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Sinhala words of Dutch origin

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This is a list of Sinhala words of Dutch origin.

Note: For information on the transcription used, see National Library at Calcutta romanization. An exception from the standard is the romanization of Sinhala long "ä" ([æː]) as "ää".

Sinhala Meaning Dutch Meaning Type
advakāt Lawyer, advocate advocaat Lawyer Administration
artāpal Potato aardappel Potato Food
äpääla Appeal appel Appeal Administration
āsiyā Ace (in card games) Aas Ace Daily
bakkiya small trough or box bakje small trough or box Trade
bās Master craftsman baas Boss, leader Trade
bōnci Bean(s) boontje Bean Food
būruvā Jack/Knave (in card games) boer Farmer Daily
hārta Hearts (in card games) hart Heart Daily
hēra King (in card games) heer Mister, Sir Daily
istirikkaya Iron (for ironing) strijkijzer Iron Daily
istōppuva Verandah stoep Platform, step Construction
kakkussiya Toilet kakhuisje kak "feces" + huisje "small house" Daily
kalabara Clubs (in card games) klaveren Clubs Daily
kāmaraya Room kamer Room Construction
kantōruva Office kantoor Office Administration
kaḷukumā Turkey (bird) kalkoen Turkey Food
kapōti broken, exhausted kapot broken, exhausted Daily
kärakōppuva Cemetery kerkhof Cemetery Daily
kuyitansiya receipt kwitantie receipt Trade
mōla Mill molen Mill Trade
notāris Notary notaris Notary Administration
oralōsuva Clock horloge (from French) Clock Daily
poroppaya Cork prop Plug, cork Daily
porova Queen (in card games) vrouw Lady Daily
säldiri Celery selderij Celery Food
tarappuva Stairs trap Stairs Construction
teepoocciya tea pot theepotje tea pot Daily
testamēntuva Testament testament Testament Administration
tōlkayā Interpreter tolk Interpreter Administration

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Published - February 2009

This glossary is available under the terms
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