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Diamond Certificate Glossary


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Below is a list of terms are commonly found on diamond certificates.

Term Definition

4 criteria used for diamond grading and certification

5th C Refers to the diamond certificate
Diamond Carat The weight of the diamond. 1 carat = 0.2 grams
Diamond Certificate Number The serial number of the diamond or gemstone for which the certificate is issued.
Diamond Clarity Indicates how "pure" the diamond is, meaning whether it has any blemishes or inclusions.
Diamond Color Diamond color is graded on a scale of D-Z and indicates how colorless or "white" the diamond is. The closer to D the diamond, the more colorless it is and more valuable.
Diamond Cut Describes the outline or shape of the diamond such as: round brilliant, emerald cut, pear, oval, princess cut.
Diamond Finish Grades the polish and symmetry of the diamond.
Diamond Measurement Length, width and depth of the diamond in millimeters.
Diamond Polish Refers to how smooth the surface of the diamond is and whether marks remain from the polishing process.
Diamond Symmetry Refers to how accurately opposing facets have been placed and shaped, they should be a mirror image of each other.
Diamond Proportion The size of the various facets and the angles at which they lie relative to each other.
Diamond Facet A smooth surface of the diamond.
Diamond Pavilion The facet below the girdle.
Diamond Girdle The widest part of the diamond.
Diamond Crown The facet above the girdle.
Diamond Culet A tiny flat facet that cutters sometimes add at the bottom of a diamond's pavilion to protect the tip.
Diamond Inclusion Features enclosed within a gemstone or extends into it from the surface.
Diamond Blemish External features, confined to a gemstone's surface.

Published - June 2011

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