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Sports terms named after people

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This is a list of eponyms in sports, i.e. sports terms named after people.


Artistic Gymnastics

  • Amanar (vault), after Simona Amanar (Romania).
  • Borden (balance beam)- straddle pike jump done from a sideways position on the beam with a ½ or ¾ turn, after Amanda Borden (USA)
  • Bhardwaj (uneven bar), after Mohini Bhardwaj (USA).
  • Bhavsar (rings)-pull through momentary, front lever press to Maltese, after Raj Bhavsar (USA).
  • Bi - Turn (uneven bars), after Bi Wenjing (China).
  • Blanik - Blanik is the name of a techique in vault in artistic gymnastics, a double front handspring vault in piked position in, followed by a double back Tsukahara. The piked performance of the technique has rating 10.0 in the Code of Points. The vault was first performed by the Polish gymnast Leszek Blanik, and is named after him. Leszek Blanik was the world champion in vault 2007, and Olympic champion in vault in 2008.
  • Brause (uneven bars)-done from the low bar facing away from the high bar, with a cast to front salto forward and catching the high bar, after Doris Fuchs-Brause (USA)
  • Bryan (pommel horse)-scissors with ½ turn to handstand, ½ pirouette and straddle back down,after Casey Bryan. (USA)
  • Cassina (horizontal bar), after Igor Cassina (Italy).
  • Cheng Fei- Yurchenko 1/2 on - 1 1/2 twist off(vault), after Cheng Fei (China).
  • Chow/Khorkina (unven bars)-Stalder 1 1/2 pirouette and Chow II (unven bars)-Stalder to Shaposhnikova, after Amy Chow (USA)
  • Comaneci salto (uneven bars), after Nadia Comaneci (Romania).
  • Dagget (pommel horse)-scissor backward with ½ counterturn, after Tim Dagget (USA)
  • Dawes (uneven bars)-back giant with 1 ½ turn in the handstand, after Dominique Dawes (USA)
  • Diomidov (parallel bars), after Sergei Diomidov (USSR).
  • Dos Santos (floor) and Dos Santos II (floor), after Daiane dos Santos (Brazil).
  • Fontaine (uneven bars dismount)-double somersaulting dismount is a back tuck with ½ twist into a front, after Larissa Fontaine.
  • Garrison (floor)-cat leap forward with bent legs and 1 ½ turn, Garrison (balance beam)- free shoulder roll forward to stand or tuck stand without hand support, Garrison (balance beam)-starts from an extended tuck sit, Valdez swing over backward through horizontal plane with support on one arm and Garrison (balance beam)-round-off, tucked full mount, after Kelly Garrison (USA)
  • Gatson (parallel bars)-a swing backward with full turn hop to handstand, after Jason Gatson (USA).
  • Gaylord I (horizontal bar)-front giant into a one-and-one-half front salto over the bar to regrasp – a front somersault in tuck, pike or straddled position over the bar, after Gaylord II (horizontal bar)-back giant into a layout Gienger (back salto, ½ ) over the bar to regrasp – a front somersault in tuck, pike or straddled position over the bar., after Mitch Gaylord (USA).
  • Gienger salto (high bar, uneven bars), after Eberhard Gienger (Germany).
  • Grigoraş (beam), after Cristina Elena Grigoraş (Romania).
  • Hayden (horizontal bar)-a double salto backward in layout, with full twist over the bar, after Daniel Hayden (USA)
  • Henrich (balance beam)-a stag-split,r split leap or jump forward with ½ turn, landing on both feet or in a one-two step-out or a split jump in side position with bending of rear leg backward upward that starts from a cross stand, after Christy Henrich (USA)
  • Hindorff (uneven bars), after Sylvia Hindorff (GDR).
  • Humphrey (floor)-switch split leap forward with a ¼ turn to side split leap or straddle pike position, after Terin Humphrey (USA)
  • Hypolito (floor), after Diego Hypolito (Brazil).
  • Jäger-salto (high bar, uneven bars), after Bernd Jäger (GDR).
  • Janz Salto (uneven bars), after Karin Janz. (GDR)
  • Johnson (floor)-a switch-split leap forward with leg change and ¼ turn to side split leap or straddle pike position, after Brandy Johnson (USA)
  • Kasamatsu (vault), after Shigero Kasamatsu (Japan).
  • Khorkina I (uneven bars), Khorkina II (uneven bars), Khorkina (balance beam), Khorkina/Chow (uneven bars), Khorkina (floor), Khorkina I (vault) and Khorkina II (vault), after Svetlana Khorkina (Russia).
  • Korbut Flip (balance beam)-standing back somersault, Korbut Flip (uneven bars)-standing on the high bar, does back flip, then catches the bar, after Olga Korbut (USSR).
  • Liukin (balance beam), after Nastia Liukin (USA)
  • Liukin (floor), after Valeri Liukin (USSR)
  • Li Li - German Giant (uneven bar), Li Li - 1 1/4 turn on back (balance beam), after Li Li (China).
  • Li Ya - salto (uneven bar), Li Ya - dismount after Li Ya (China).
  • Mukhina Salto (floor) - double salto forward tucked or piked, with full 360 twist - named after Elena Mukhina.
  • Magyar walk (pommel horse), after Zoltan Magyar (Hungary).
  • Maloney (uneven bars)-a pike sole circle backward to handstand with a 360° turn after the handstand phase to mixed-L or L grip and Maloney (uneven bars)-begins from an inner front support on the low bar and consists of a pike sole circle backward through a handstand with flight to a hang on the high bar, after Kristin Maloney (USA)
  • Ma dismount (uneven bar)-a hecht-front salto-full, after Ma Yanhong (China).
  • McCool (balance beam)-The beam mount approaches toward the end of the beam and is a flyspring forward with flight before and after the hand support on the beam and lands on both feet - approach at end of beam, after Courtney McCool (USA)
  • McNamara (uneven bars (mount))- a jump to hang on the high bar into a free hip circle to handstand with 1/2 turn in the handstand, after Julianne McNamara (USA)
  • Melissanidis (vault)-A round-off entry onto the vault table and after blocking off the vault table, rotates a 2 ½ back somersault, after Melissanidis (Greece)
  • Miller (balance beam)-a back dive with a quarter twist to a handstand, followed by a half pirouette and Miller (uneven bars)-a cast to handstand, with a 1 ½ turn after the handstand to a mixed-L grip, after Shannon Miller (USA).
  • Mo - salto (uneven bar), after Mo Huilan (China).
  • Okino (uneven bars (dismount))-a free hip underswing with ½ twist to layout back salto and Okino (balance beam)- triple pirouette (triple turn), after Elizabeth (Bettty) Okino
  • Omelianchik (balance beam) and Omelianchik (vault), after Oksana Omelianchik (USSR).
  • O'Neill (still rings)- a stretched double feige backward to a hang, after Paul O'Neill (USA)
  • Onodi (balance beam), after Henrietta Onodi (Hungary).
  • Pak Salto (uneven bars)-the high bar, does a backward flip, and catches the low bar, after Gyong Sil Pak (North Korea)
  • Patterson) (balance beam), after Carly Patterson (USA).
  • Phelps) (vault)- half twist on, half twist off into a front layout, after Jaycie Phelps) (USA)
  • Phillps) (balance beam)-A handstand straddle split, with a 90 degree backbend, originally performed on the balance beam and press to side handstand, front walkover to side stand on both legs, after Kristie Phillps) (USA)
  • Podkopayeva (vault), Podkopayeva floor) - double front somersault with a 1/2 twist, after Lilia Podkopayeva (Ukraine).
  • Popa (floor) - straddle pike jump with 1/1 turn (360°), after Celestina Popa (Romania)
  • Ray (uneven bars)- a stalder backward with release and counter movement forward to catch the high bar, Ray (uneven bars)- a handstand on the high bar to a pike sole circle backward into a backward counter straddle-reverse hecht over over the high bar and a recatch and Ray (uneven bars (dismount))- An double twisting double layout uneven bar dismount, after Elise Ray (USA)
  • The Retton Flip (uneven bars)-a transition (front flip) from low- to high-bar, resulting in the gymnast perched or "sitting" on top of the high bar, after Mary Lou Retton (USA)
  • Roth (pommel horse)- from a cross support, rearways, reverse Stockli, wendeswing forward to reverse Stockli to cross support forward on other end, without touching pommels, after Bill Roth (USA)
  • Shaposhnikova (uneven bars), after Natalia Shaposhnikova (USSR).
  • Shushunova (floor), after Yelena Shushunova (Russia).
  • Silivaş mount (balance beam) and Silivaş (floor), after Daniela Silivaş (Romania)
  • Strong (uneven bars) and Lori hop (balance beam), after Lori Strong
  • Strug (floor)-a tour jete with additional ½ turn and a landing on both feet, after Kerri Strug (USA)
  • Talavera (balance beam)-pommel horse like move with the circle done like a flair, after Tracee Talavera
  • Teza (balance beam)- Yurchenko loop is performed with a full twisting handspring, after Elvire Teza (France)
  • Thomas flair (pommel horse, floor exercise),Thomas (floor)-a 1 ½ salto backward in a tucked or piked position with 1 ½ twists and ),Thomas (floor)- 1 ½ salto backward in a layout (straight) position with 1 ½ twists, after Kurt Thomas (USA).
  • Tkachev (uneven bars), after Alexander Tkachyov (USSR).
  • Tsukahara (vault), after Mitsuo Tsukahara (Japan).
  • Wang Huiying - Front Handspring layout barani (vault), after Wang Huiying (China).
  • Wells (parallel bars)-a giant swing backward with in-locate forward, after Trent Wells
  • White (uneven bars)-a front stalder into an L-grip to handstand with ½ turn in handstand, after Morgan White
  • Yang Bo (balance beam), after Yang Bo (China).
  • Yurchenko (vault) and Yurchenko loop (balance beam), after Natalia Yurchenko (USSR).
  • Yurchenko is the name of both a specific vault and a vault family in artistic gymnastics. The Yurchenko was named after Soviet gymnast Natalia Yurchenko, who originated the vault in the early 1980s. In a Yurchenko vault, the gymnast does a round-off onto the springboard and a back handspring onto the horse or vaulting table. The gymnast then performs a salto, which may range in difficulty from a simple single tuck to a triple twist layout.

Association Football

Athletics (track and field)



Brazilian Jiu Jitsu



Figure Skating

Ice Hockey

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rugby League

  • Sonny-Billed, means to have a really hard driving tackle performed on you, it is named after Sonny Bill Williams who consistantly performed these tackles.
  • Hopoate, named after John Hopoate


Henman Hill AKA Aorangi Terrace after Tim Henman

Ultimate (Frisbee)



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