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Synonyms of Chemicals

By Chemistry Department at California State University,
Dominguez Hills,
Carson, CA, U.S.A.

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The following table presents synonyms for many common compounds.

This table is in the public domain and may be copied without limit. The user is encouraged to download it for private use and public distribution in any form including that of making it available on other Web servers.

Acanthite Silver sulfide
Acetylacetonate 2,4-pentanedione derivative
Alabandite Manganese(II) sulfide
Alamosite Lead metasilicate
Albite Sodium aluminosilicate
Altaite Lead telluride
Alum, ammonium Ammonium aluminum sulfate
Alum, cesiuun Cesium aluminum sulfate
Alum, ammonium chrome Ammonium chromium sulfate
Alum, ammonium gallium Ammonium gallium sulfate
Alum, ammonium vanadium Ammonium vanadium sulfate
Alum, iron ammonium Ammonium iron sulfate
Alum, iron potassium Potassium iron sulfate
Alum, manganese potassium Potassium manganese sulfate
Alum, potassium Potassium aluminum sulfate
Alum, potassium chrome Potassium chromium sulfate
Alum, rubidium Rubidium aluminum sulfate
Alum sodium Sodium aluminum sulfate
Alum, thallium Aluminum thallium sulfate
Alumina Aluminum oxide
Alunogenite Aluminum sulfate
Amidosulfonic acid Sulfamic acid
Amidosulfuric acid Sulfamic acid
Aminosulfonic acid Sulfamic acid
Anatase Titanium oxide, di-
Anglesite Lead sulfate
Anhydrite Calcium sulfate
Anhydrite, soluble Calcium sulfate
Anorthite Calcium aluminosilicate
Antimony hydride Hydrogen antimonide
Antimony thioglycolamide Antimony alpha mercaptoacetamide
Aquopentamminecobalt (III) chloride look under Cobalt complexes
Aragonite Calcium carbonate
Arcanite Potassium sulfate
Argentic, argentous look under Silver
Argentite Silver sulfide
Arsenic hydride Hydrogen arsenide
Arsenic red Arsenic sulfide, di-
Arsenoferrite Iron arsonide, di-
Arsenolite Arsenic oxide, tri-
Arsine Hydrogen arsenide
Artinite Magnesium carbonate, basic
Ascharite Magnesium pyroborate
Atacamite Copper(II) oxychloride
Auricyanide Cyanoaurate (III)
Auric salts look under Gold
Auroauric look under Gold
Aurocyanide Cyanoaurate (I)
Aurous salts look under Gold
Avogadrite Potassium fluoborate
Azoimide Hydrazoic acid
Azurite Copper (II) carbonate, basic
Baddeleyite Zirconium oxide, di-
Baking soda Sodium hydrogen carbonate
Barite Barium sulfate
Baryta Barium oxide
Barytes Barium sulfate
Bayerite Aluminum oxide
Benzylate Benzyloxide
Berlin green Iron(III) ferricyanide
Bertrandite Beryllium orthosilicate
Beryl Beryllium aluminum silicate
Bicarbonate Carbonate, hydrogen
Bieberite Cobalt(II) sulfate
Binoxalate Oxalate, hydrogen
Bischofite Magnesium chloride
Bismite Bismuth oxide, tri-
Bismuth oxynitrate Bismuth nitrate, basic
Bismuth subnitrate Bismuth nitrate, basic
Bismuthic acid, meta Bismuth oxide, pent-
Bismuthine Hydroxide bismuthide
Bismuthinite Bismuth sulfide, tri-
Bismuthyl Bismuth oxy-
Bisulfate, -ite Sulfate, -ite, hydrogen
Bisulfide Disulfide
Bleaching powder, chlorinated lime Calcium chloride hypochlorite
Bloedite Sodium magnesium sulfate
Blue verdigris Copper acetate, basic
Blue vitriol Copper(II) sulfate
Bobierrite Magnesium orthophosphate
Boehmite Aluminum hydroxide
Boracic acid Boric acid
Borax Sodium tetraborate
Boric anhydride Boron oxide
Borobutane Boron hydride
Boroethane Boron hydride
Borofluoric acid Fluoboric acid
Borofluoride Fluoborate
Boussingaultite Ammonium magnesium sulfate
Breithauptite Nickel antimonide
Bromellite Beryllium oxide
Bromoazide Bromine azide
Bromyrite Silver bromide
Brookite Titanium oxide, di-
Brucite Magnesium hydroxide
Brunswick green Copper oxychloride
Brushite Calcium orthophosphate
Bunsenite Nickel oxide, mon-
Butter of antimony Antimony chloride, tri-
Butylate Butoxide
Calcite Calcium carbonate
Calomel Mercury(I) chloride
Carbon oxybromide Carbonyl bromide
Carbon oxychloride Carbonyl chloride
Carbon oxysulfide Carbonyl sulfide
Carnallite Potassium magnesium chloride
Caro's acid Sulfuric acid, peroxymono-
Cassel yellow Lead oxychloride
Cassiopeum Lutetium
Cassiterite Tin oxide, mon-
Caustic soda Sodium hydroxide
Celestite Strontium sulfate
Cerargyrite Silver chloride
Cerussite Lead carbonate
Cervantite Antimony oxide, tetra-
Chalcanthite Copper(II) sulfate
Chalcocite Copper(I) sulfide
Chamber crystals Nitrosylsulfuric acid
Chessylite Copper(II) carbonate, basic
Chloride of Millon's base Mercury(I) chloride aquobasic ammonobasic
Chlorinated lime Calcium chloride hypochlorite
cis-Chloroaquotetrammine cobalt (III) chloride look under Cobalt complexes
Chlor(o)azide Chlorine azide
Chlorocalcite Potassium calcium chloride
Chloromanganokalite Potassium manganese(II) chloride
Chloropentamminechromium(III) chloride look under Chromium complexes
Chloropentamminecobalt(III) chloride look under Cobalt complexes
Chrome red Lead chromate, basic
Chrome yellow Lead chromate
Chromic anhydride Chromium oxide, tri-
Chromyl Chromium, oxy-
Chrysoberyl Beryllium aluminate
Cinnabar Mercury(II) sulfide (alpha)
Claudetite Arsenic oxide, tri-
Clausthalite Lead selenide
Clinoenstatite Magnesium silicate
Cobalticyanic acid Cyanocobaltic (III) acid
Cobalticyanide Cyanocobaltate (III)
Cobaltinitrite Nitrocobaltate (III)
Cobaltite Cobalt arsenic sulfide
Columbic acid Niobium oxide, pent-
Columbium Niobium
Common salt Sodium chloride
Coquimbite Iron(III) sulfate
Corrosive sublimate Mercury chloride
Corundum Aluminum oxide, alpha
Cotunnite Lead chloride
Covellite Copper(II) sulfide
Cream of tartar, soluble Potassiurn borotartrate
Cristobalite Silicon oxide, di-
Crocoite Lead chromate
Cryolite Sodium fluoaluminate
Cryolithionite Lithium sodium fluoaluminate
Cryptohalite Ammonium fluosilicate
Crystal carbonate Sodium carbonate
Crythrosiderite Iron(III) chloride
Cuprammonium look under Copper complexes
Cupric look under Copper
Cuprite Copper(I) oxide
Cuprous look under Copper
Cyanoauric acid Gold(II) cyanide
Cyanoferrates (II) Ferrocyanides
Cyanoferrates (III) Ferricyanides
Cyanoferric (II) acid Ferrocyanic acid
Cyanoferric (III) acid Ferricyanic acid
Decaborane Boron hydride
Decaborate Ammonium pentaborate
Deuterioammonia, tri ND3
Diamminecopper(II) acetate look under Copper complexes
Diamminepalladium look under Palladium complexes
Diaquotetramminenickel(II) nitrate look under nickel complexes
Diaspore Aluminum hydroxide
Diborane Boron hydride
Dichlorodiamminepalladium look under Palladium complexes
Digallane Gallium hydride
Digermane Germanium hydride
Dihydropentaborane Borane hydride
Dihydrotetraborane Boron hydride
Diopside Calcium magnesium silicate
Disilane Silicon hydride
Disilicoethane Silicon hydride
Disiloxane Silicyl oxide
Dithionite Hydrosulfite
Dolomite Calcium magnesium carbonate
Domeykite Copper triarsenide
Double nickel salt Ammonium nickel sulfate
Dysprosia Dyprosium oxide
Epsom salt Magnesium sulfate
Erbia Erbium oxide
Erythrite Cobalt(II) orthoarsenate
Erythrosiderite Potassium iron chloride
Ethylate Ethoxide
Ethylxanthate Xanthate
Ethykanthogenate Copper Xanthate
Euclase Beryllium aluminum silicate
Europia Europium oxide
Ferric salts look under Iron
Ferrosoferric look under Iron
Ferrous salts look under Iron
Fischer's salt Potassium nitrocobaltate (III)
Fluellite Aluminum fluoride
Fluorine oxide Oxygen fluoride
Fluorite Calcium fluoride
Fluorophosphate, etc Fluophosphate, etc.
Fusible white precipitate Mercury(II) chloride diammine
Gadolinia Gadolinium oxide
Gahnite Zinc aluminate
Galena Lead sulfide
Galloethane Gallium hydride
Germane Germanium hydride, tetra-
Germanium bromoform Germane, tribromo
Germanium chloroform Germane, trichloro-
Gibbsite Aluminum oxide
Glauber's salt Sodium sulfate
Glucinum Beryllium
Goethite Iron hydroxide
Gold sodium thiosulfate Sodium thiosulfateoaurate (I)
Goslarite Zinc sulfate
Greenockite Cadmium sulfate
Guanajuatite Bismuth selenide, tri-
Guanite Ammonium magnesium phosphate
Gypsum Calcium sulfate
Hafnia Hafnium oxide
Halite Sodium chloride
Hambergite Beryllium orthoborate, basic
Hauerite Manganese(IV) sulfide
Hausmannite Manganese(II),(III) oxide
Heazlewoodite Nickel sulfide, sub-
Heavy hydrogen Deuterium
Heavy water Deuterium oxide
Hematite Iron(III) oxide
Hemimorphite Zinc silicate
Hessite Silver telluride
Hexaantipyrineyttrium perchlorate look under Yttrium complexes
Hexaantipyrineyttrium iodide look under Yttrium complexes
Hexaborane Boron hydride
Hexabromodisilane Silicon (di-) bromide, hexa (di-)
Hexabromoethane Carbon (di-) bromide, hexa
Hexachlorodisilane Silicon (di-) chloride, hexa-
Hexachloroethane Carbon (di-) chloride, hexa-
Hexaiododisilane Silicon (di-) iodide, hexa-
Hexamminechromium(III) chloride look under Chromium complexes
Hexamminecobalt(III) chloride look under Cobalt complexes
Hexamminecobalt(III) look under Cobalt complexes
Hexaureachromium(III) fluosilicate look under Chromium complexes
Hexaureachromium(III) perrhenate look under Chromium complexes
Hieratite Potassium Fluosilicate
Hoernesite Magnesium orthoarsenate
Hopeite, alpha Zinc orthophosphate
Hopeite, beta Zinc orthophosphate
Hyacinth Zinc orthosilicate
Hydrargillite Aluminum oxide
Hydrazonium salts look under Hydrazine
Hydriodic acid Hydrogen iodide
Hydrobromic acid Hydrogen bromide
Hydrocerussite Lead carbonate, basic
Hydrochloric acid Hydrogen chloride
Hydrocyanic acid Hydrogen cyanide
Hydrocyanite Copper sulfate (ic)
Hydrofluosilicic acid Fluosilicic acid
Hydromagnesite Magnesium carbonate, basic
Hydroxide Oxide (for aluminum, iron, etc.)
Hydroxoplatinic acid Platinum(IV) oxide, di-
Hydroxylammonium salts look under Hydroxylamine
Hyposulfite Thiosulfate, hydrosulfite
Infusible white precipitate Mercury(II) chloride, ammonobasic
Iodide of Millon's base Mercury(II) iodide, aquobasic ammono- basic
Iodine hydroxide Iodous acid, hypo
Iod(o)azide Iodine azide
Iodyrite Silver iodide
Kainite Potassium magnesium chloride sulfate
Kalinite Potassium aluminum sulfate
Kaluszite Potassium calcium sulfate
Kieserite Magnesium sulfate
K&ouml ttigite
Krausite Potassium iron(III) sulfate
Krugite Potassium calcium magnesium sulfate
Lanarkite Lead sulfate, basic
Langbeinite Potassium magnesium sulfate
Lansfordite Magnesium carbonate
Lanthana Lanthanum oxide
Laurionite Lead oxychloride
Laurite Ruthenium sulfide
Lautarite Calcium iodate
Lawrencite Iron(II) chloride
Lechatelierite Silicon oxide, di-
Leonite Potassium magnesium sulfate
Lime Calcium oxide
Litharge Lead oxide, mon-
Magnesia Magnesium oxide
Magnesite Magnesium carbonate
Magnetite Iron oxide, ferrosoferric
Malachite Copper(II) carbonate, basic
Manganite Manganese(IV) hydroxide
Manganolangbeinite Potassium manganese(IV) sulfate
Manganosite Manganese(II) oxide, mon-
Marcasite Iron sulfide, di-
Marshite Copper(I) iodide
Mascagnite Ammonium sulfate
Massicot Lead oxide, mono-
Matlockite Lead oxychloride
Melanterite Iron(II) sulfate
Mendipite Lead oxychloride
Mercallite Potassium sulfate, hydrogen
Mercuric bromide, ammonobasic, and similar compounds look under Mercury-nitrogen compounds
Merwinite Calcium magnesium orthosilicate
Metabisulfite Pyrosulfite
Metacinnabarite Meruury(II) sulfide, beta-
Methylate Methoxide
Microcline Potassium aluminosilicate
Microcosmic salt Sodium ammonium salt
Millerite Nickel sulfide, mono-
Minium Lead oxide, red
Mirabilite Sodium sulfate
Misenite Potassium sulfate, hydrogen
Molybdenite Molybdenum sulfide, di-
Molybdenum blue Molybdenum oxide
Molybdic anhydride Molybdenum oxide, tri-
Molybdite Molybdenum oxide, tri-
Molysite Iron(III) chloride
Montanite Bismuth tellurate
Montroydite Mercury(II) oxide
Morenosite Nickel sulfate
Mosaic gold Tin(IV) sulfide
Mullite Aluminum silicate
Muscovite Potassium aluminosilicate
Nantokite Copper(I) chloride
Neodymia Neodymium oxide
Nesquehonite Magnesium carbonate
Neutral verdigris Copper(II) acetate
Newberyite Magnesium orthphosphate
Niccolite Nickel arsenide
Niobic acid Niobium oxide, pent-
Niton Radon
Nitratoauric acid Gold(III) nitrate, hydrogen
Nitric anhydride Nitrogen oxide, pent-
Nitrilotrissilane Silicylamine, tri-
Nitrobarite Barium nitrate
Nitrogen sulfide Sulfur nitride
Nitrosoferricyanide Nitroprusside
Nitrous anhydride Nitrogen (di-) oxide, tri-
Nitroxyl Nitryl
Octahedrite Titanium oxide, di-
Oldhamite Calcium sulfide
Opal Silicon oxide, di-
Orpiment Arsenic sulfide, tri-
Ortho clase Potassium aluminum silicate
Parahopeite Zinc orthophosphate
Paralaurionite Lead oxychloride
Paramelaconite Copper(II) oxide
Paris green Copper(II) acetate metarsenite
Peligot's salt Potassium chlorochromate
Pentaborane Boron hydride
Periclase Magnesium oxide
Permonosulfuric acid Sulfuric acid, peroxymono-
Perovskite Calcium metatitanate
Per(di)sulfuric acid Sulfuric acid, peroxydi
Phenacite Beryllium orthosilicate
Phenate Phenoxide
Phenolate Phenoxide
Phosgene Carbonyl chloride
Phosphine Hydrogen phosphide
Phosphoric anhydride Phosphorus oxide pent-
Phosphorus sulfobromide, or thiobromide, etc. Thiophosphoryl bromide, etc.
Phosphoryl (tri)amide Phosphoramide
Phosphoryl bromide, etc. Phosphorus oxybromide, etc.
Picromerite Potassium magnesium sulfate
Pinnoite Magnesium metaborate
Plaster of Paris Calcium sulfate
Platinichloride Chloroplatinate
Platinic hydroxide Platinum(IV) oxide
Platinochloride Chloroplatinite
Platinocyanide Cyanoplatinite
Platinonitrite Nitroplatinite
Plattnerite Lead(IV) oxide
Plumbic look under Lead
Plumbous look under Lead
Polydymite Nickel(I,II) sulfide
Polyhalite Potassium calcium magnesium sulfate
Potassamide Potassium amide
Potassium diboranide Potassium diborane
Potassium fluocolumbate, penta Potassium fluoniobate, penta
Potassium oxyfluocolumbate Potassium oxyfluoniobate
Potassium pentaboranide Potassium penta borane
Praseodymia Praseodymium oxide, sesqui-
Propylate Propoxide
Proustite Silver thioarsenite
Prussiate of soda, yellow Sodium ferrocyanide
Pseudocotunnite Potassium lead chloride
Pseudowollastonite Calcium metasilicate (alpha)
Pyrargyrite Silver thioantimonite
Pyrite Iron sulfide (di-)
Pyroborate Tetraborate
Pyrochroite Manganese(II) hydroxide
Quartz Silicon oxide, di-
Racemate dl-Tartrate
Radium emanation Radon
Raspite Lead tungstate
Realgar Arsenic sulfide di-
Reddingite Manganese orthophosphate
Rhodanate, rhodanide Thiocyanate
Rhodochrosite Manganese(II) carbonate
Rhodonite Manganese(II) metasilicate
Rinneite Potassium iron chloride
Rochelle salt Potassium sodium tartrate
Roesslerite Magnesium orthoarsenate
Rutile Titanium oxide, di-
Sal ammoniac Ammonium chloride
Saltpeter Potassium nitrate
Samaria Samarium oxide
Scacchite Manganese chloride, di-
Scandia Scandium oxide
Scheele's green Copper(II) orthoarsenite
Scheeiite Calcium tungstate
Schlippe's salt Sodium thioantimonate
Schonite Potassium magnesium sulfate
Scorodite Iron orthoarsenate
Seignette salt Potassium sodium tartrate
Sellaite Magnesium fluoride
Senarmontite Antlmony oxide, tri-
Siderite Iron(II) carbonate
Siderotil Iron sulfide
Silanes Silicon hydrides
Silica Silicon oxide
Silicobromoform Silane, tribromo-
Silicochloroform Silane, trichloro-
Silicofluoride Fluosilicate
Silicofluoroform Silane, trifluoro-
Silicoiodoform Silane, triiodo-
Single nickel salt Nickel sulfate
Smithsonite Zinc carbonate
Sodamide Sodium amide
Soda niter Sodium nitrate
Sodium heptanoate Sodium enanthate
Sodium hyposulfite Sodium thiosulfate, sodium hydrosulfite
Sperrylite Platinum arsenide
Sphalerite Zinc sulfide (beta)
Spherocobaltite Cobalt(II) carbonate
Spinel Magnesium aluminate
Stannane Tin hydride
Stercorite Sodium ammonium phosphate
Stibine Hydrogen antimonide
Stibnite Antimony sulfide, tri-
Stolzite Lead tungstate
Struvite Ammonium magnesium phosphate
Sulfocarbolate Phenolsulfonate
Sulfochloride Chlorine sulfide
Sulfocyanate, sulfocyanide Thiocyanate
Sulfur oxychlorides Sulfuryl chloride, sulfuryl, pyrochloride, thionyl chloride
Sulfuryl amide Sulfamide
Sylvite Potassium chloride
Syngenite Potassium calcium sulfate
Szmikite Manganese(II) sulfate
Tantalic acid Tantalum oxide, pent-
Tantalum hydroxide Tantalum oxide, pent-
Tarapacaite Potassium chromate
Tartar emetic Potassium antimony tartrate
Tenorite Copper(II) oxide
Tephroite Manganese(II) orthosilicate
Terbia Terbium oxide
Tetrabromoethylene Carbon (di-) bromo, tetra-
Tetrabromomethane Carbon bromide, tetra-
Tetrabromosilane Silicon bromide, tetra-
Tetrachlorodiammineplatinum(IV), cis- look under Platinum complexes
Tetrachlorodiammineplatinum(IV), trans look under Platinum complexes
Tetrachloroethylene Carbon (di-) chloride, tetra-
Tetrachloromethane Carbon chloride, tetra-
Tetrachlorosilane Silicon chloride, tetra-
Tetradymite Bismuth telluride, tri-
Tetrafluoromethane Carbon fluoride, tetra-
Tetrafluorosilane Silicon fluoride, tetra-
Tetraiodomethane Carbon iodide, tetra-
Tetraiodosilane Silicon iodide, tetra-
Tetramminecopper(II) sulfate look under Copper complexes
Tetramminepalladium(II) chloride look under Palladium complexes
Tetrammineplatinum(II) chloride look under Platinum complexes
Tetrammine platinum(II) chloroplatinite look under Platinum complexes
Tetramminezinc perrhenate look under Zinc complexes
Tetrapyridinecopper(II) fluosilicate look under Copper complexes
Tetrapyridinecopper perrhenate look under Copper complexes
Tetrapyridinenickel(II) fluosilicate look under Nickel complexes
Tetrapyridinezinc fluosilicate look under Zinc complexes
Tetrasilane Silicon hydride
Tetrasilicobutane Silicon hydride
Thenard's blue Cobalt aluminate
Thenardite Sodium sulfate
Thermonatrite Sodium carbonate
Thiophosgene Thiocarbonyl chloride
Thoria Thorium oxide, di-
Thorite Thorium orthosilicate
Thulia Thulium oxide
Tiemannite Mercury selenide (ic)
Titanic acids Titanium oxide, di-
Tridymite Silicon oxide, di-
Trigermane Germanium hydride
Trisilane Silicon hydride
Trisilicopropane Silicon hydride
Troilite Iron(II) sulfide
Uranium nitrate Uranyl nitrate
Uranyl hydroxide Uranic acid, meta-
Uranyl oxide Uranium oxide, tri-
Valentinite Antimony oxide, tri-
Vanadyl bromide, etc Vanadium oxybromide, etc.
Verdigris Copper acetate
Vermilion Mercury(II) sulfide
Villiaumite Sodium fluoride
Vitriol blue Copper(II) sulfate
Vivianite Iron orthophosphate
Washing soda Sodium carbonate
Water glass Sodium silicate
White arsenic Arsenic oxide, tri-
White lead Lead carbonate, basic
White mica Potassium aluminosilicate
Willemite Zinc orthosilicate
Witherite Barium carbonate
Wolfram Tungsten
Wollastonite Calcium metasilicate (beta)
Wulfenite Lead molybdate
Wurtzite Zinc sulfide (alpha)
Xanthogenate Xanthate
Ytterbia Ytterbium oxide
Yttria Yttrium oxide
Zaratite Nickel carbonate, basic
Zincite Zinc oxide
Zinkosite Zinc sulfate
Zircon Zirconium orthosilicate
Zirconia Zirconium oxide, di-
Zirconic acid, meta- Zirconium oxide, di-
Zirconium hydroxide Zirconium oxide, di-



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