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Articles for translators and linguists (1801 to 1900)

[1701 - 1800] [1801 - 1900] [1901 - 2000]
[2101 - 2200] [2201 - 2300] [2301 - 2400] [2401 - 2500]

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# Article title / link
All All articles - categorized
1900 English spelling reform
1899 Elision
1898 Diglossia
1897 Constructed language
1896 Areal feature
1895 The Exporter's Handbook
1894 Place of articulation
1893 Tonal language
1892 Spelling
1891 Assimilation
1890 First language
1889 Traveling along the Coast of Croatia
1888 Transformational grammar
1887 Subject
1886 Terminology
1885 Predicate
1884 Sentence
1883 Опыт предварительной идентификации и переводов отрывков текста с использованием системы согласованных словарей
1882 Phoneme
1881 List of writing systems
1880 Head-driven phrase structure grammar
1879 Finite verb
1878 Accent
1877 Working while travelling: The dream comes true - off to Croatia!
1876 Postalveolar consonant
1875 Retroflex consonant
1874 Higher order grammar
1873 Syllable nucleus
1872 Dependency grammar
1871 Multilingual SEO: a Eurocentric perspective
1870 Fricative consonant
1869 Dental consonant
1868 Ambiguous grammar
1867 Alveolar consonant
1866 Affricate
1865 The Seven Steps
1864 Voiced alveolar fricative
1863 Stop consonant
1862 Sonorant
1861 Role and reference grammar
1860 Principles and parameters
1859 In Love with Words
1858 Lexical functional grammar
1857 International Phonetic Alphabet
1856 History of linguistics
1855 Generalised phrase structure grammar
1854 Continuant
1853 The Serbo-Croatian Language(s) Today
1852 Voiceless apicoalveolar fricative
1851 Vocal tract
1850 Stress
1849 Prosodic unit
1848 Phonotactics
1847 Getting Graphic
1846 Prosody
1845 Linguolabial consonant
1844 Nasalization
1843 Intonation
1842 Lateral consonant
1841 Skopos in Practice: Building an Appealing Brand Image in the Translation of Soft News
1840 Word
1839 Generative linguistics
1838 Morphophonology
1837 Coronal consonant
1836 The Comparable Corpus-Based Chinese-English Translation - A Case Study of City Introduction
1835 Localization - the art and science
1834 English phonology
1833 Consonant
1832 Clause
1831 Cherology
1830 Absolute neutralisation
1829 Open source translation management system
1828 Computational linguistics
1827 Ingressive speech
1826 Egressive
1825 Comparison of machine translation applications
1824 Retroflex consonant
1823 Initiation
1822 List of research laboratories for machine translation
1821 Sibilant consonant
1820 Interjection
1819 Vocal folds
1818 Internationalization and localization
1817 Epiglotto-pharyngeal consonant
1816 Phonation
1815 Stylistics
1814 Evaluation of machine translation
1813 Linguistic prescription
1812 Functional grammar
1811 Applied linguistics
1810 Morphological dictionary
1809 Pharyngealization
1808 Null subject language
1807 In-Country Review
1806 Labialisation
1805 Translation Project Case Study: Interpro Translation Solutions & Zebra Technologies Corporation
1804 Palatalization
1803 Of Translation Jobs and Glossaries
1802 Syllable
1801 Currency Exchange Fluctuation in Localization

[1701 - 1800] [1801 - 1900] [1901 - 2000]
[2101 - 2200] [2201 - 2300] [2301 - 2400] [2401 - 2500]

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