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Glass Art Terms Glossary

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A glossary of terms used in Glass art

* Cane, rods of glass with color, either single or multiple (see also twistie)

* Cast, Glass formed by pouring hot glass into a mold (sand casting) or kiln-casting using the cire perdue (lost wax) method.

* Frit, crushed glass often melted onto other glass to produce patterns and color

* Incalmo, the grafting or joining together, while still hot, of two separately blown glass elements to produce a single object.

* Lampwork, alternate name Flamework, the technique of forming glass using a hand held heat source, formerly lamps, more usually today a gas blow torch, to shape glass rods and manipulate them with tongs, forceps, knives and other small tools.

* Latticino, Italian decorative glassblowing technique

* Lehr, a specialized, temperature-controlled kiln for annealing glass.

* Liuli, ancient Chinese glass art

* Mandrel, metal rod used to make the hole in a glass bead

* Marver, a tool used in glassblowing

* Millefiori, an Italian term (a thousand flowers) describing glass decorated with slices of colored canes embedded in clear molten glass, which produces distinctive decorative patterns on glassware, often flower-like designs.

* Murrine, Italian term for patterns or images made in a glass cane (long rods of glass) that are revealed when cut in cross-sections

* Pate de verre, a paste of ground or crushed glass, and the technique of casting this material into a mold; also applied to a more general range of cast-glass objects.

* Prunt, a small blob of glass fused to a piece of glass, often impressed with a pattern or stamp

* Reticello, Italian decorative glassblowing technique

* Rod, a rod of glass used as a raw material in forming and fusing glass

* Twistie, a cane formed out of different coloured glass twisted together

* Zanfirico, Italian decorative glassblowing technique




Published - January 2011

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