine.

I have been your subscriber for a couple of months and especially appreciate your efforts in compiling a wide array of interesting articles about the trade/art.

Also I like when you promptly notify interpreters about new jobs, no strings attached.

Vladimir Kolteniuk

kolteniuk at yandex ru


I would like to THANK you for such a useful and helpful site made specifically for translators! It realy eases our life. I was used to be registered in other translators databases but none appeared to me as worth-working-with.

I was a bit surprised getting personal message from Sergiy Onoshko, kindly explaining things I needed an advice in. At least it makes the site "human-like" and not just robo-generated stuff.

Thanks again.

Wishing you and translators world-wide peace, prosperity and patience.

Ms. Alyona Kim
English to/from Russian Translator
kim alyona at gmail com

I was looking around the world for a greek-english translator for my book. I got so many applications I had the option to choose. From the other side you giving hope and opportunity to so many aknown and talented translators. Your site is an absolute necessary tool. Keep going! I will need you soon again.

Yannis Mitsopoulos
Athens, Greece
yanmilos at gmail dot com

You offer a great service. Thank you very much for all your help.

Best Regards

Dr M. Shaw
ms_translators at

Dear Sir,

I have been receiving TranslationDirectory Newsletter for several months now as a subscriber.

I wish to thank you for this portal through which I have been able to get much information on how the translation job is done elsewhere, news from other translators as well as their opinions and findings through articles and polls on a good number of subjects.

I wish to commend you for creating this forum for all translators which make me and others feel integrated in a large community of self-sustaining professionals. Please, keep up!

Arsиne Bidzana,
Translator, English, French, German
arsenebidzana at yahoo co uk
Yaounde, Cameroon

I truly enjoy all the interesting articles that are posted on your translation directory web site.

You may use my testimonial. Like I said, you all have a terrific and informative site.

Norma Schmitt C.I.

germacano at yahoo com

I would like to say that you are doing a very good job developing this helpful website. Your time, efforts, creativity and hard work are highly appreciable.

I am of Afghan nationality working as Monitoring & Evaluation Team supervisor in International Rescue Committee's Female Education Program (IRC/FEP) in Pakistan. My pair of language is English/Dari (Farsi). And I would recommend those who are interested in translation job to definitely have a look at this website.

Best of luck
Katayon Qahir

katayon at fep irc-pk org

I received the database.

Thank you very much. If I have any questions, I'll contact you.

You're really a very honest person.

Maha Khalil
English to Arabic translator
Cairo, Egypt
khalilmaha88 at

Dear Serhiy,

Thank you for your prompt reply. Look forward to receive the updated version.

I have used your database in the past and found it quite useful. Some percentage of emails bounce back due to faults with their addresses, but it is possible to expect some good results from this emailing campaign.

I am also impressed with the level of service you personally provide, with your prompt replies and professional attitude.

I wish you all the best in your business.

Kind regards
United Kingdom
anulya7 at

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for the invaluable service "" provides your translator colleagues worldwide. Great work!

May Wanhamid

yamyam2u at yahoo com

Receive cordial greetings, this is to confirm you the credit to my credit card has been received, it was very fast! And I also want to thank you once again for all your time, patience and cordiality, even though I wasn't so lucky with the product I may tell you that I feel happy for your excellent service!

May God bless you and have a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year 2005.

Always yours,

Marina Fabara

gfabara at andinanet net


I have been dealing with lots of companies all over the world to the extent that I pull my mobile and give them a call that costs me one dollar per minute and they do not take that into account to the extent that they do not even reply by a simple email to put bluntly. CONSEQUENTLY I DECIDED TO WRITE AN E-BOOK AND ONLY I AM GOING TO GIVE THE COPYRIGHTS TO TRANSLATIONDIRECTORY.COM SO IT HAS THE FULL RIGHTS EITHER TO SELL OR DISTRIBUTE IT TO OTHERS AND THERE IS MORE TO COME BUT I WILL LEAVE IT AS A SURPRISE AND WILL NOT TALK ABOUT IT NOW. REMEMBER THAT TRANSLATIONDIRECTORY NEVER MISSES ANY EMAIL EVEN IT IS NOT WORTHWHILE. From

Mr. Imad

I love your site. It's a great resource for language professionals :-)

Annika Neudecker

I have been utilizing your site for about 6 months because there is much information that is useful for my proofreading business.

I am thinking it might be a good place for me to attract some new business.

We Never Sleep Proofreading(SM)
Palm Springs, CA
(866) 925-8020

Dear Tanslationdirectory,

I would like to thank you for the useful and good service you provide to translators worldwide.

Yakut Eren
English to Turkish translator
Istanbul, Turkey

yakuteren at gmail com

Your Portal for Translators is a real treasure trove, and I always recommend my Colleagues to subscribe to your Newsletter and mailing list.

I bought my first agency list many years ago, but it took me a hard time to find selected translation clients.

I have already gathered several thousand names but it's time to update my address book...

I read excellent comments and endorsements about your Agency Lists so I intend to buy the comprehensive list soon!

Many thanks, Serhiy. I greatly appreciate your work and useful information.

Best regards,

Pat Melgar
EN>ES Translator, UBA
Buenos Aires, Argentina
patmelgar at yahoo com

It's a great and clean database of agencies, we have bought part1 and part2 and plan to buy the other parts.

We have got a lot of agencies signing up and using our services, especially our directory of translators.

In our experience we think is the only website worth advertising on.

The results are tremendous and most importantly the team is honest and helpful.

We have tried so many other websites/companies/products with very poor results, there is a lot of "poor quality" out there, watch out.

Sam Kaabi

My name is Alain Escarrá and I am a member of your translator's directory. I just want to send you this note to THANK YOU FOR THE GOOD WORK!!!.

MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU. I've been a Christian for 16 years and I'm member of an Evangelical Church here in Cuba.


Alain E.
English to Spanish translator
Santa Clara, Cuba
alainescarra at

Dear Translation Directory team,

I have been receiving your newsletter for several years and although I have not yet used your services to obtain extra work, I would still like to express my appreciation of 3 things:

1) the useful information you show on your website for language professionals;

2) the list of blacklisted agencies - this has saved me making mistakes a couple of times;

3) last but certainly not least, the Christian content you add (!!!!)

Thank you especially for these services.

Kind regards

Bridget Gerstner
German to English translator

AnTrans Fachübersetzungen
Bernbacher Strasse 3
86568 Igenhausen
Tel.: 08257 990444
Fax: 08257 990222
angsax at

Thank you very much for your email and your effort.

Sorry for having bothered you with my alert but I think I will tell my friends to register on your website, because you make efforts to take care of translators, thank you very much.

My best

French to Chinese translator
Paris, France
viviane.wu at

I'm very satisfied with your database: the best evidence is that I am only too happy for receiving updates. Thanks to your database I was able to find new and above all reliable clients (I mean clients who PAY!). To all translators I'd like to say: "have a try yourselves too!"

By the way: could you also please send me the updated databases of translation agencies in Luxembourg, Austria and Switzerland?

Orla Daniele
Poirino (TO)
dnval at

The Translation Directory database of agencies has been invaluable in us finding collaboration with our peers in the industry both for whom we can work for and vice versa.

Kind regards,

Gavin Wheeldon
Chief Executive
Applied Language Solutions
gavin.wheeldon at

I am very pleased indeed with the details of the agencies!

Alison Billington
French English Translator
Kingswood, Bristol, UK
alisonbill at

Just to thank you for your excellent service and providing a useful internet tool.

Best regards,

English-Spanish, Spanish-English
Translations and Interpreting
info at
Portsmouth, UK

I have received an overwhelming amount of qualified and experienced candidates despite the job posting being quite specific, and in record time! Translation Directory is a great opportunity to tap into new and experienced talent. Thank you kindly,

Alice Ungarini
Colombo Translation Ltd.
Translation and Transcription Services
email: info at
STIBC Associate Member #03-18-2959: Italian to English

Thank you for your wonderful site! It helped me find the job and I recommend it to all of my acquaintances.

But to become a paid member is too expensive. So, maybe you should create a monthly subscription at least for the people from developing countries like Ukraine.

Iulia Nevmerzhytska
Vinnitsa, Ukraine
loliaeslindo at


Many thanks for your notification, I am very happy and thankful to be a part of Translation Directory as its been a while I registered first here as Translator (2011 or 2014, not sure), since I build up beneficial partnerships with translation agencies and companies, providing services for companies not less than Apple, Maxwell, Intuit, which could not have happened without Translation Directory.

EN-HUN Certified Translator/Proofreader
Skype ID: kornelia.farkas (HUN)
E-mail: korneliafarkas at

I have changed careers. The service provided exactly what it was meant to provide. Thank you!

Anthony Hughes
Givatayim, Israel
E-mail: Hughes514 at

Dear TranslationDirectory,

I have been a user of TranslationDirectory for more than nine years and I find the service rendered, exemplery.

It has really arranged a platform for me to come into contact with many clients and agencies who still are in touch with me.

At this merry time of X'mas I wish and pray the Almighty to shower all his Blessings upon TD.

Valsala Menon
Elappully, India
Malayalam to Tamil
English to Tamil
E-mail: valsalathumbala at gmail com

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am most grateful for your valuable support and information over the years and would like to say a big thank you to you and your entire team.

I have decided to apply for removing the account on the ground of a number of reasons, among others, family health-related difficulties and increasing restricted availability, hopefully you may continue your valuable support and assistance to translators and the translation industry at large.

Congratulations on your thorough and dedicated work and on your support of Christian values throughout the existence of your valuable organization!

Sincerely yours,
jordi iglésias i puigdomènech
Barcelona, Spain, UE, 6.Sept. 2020 A.D.
E-mail: jordi.iglesias at



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