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Airport Acronyms Glossary

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A/C - Aircraft
A/G - Air to Ground
A/H - Altitude/Height
AAC - Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center
AAF - Army Air Field
AAI - Arrival Aircraft Interval
AAP - Advanced Automation Program
AAR - Airport Acceptance Rate
ABDIS - Automated Data Interchange System Service B
ACAIS - Air Carrier Activity Information System
ACAS - Aircraft Collision Avoidance System
ACC - Airports Consultants Council
ACC - Area Control Center
ACCT - Accounting Records
ACD - Automatic Call Distributor
ACDO - Air Carrier District Office
ACF - Area Control Facility
ACFO - Aircraft Certification Field Office
ACFT - Aircraft
ACI-NA - Airports Council International - North America
ACID - Aircraft Identification
ACIP - Airport Capital Improvement Plan
ACLS - Automatic Carrier Landing System
ACLT - Actual Landing Time Calculated
ACO - Office of Airports Compliance and Field Operations
ACO - Aircraft Certification Office
ACRP - Airport Cooperative Research Program
ADA - Air Defense Area
ADAP - Airport Development Aid Program
ADAS - AWOS Data Acquisition System
ADCCP - Advanced Data Communications Control Procedure
ADDA - Administrative Data
ADF - Automatic Direction Finding
ADI - Automatic De-Ice and Inhibitor
ADIZ - Air Defense Identification Zone
ADL - Aeronautical Data-Link
ADLY - Arrival Delay
ADO - Airline Dispatch Office
ADP - Automated Data Processing
ADS - Automatic Dependent Surveillance
ADSIM - Airfield Delay Simulation Model
ADSY - Administrative Equipment Systems
ADTN - Administrative Data Transmission Network
ADTN2000 - Administrative Data Transmission Network 2000
ADVO - Administrative Voice
AEG - Aircraft Evaluation Group
AERA - Automated En-Route Air Traffic Control
AEX - Automated Execution
AF - Airway Facilities
AFB - Air Force Base
AFIS - Automated Flight Inspection System
AFP - Area Flight Plan
AFRES - Air Force Reserve Station
AFS - Airways Facilities Sector
AFSFO - AFS Field Office
AFSFU - AFS Field Unit
AFSOU - AFS Field Office Unit (Standard is AFSFOU)
AFSS - Automated Flight Service Station
AFTN - Automated Fixed Telecommunications Network
AGL - Above Ground Level
AID - Airport Information Desk
AIG - Airbus Industries Group
AIM - Airman's Information Manual
AIP - Airport Improvement Plan
AIRMET - Airmen's Meteorological Information
AIRNET - Airport Network Simulation Model
AIS - Aeronautical Information Service
AIT - Automated Information Transfer
ALP - Airport Layout Plan
ALS - Approach Lighting System
ALSF1 - ALS with Sequenced Flashers I
ALSF2 - ALS with Sequenced Flashers II
ALSIP - Approach Lighting System Improvement Plan
ALTRV - Altitude Reservation
AMASS - Airport Movement Area Safety System
AMCC - ACF/ARTCC Maintenance Control Center
AMOS - Automated Meteorological Observation Station
AMP - ARINC Message Processor (OR) Airport Master Plan
AMVER - Automated Mutual Assistance Vessel Rescue System
ANC - Alternate Network Connectivity
ANCA - Airport Noise and Capacity Act
ANG - Air National Guard
ANGB - Air National Guard Base
ANMS - Automated Network Monitoring System
ANSI - American National Standards Group
AOA - Air Operations Area
AP - Acquisition Plan
APP - Approach
APS - Airport Planning Standard
AQAFO - Aeronautical Quality Assurance Field Office
ARAC - Army Radar Approach Control (AAF)
ARAC - Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee
ARCTR - FAA Aeronautical Center or Academy
ARF - Airport Reservation Function
ARFF - Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting
ARINC - Aeronautical Radio, Inc.
ARLNO - Airline Office
ARO - Airport Reservation Office
ARP - Airport Reference Point
ARRA - American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
ARSA - Airport Service Radar Area
ARSR - Air Route Surveillance Radar
ARTCC - Air Route Traffic Control Center
ARTS - Automated Radar Terminal System
ASAS - Aviation Safety Analysis System
ASC - AUTODIN Switching Center
ASCP - Aviation System Capacity Plan
ASD - Aircraft Situation Display
ASDA - Accelerate - Stop Distance Available
ASLAR - Aircraft Surge Launch And Recovery
ASM - Available Seat Mile
ASP - Arrival Sequencing Program
ASOS - Automatic Surface Observation System
ASQP - Airline Service Quality Performance
ASR - Airport Surveillance Radar
ASTA - Airport Surface Traffic Automation
ASV - Airline Schedule Vendor
AT - Air Traffic
ATA - Air Transport Association of America
ATAS - Airspace and Traffic Advisory Service
ATCAA - Air Traffic Control Assigned Airspace
AT&T - American Telephone and Telegraph
AT&T ASDC - AT&T Agency Service Delivery Center
AT&T CSA - AT&T Customer Support Associate
ATC - Air Traffic Control
ATCBI - Air Traffic Control Beacon Indicator
ATCCC - Air Traffic Control Command Center
ATCO - Air Taxi Commercial Operator
ATCRB - Air Traffic Control Radar Beacon
ATCRBS - Air Traffic Control Radar Beacon System
ATCSCC - Air Traffic Control Systems Command Center
ATCT - Airport Traffic Control Tower
ATIS - Automated Terminal Information Service
ATISR - ATIS Recorder
ATM - Air Traffic Management
ATM - Asynchronous Transfer Mode
ATMS - Advanced Traffic Management System
ATN - Aeronautical Telecommunications Network
ATOVN - AUOTVON (Facility)
ATOMS - Air Traffic Operations Management System
ATS - Air Traffic Service
ATSCCP - ATS Contingency Command Post
ATTIS - AT&T Information Systems
AUTODIN - DoD Automatic Digital Network
AUTOVON - DoD Automatic Voice Network
AVN - Aviation Standards National Field Office, Oklahoma City
AWIS - Airport Weather Information
AWOS - Automated Weather Observation System
AWP - Aviation Weather Processor
AWPG - Aviation Weather Products Generator
AWS - Air Weather Station



BANS - BRITE Alphanumeric System
BART - Billing Analysis Reporting Tool (GSA software tool)
BASIC - Basic Contract Observing Station
BASOP - Military Base Operations
BCA - Benefit/Cost Analysis
BCR - Benefit/Cost Ratio
BDAT - Digitized Beacon Data
BMP - Best Management Practices
BOC - Bell Operating Company
bps - bits per second
BRI - Basic Rate Interface
BRITE - Bright Radar Indicator Terminal Equipment
BRL - Building Restriction Line
BUEC - Back-- up Emergency Communications
BUECE - Back-- up Emergency Communications Equipment



CAA - Civil Aviation Authority
CAA - Clean Air Act
CAB - Civil Aeronautics Board
CARF - Central Altitude Reservation Facility
CASFO - Civil Aviation Security Office
CAT - Category
CAT - Clear - Air Turbulence
CAU - Crypto Ancillary Unit
CBI - Computer Based Instruction
CCC - Communications Command Center
CCCC - Staff Communications
CCCH - Central Computer Complex Host
CC&O - Customer Cost and Obligation
CCSD - Command Communications Service Designator
CCS7-- NI - Communication Channel Signal-7 - Network Interconnect
CCU - Central Control Unit
CD - Common Digitizer
CDR - Cost Detail Report
CDT - Controlled Departure Time
CDTI - Cockpit Display of Traffic Information
CENTX - Central Telephone Exchange
CEP - Capacity Enhancement Program
CEQ - Council on Environmental Quality
CERAP - Central Radar Approach
CFC - Central Flow Control
CFCF - Central Flow Control Facility
CFCS - Central Flow Control Service
CFR - Code of Federal Regulations
CFWP - Central Flow Weather Processor
CFWU - Central Flow Weather Unit
CGAS - Coast Guard Air Station
CLC - Course Line Computer
CLIN - Contract Line Item
CLT - Calculated Landing Time
CM - Commercial Service Airport
CNMPS - Canadian Minimum Navigation Performance Specification Airspace
CNS - Consolidated NOTAM System
CNSP - Consolidated NOTAM System Processor
CO - Central Office
COE - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
COMCO - Command Communications Outlet
CONUS - Continental United States
CORP - Private Corporation other than ARINC or MITRE
CPE - Customer Premise Equipment
CPMIS - Consolidated Personnel Management Information System
CRA - Conflict Resolution Advisory
CRDA - Converging Runway Display Aid
CRT - Cathode Ray Tube
CSA - Communications Service Authorization
CSIS - Centralized Storm Information System
CSO - Customer Service Office
CSR - Communications Service Request
CSS - Central Site System
C/S/S/N - Capacity/Safety/Security/Noise
CTA - Controlled Time of Arrival
CTA - Control Area
CTA/FIR - Control Area/Flight Information Region
CTAF - Common Traffic Advisory Frequency
CTAS - Center - Tracon Automation System
CTMA - Center Traffic Management Advisor
CUPS - Consolidated Uniform Payroll System
CVFR - Controlled Visual Flight Rules
CVTS - Compressed Video Transmission Service
CW - Continuous Wave
CWSU - Central Weather Service Unit
CWY - Clearway



DA - Direct Access
DA - Decision Altitude/Decision Height
DA - Descent Advisor
DABBS - DITCO Automated Bulletin Board System
DAIR - Direct Altitude and Identity Readout
DAR - Designated Agency Representative
DARC - Direct Access Radar Channel
dBA - Decibels A-weighted
DBCRC - Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission
DBE - Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
DBMS - Data Base Management System
DBRITE - Digital Bright Radar Indicator Tower Equipment
DCA - Defense Communications Agency
DCAA - Dual Call, Automatic Answer Device
DCCU - Data Communications Control Unit
DCE - Data Communications Equipment
DDA - Dedicated Digital Access
DDD - Direct Distance Dialing
DDM - Difference in Depth of Modulation
DDS - Digital Data Service
DEA - Drug Enforcement Agency
DEDS - Data Entry and Display System
DEIS - Draft Environmental Impact Statement
DEP - Departure
DEWIZ - Distance Early Warning Identification Zone
DF - Direction Finder
DFAX - Digital Facsimile
DFI - Direction Finding Indicator
DGPS - Differential Global Positioning Satellite (System)
DH - Decision Height
DID - Direct Inward Dial
DIP - Drop and Insert Point
DIRF - Direction Finding
DITCO - Defense Information Technology Contracting Office Agency
DME - Distance Measuring Equipment
DME/P - Precision Distance Measuring Equipment
DMN - Data Multiplexing Network
DNL - Day-- Night Equivalent Sound Level (Also called Ldn)
DOD - Direct Outward Dial
DoD - Department of Defense
DOI - Department of Interior
DOS - Department of State
DOT - Department of Transportation
DOTS - Dynamic Ocean Tracking System
DOTCC - Department of Transportation Computer Center
DSCS - Digital Satellite Compression Service
DSUA - Dynamic Special Use Airspace
DTS - Dedicated Transmission Service
DUAT - Direct User Access Terminal
DVFR - Defense Visual Flight Rules
DVFR - Day Visual Flight Rules
DVOR - Doppler Very High Frequency Omni-- Directional Range
DYSIM - Dynamic Simulator



E-MSAW - En-Route Automated Minimum Safe Altitude Warning
EA - Environmental Assessment
EARTS - En Route Automated Radar Tracking System
ECOM - En Route Communications
ECVFP - Expanded Charted Visual Flight Procedures
EDCT - Expedite Departure Path
EFAS - En Route Flight Advisory Service
EFC - Expect Further Clearance
EFIS - Electronic Flight Information Systems
EIAF - Expanded Inward Access Features
EIS - Environmental Impact Statement
ELT - Emergency Locator Transmitter
ELWRT - Electrowriter
EMAS - Engineered Materials Arresting System
EMPS - En Route Maintenance Processor System
EMS - Environmental Management System
ENAV - En Route Navigational Aids
EPA - Environmental Protection Agency
EPS - Engineered Performance Standards
EOF - Emergency Operating Facility
EPSS - Enhanced Packet Switched Service
ERAD - En Route Broadband Radar
ESEC - En Route Broadband Secondary Radar
ESP - En Route Spacing Program
ESYS - En Route Equipment Systems
ESF - Extended Superframe Format
ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival
ETE - Estimated Time En Route
ETG - Enhanced Target Generator
ETMS - Enhanced Traffic Management System
ETN - Electronic Telecommunications Network
EVAS - Enhanced Vortex Advisory System
EVCS - Emergency Voice Communications System



FAA - Federal Aviation Administration
F&E - Facility and Equipment
FAAAC - FAA Aeronautical Center
FAACIS - FAA Communications Information System
FAATC - FAA Technical Center
FAC - Facility
FAF - Final Approach Fix
FAP - Final Approach Point
FAPM - FTS2000 Associate Program Manager
FAR - Federal Aviation Regulation
FAATSAT - FAA Telecommunications Satellite
FAST - Final Approach Spacing Tool
FAX - Facsimile Equipment
FBO - Fixed Base Operator
FBS - Fall Back Switch
FCC - Federal Communications Commission
FCLT - Freeze Calculated Landing Time
FCOM - FSS Radio Voice Communications
FCPU - Facility Central Processing Unit
FDAT - Flight Data Entry and Printout (FDEP) and Flight Data Service
FDE - Flight Data Entry
FDEP - Flight Data Entry and Printout
FDIO - Flight Data Input/Output
FDIOC - Flight Data Input/Output Center
FDIOR - Flight Data Input/Output Remote
FDM - Frequency Division Multiplexing
FDP - Flight Data Processing
FED - Federal
FEIS - Final Environmental Impact Statement
FEP - Front End Processor
FFAC - From Facility
FIFO - Flight Inspection Field Office
FIG - Flight Inspection Group
FINO - Flight Inspection National Field Office
FIPS - Federal Information Publication Standard
FIR - Flight Information Region
FIRE - Fire Station
FIRMR - Federal Information Resource Management Regulation
FL - Flight Level
FLOWSIM - Traffic Flow Planning Simulation
FMA - Final Monitor Aid
FMF - Facility Master File
FMIS - FTS2000 Management Information System
FMS - Flight management System
FNMS - FTS2000 Network Management System
FOIA - Freedom Of Information Act
FONSI - Finding of No Significant Impact
FP - Flight Plan
FRC - Request Full Route Clearance
FSAS - Flight Service Automation System
FSDO - Flight Standards District Office
FSDPS - Flight Service Data Processing System
FSEP - Facility/Service/Equipment Profile
FSP - Flight Strip Printer
FSPD - Freeze Speed Parameter
FSS - Flight Service Station
FSSA - Flight Service Station Automated Service
FSTS - Federal Secure Telephone Service
FSYS - Flight Service Station Equipment Systems
FTS - Federal Telecommunications System
FTS2000 - Federal Telecommunications System 2000
FUS - Functional Units or Systems
FWCS - Flight Watch Control Station



GA - General Aviation
GAA - General Aviation Activity
GAAA - General Aviation Activity and Avionics
GADO - General Aviation District Office
GCA - Ground Control Approach
GNAS - General National Airspace System
GNSS - Global Navigation Satellite System
GOES - Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite
GOESF - GOES Feed Point
GOEST - GOES Terminal Equipment
GPRA - Government Performance Results Act
GPS - Global Positioning Satellite
GPWS - Ground Proximity Warning System
GRADE - Graphical Airspace Design Environment
GS - Glide Slope Indicator
GSA - General Services Administration
GSE - Ground Support Equipment



H - Non-- Directional Radio Homing Beacon (NDB)
HAA - Height Above Airport
HAL - Height Above Landing
HARS - High Altitude Route System
HAT - Height Above Touchdown
HAZMAT - Hazardous Materials
HCAP - High Capacity Carriers
HLDC - High Level Data Link Control
HDME - NDB with Distance Measuring Equipment
HDQ - FAA Headquarters
HELI - Heliport
HF - High Frequency
HH - NDB, 2kw or More
HI-- EFAS - High Altitude EFAS
HOV - High Occupancy Vehicle
HSI - Horizontal Situation Indicators
HUD - Housing and Urban Development
HWAS - Hazardous In-- Flight Weather Advisory



IA - Indirect Access
IAF - Initial Approach Fix
I/AFSS - International AFSS
IAP - Instrument Approach Procedures
IAPA - Instrument Approach Procedures Automation
IBM - International Business Machines
IBP - International Boundary Point
IBR - Intermediate Bit Rate
ICAO - International Civil Aviation Organization
ICSS - International Communications Switching Systems
IDAT - Interfacility Data
IF - Intermediate Fix
IFCP - Interfacility Communications Processor
IFDS - Interfacility Data System
IFEA - In-- Flight Emergency Assistance
IFO - International Field Office
IFR - Instrument Flight Rules
IFSS - International Flight Service Station
ILS - Instrument Landing System
IM - Inner Marker
IMC - Instrument Meteorological Conditions
INM - Integrated Noise Model
INS - Inertial Navigation System
IRMP - Information Resources Management Plan
ISDN - Integrated Services Digital Network
ISMLS - Interim Standard Microwave Landing System
ITI - Interactive Terminal Interface
IVRS - Interim Voice Response System
IW - Inside Wiring



Kbps - Kilobits Per Second
Khz - Kilohertz
KVDT - Keyboard Video Display Terminal



LAA - Local Airport Advisory
LAAS - Low Altitude Alert System
LABS - Leased A B Service
LABSC - LABS GS-- 200 Computer
LABSR - LABS Remote Equipment
LABSW - LABS Switch System
LAHSO - Land and Hold Short Operation
LAN - Local Area Network
LATA - Local Access and Transport Area
LAWRS - Limited Aviation Weather Reporting System
LCF - Local Control Facility
LCN - Local Communications Network
LDA - Localizer Directional Aid
LDA - Landing Directional Aid
LDIN - Lead-- in Lights
LEC - Local Exchange Carrier
LF - Low Frequency
LINCS - Leased Interfacility NAS Communications System
LIS - Logistics and Inventory System
LLWAS - Low Level Wind Shear Alert System
LM/MS - Low/Medium Frequency
LMM - Locator Middle Marker
LMS - LORAN Monitor Site
LOC - Localizer
LOCID - Location Identifier
LOI - Letter of Intent
LOM - Compass Locator at Outer Marker
LORAN - Long Range Aid to Navigation
LPV - Lateral Precision Performance with Vertical Guidance
LRCO - Limited Remote Communications Outlet
LRNAV - Long Range Navigation
LRR - Long Range Radar



MAA - Maximum Authorized Altitude
MALS - Medium Intensity Approach Lighting System
MALSF - MALS with Sequenced Flashers
MALSR - MALS with Runway Alignment Indicator Lights
MAP - Maintenance Automation Program
MAP - Military Airport Program
MAP - Missed Approach Point
MAP - Modified Access Pricing
Mbps - Megabits Per Second
MCA - Minimum Crossing Altitude
MCAS - Marine Corps Air Station
MCC - Maintenance Control Center
MCL - Middle Compass Locater
MCS - Maintenance and Control System
MDA - Minimum Descent Altitude
MDT - Maintenance Data Terminal
MEA - Minimum En Route Altitude
METI - Meteorological Information
MF - Middle Frequency
MFJ - Modified Final Judgment
MFT - Meter Fix Crossing Time/Slot Time
MHA - Minimum Holding Altitude
Mhg - MegHERTZ
MIA - Minimum IFR Altitudes
MIDO - Manufacturing Inspection District Office
MIS - Meteorological Impact Statement
MISC - Miscellaneous
MISO - Manufacturing Inspection Satellite Office
MIT - Miles In Trail
MITRE - Mitre Corporation
MLS - Microwave Landing System
MM - Middle Marker
MMC - Maintenance Monitoring Console
MMS - Maintenance Monitoring System
MNPS - Minimum Navigation Performance Specification
MNPSA - Minimum Navigation Performance Specifications Airspace
MOA - Memorandum of Agreement
MOA - Military Operations Area
MOCA - Minimum Obstruction Clearance Altitude
MODE C - Altitude-- Encoded Beacon Reply
MODE C - Altitude Reporting Mode of Secondary Radar
MODE S - Mode Select Beacon System
MOU - Memorandum of Understanding
MPO - Metropolitan Planning Organization
MPS - Maintenance Processor Subsystem (OR) Master Plan Supplement
MRA - Minimum Reception Altitude
MRC - Monthly Recurring Charge
MSA - Minimum Safe Altitude
MSAW - Minimum Safe Altitude Warning
MSL - Mean Sea Level
MSN - Message Switching Network
MTCS - Modular Terminal Communications System
MTI - Moving Target Indicator
MUX - Multiplexor
MVA - Minimum Vectoring Altitude
MVFR - Marginal Visual Flight Rules



NAAQS - National Ambient Air Quality Standards
NADA - NADIN Concentrator
NADIN - National Airspace Data Interchange Network
NADSW - NADIN Switches
NAILS - National Airspace Integrated Logistics Support
NAPRS - National Airspace Performance Reporting System
NAS - National Airspace System or Naval Air Station
NASDC - National Aviation Safety Data
NASP - National Airspace System Plan
NASPAC - National Airspace System Performance Analysis Capability
NATCO - National Communications Switching Center
NAVAID - Navigation Aid
NAVMN - Navigation Monitor and Control
NAWAU - National Aviation Weather Advisory Unit
NAWPF - National Aviation Weather Processing Facility
NCAR - National Center for Atmospheric Research; Boulder, CO
NCF - National Control Facility
NCIU - NEXRAD Communications Interface Unit
NCP - Noise Compatibility Program
NCS - National Communications System
NDB - Non-- Directional Radio Homing Beacon
NEM - Noise Exposure Map
NEPA - National Environmental Policy Act
NEXRAD - Next Generation Weather Radar
NFAX - National Facsimile Service
NFDC - National Flight Data Center
NFIS - NAS Facilities Information System
NI - Network Interface
NICS - National Interfacility Communications System
NPE - Non-primary Airport Entitlement
NPIAS - National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems
NM - Nautical Mile
NMAC - Near Mid Air Collision
NMC - National Meteorological Center
NMCE - Network Monitoring and Control Equipment
NMCS - Network Monitoring and Control System
NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NOC - Notice Of Completion
NOTAM - Notice to Airmen
NPDES - National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
NPIAS - National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems
NRC - Non-- Recurring Charge
NRCS - National Radio Communications Systems
NSAP - National Service Assurance Plan
NSRCATN - National Strategy to Reduce Congestion on America's Transportation Network
NSSFC - National Severe Storms Forecast Center
NSSL - National Severe Storms Laboratory; Norman, OK
NTAP - Notices To Airmen Publication
NTP - National Transportation Policy
NTSB - National Transportation Safety Board
NTZ - No Transgression Zone
NWS - National Weather Service
NWSR - NWS Weather Excluding NXRD
NSWRH - NWS Regional Headquarters
NXRD - Advanced Weather Radar System



OAG - Official Airline Guide
OALT - Operational Acceptable Level of Traffic
OAW - Off-- airway Weather Station
ODAL - Omnidirectional Approach Lighting System
ODAPS - Oceanic Display and Processing Station
OEP - Operational Evolution Plan / Partnership
OFA - Object Free Area
OFDPS - Offshore Flight Data Processing System
OFT - Outer Fix Time
OFZ - Obstacle Free Zone
OM - Outer Marker
OMB - Office of Management and Budget
ONER - Oceanic Navigational Error Report
OPLT - Operational Acceptable Level of Traffic
OPSW - Operational Switch
OPX - Off Premises Exchange
ORD - Operational Readiness Demonstration
OTR - Oceanic Transition Route
OTS - Organized Track System



PABX - Private Automated Branch Exchange
PAD - Packet Assembler/Disassembler
PAM - Peripheral Adapter Module
PAPI - Precision Approach Path Indicator
PAR - Precision Approach Radar
PAR - Preferential Arrival Route
PATWAS - Pilots Automatic Telephone Weather Answering Service
PBCT - Proposed Boundary Crossing Time
PBRF - Pilot Briefing
PBX - Private Branch Exchange
PCA - Positive Control Airspace
PCM - Pulse Code Modulation
PDAR - Preferential Arrival And Departure Route
PDC - Pre-- Departure Clearance
PDC - Program Designator Code
PDR - Preferential Departure Route
PDN - Public Data Network
PFC - Passenger Facility Charge
PGP - Planning Grant Program
PIC - Principal Interexchange Carrier
PIDP - Programmable Indicator Data Processor
PIREP - Pilot Weather Report
PMS - Program Management System
POLIC - Police Station
POP - Point Of Presence
POT - Point Of Termination
PPIMS - Personal Property Information Management System
PR - Primary Commercial Service Airport
PRI - Primary Rate Interface
PRM - Precision Runway Monitor
PSDN - Public Switched Data Network
PSN - Packet Switched Network
PSS - Packet Switched Service
PSTN - Public Switched Telephone Network
PTC - Presumed-to-Conform
PUB - Publication
PUP - Principal User Processor
PVC - Permanent Virtual Circuit
PVD - Plan View Display



RAIL - Runway Alignment Indicator Lights
RAPCO - Radar Approach Control (USAF)
RAPCON - Radar Approach Control (FAA)
RATCC - Radar Air Traffic Control Center
RATCF - Radar Air Traffic Control Facility (USN)
RBC - Rotating Beam Ceilometer
RBDPE - Radar Beacon Data Processing Equipment
RBSS - Radar Bomb Scoring Squadron
RCAG - Remote Communications Air/Ground
RCC - Rescue Coordination Center
RCF - Remote Communication Facility
RCCC - Regional Communications Control Centers
RCIU - Remote Control Interface Unit
RCL - Radio Communications Link
RCLR - RCL Repeater
RCLT - RCL Terminal
RCO - Remote Communications Outlet
RCU - Remote Control Unit
RDAT - Digitized Radar Data
RDP - Radar Data Processing
RDSIM - Runway Delay Simulation Model
REIL - Runway End Identification Lights
RF - Radio Frequency
RL - General Aviation Reliever Airport
RMCC - Remote Monitor Control Center
RMCF - Remote Monitor Control Facility
RML - Radio Microwave Link
RMLR - RML Repeater
RMLT - RML Terminal
RMM - Remote Maintenance Monitoring
RMMS - Remote Maintenance Monitoring System
RMS - Remote Monitoring Subsystem
RMSC - Remote Monitoring Subsystem Concentrator
RNAV - Area Navigation
RNP - Required Navigation Performance
ROD - Record of Decision
ROSA - Report of Service Activity
ROT - Runway Occupancy Time
RP - Restoration Priority
RPC - Restoration Priority Code
RPG - Radar Processing Group
RPZ - Runway Protection Zone
RRH - Remote Reading Hygrothermometer
RRHS - Remote Reading Hydrometer
RRWDS - Remote Radar Weather Display
RRWSS - RWDS Sensor Site
RSA - Runway Safety Area
RSAT - Runway Safety Action Team
RSS - Remote Speaking System
RT - Remote Transmitter
RT & BTL - Radar Tracking And Beacon Tracking Level
RTAD - Remote Tower Alphanumerics Display
RTCA - Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics
RTP - Regional Transportation Plan
RTR - Remote Transmitter/Receiver
RTRD - Remote Tower Radar Display
RVR - Runway Visual Range
RW - Runway
RWDS - Same as RRWDS
RWP - Real-time Weather Processor



S/S - Sector Suite
SAC - Strategic Air Command
SAFI - Semi Automatic Flight Inspection
SALS - Short Approach Lighting System
SATCOM - Satellite Communications
SAWRS - Supplementary Aviation Weather Reporting System
SBGP - State Block Grant Program
SCC - System Command Center
SCVTS - Switched Compressed Video Telecommunications Service
SDF - Simplified Direction Finding
SDF - Software Defined Network
SDIS - Switched Digital Integrated Service
SDP - Service Delivery Point
SDS - Switched Data Service
SEL - Single Event Level
SELF - Simplified Short Approach Lighting System With Sequenced Flashing Lights
SFAR-- 38 - Special Federal Aviation Regulation 38
SHPO - State Historic Preservation Officer
SIC - Service Initiation Charge
SID - Station Identifier
SID - Standard Instrument Departure
SIGMET - Significant Meteorological Information
SIMMOD - Airport and Airspace Simulation Model
SIP - State Implementation Plan
SM - Statute Miles
SMGC - Surface Movement Guidance and Control
SMPS - Sector Maintenance Processor Subsystem
SMS - Safety Management System
SMS - Simulation Modeling System
SNR - Signal-- to-- Noise Ratio, also: S/N
SOC - Service Oversight Center
SOAR - System of Airports Reporting
SOIR - Simultaneous Operations On Intersecting Runways
SOIWR - Simultaneous Operations on Intersecting Wet Runways
SRAP - Sensor Receiver and Processor
SSALF - SSALS with Sequenced Flashers
SSALR - Simplified Short Approach Lighting System
SSB - Single Side Band
STAR - Standard Terminal Arrival Route
STD - Standard
STMUX - Statistical Data Multiplexer
STOL - Short Takeoff and Landing
SURPIC - Surface Picture
SVCA - Service A
SVCB - Service B
SVCC - Service C
SVCO - Service O
SVFO - Interphone Service F (A)
SVFB - Interphone Service F (B)
SVFC - Interphone Service F (C)
SVFD - Interphone Service F (D)
SVFR - Special Visual Flight Rules



T1MUX - T1 Multiplexer
TAAS - Terminal Advance Automation System
TACAN - Tactical Aircraft Control and Navigation
TAF - Terminal Area Forecast
TARS - Terminal Automated Radar Service
TAS - True Air Speed
TATCA - Terminal Air Traffic Control Automation
TAVT - Terminal Airspace Visualization Tool
TCA - Traffic Control Airport or Tower Control Airport
TCA - Terminal Control Area
TCACCIS - Transportation Coordinator Automated Command and Control Information System
TCAS - Traffic Alert And Collision Avoidance System
TCC - DOT Transportation Computer Center
TCCC - Tower Control Computer Complex
TCE - Tone Control Equipment
TCLT - Tentative Calculated Landing Time
TCO - Telecommunications Certification Officer
TCOM - Terminal Communications
TCS - Tower Communications System
TDLS - Tower Data-Link Services
TDMUX - Time Division Data Multiplexer
TDWR - Terminal Doppler Weather Radar
TELCO - Telephone Company
TELMS - Telecommunications Management System
TERPS - Terminal Instrument Procedures
TFAC - To Facility
TH - Threshold
TIMS - Telecommunications Information Management System
TIPS - Terminal Information Processing System
TL - Taxilane
TMA - Traffic Management Advisor
TMC - Traffic Management Coordinator
TMC/MC - Traffic Management Coordinator/Military Coordinator
TMCC - Terminal Information Processing System
TMCC - Traffic Management Computer Complex
TMF - Traffic Management Facility
TML - Television Microwave Link
TMLI - Television Microwave Link Indicator
TMLR - Television Microwave Link Repeater
TMLT - Television Microwave Link Terminal
TM&O - Telecommunications Management and Operations
TMP - Traffic Management Processor
TMS - Traffic Management System
TMSPS - Traffic Management Specialists
TMU - Traffic Management Unit
TODA - Takeoff Distance Available
TOF - Time Of Flight
TOFMS - Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer
TOPS - Telecommunications Ordering and Pricing System (GSA software tool)
TORA - Take-off Run Available
TNAV - Terminal Navigational Aids
TR - Telecommunications Request
TRACAB - Terminal Radar Approach Control in Tower Cab
TRACON - Terminal Radar Approach Control Facility
TRAD - Terminal Radar Service
TRB - Transportation Research Board
TRNG - Training
TSA - Taxiway Safety Area
TSEC - Terminal Secondary Radar Service
TSP - Telecommunications Service Priority
TSR - Telecommunications Service Request
TSYS - Terminal Equipment Systems
TTMA - TRACON Traffic Management Advisor
TTY - Teletype
TVOR - Terminal VHF Omnidirectional Range
TW - Taxiway
TWEB - Transcribed Weather Broadcast
TWR-- Tower (non-controlled)
TY - Type (FAACIS)



UAS - Uniform Accounting System
UHF - Ultra High Frequency
URA - Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970
USAF - United States Air Force
USC - United States Code
USOC - Uniform Service Order Code



VALE - Voluntary Airport Low Emission
VASI - Visual Approach Slope Indicator
VDME - VOR with Distance Measuring Equipment
VF - Voice Frequency
VFR - Visual Flight Rules
VHF - Very High Frequency
VLF - Very Low Frequency
VMC - Visual Meteorological Conditions
VNAV - Visual Navigational Aids
VNTSC - Volpe National Transportation System Center
VON - Virtual On-net
VOR - VHF Omnidirectional Range
VOR/DME - VHF Omnidirectional Range/Distance Measuring Equipment
VORTAC - VOR collocated with TACAN
VOT - VOR Test Facility
VP/D - Vehicle/Pedestrian Deviation
VRS - Voice Recording System
VSCS - Voice Switching and Control System
VTA - Vertex Time of Arrival
VTAC - VOR collocated with TACAN
VTOL - Vertical Takeoff and Landing
VTS - Voice Telecommunications System



WAAS - Wide Area Augmentation System
WAN - Wide Area Network
WC - Work Center
WCP - Weather Communications Processor
WECO - Western Electric Company
WESCOM - Western Electric Satellite Communications
WMSC - Weather Message Switching Center
WMSCR - Weather Message Switching Center Replacement
WSCMO - Weather Service Contract Meteorological Observatory
WSFO - Weather Service Forecast Office
WSMO - Weather Service Meteorological Observatory
WSO - Weather Service Office
WTHR - "Weather"
WX - Weather

Published - March 2010

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