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Articles for translators and linguists (1401 to 1500)

[1701 - 1800] [1801 - 1900] [1901 - 2000]
[2101 - 2200] [2201 - 2300] [2301 - 2400] [2401 - 2500]

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# Article title / link
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1500 WATA - World Arab Translators' Association
1499 One project/many languages:
A step-by-step guide to a stress free job
1498 How to Do Business in Norway
1497 Medical Translation Quality
1496 How to Do Business in Estonia
1495 Problems of dynamic equivalence in Translation
1494 How to Do Business in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)
1493 Fear Factor in the Workplace: Would You Rather Eat Bugs Than Do Employee Performance Evaluations?
1492 Internationalization tips
1491 How to Do Business in Chile
1490 Translation memory 2.0
1489 How to Do Business in Austria
1488 The Rise of the Machine! (Machine Translation, that is)
1487 How to Do Business in Belgium
1486 Translation Quality Management Model for Multilanguage localization in Outsourcing Environment
1485 How to Do Business in Luxembourg
1484 Making Reuse Intelligent:
Improving Enterprise Information Quality Management
1483 How to Do Business in Greece
1482 Driving Growth through Entrepreneurship within the Organization
1481 Stump the Experts
1480 How to Do Business in Philippines
1479 Best Practices for Screening Candidates
1478 How to Do Business in Hong Kong
1477 How to optimize .pdf files for search engines
1476 How to Do Business in the USA
1475 Translation Insights from the Inside
- Interview with Dr. Mark Ritter, Chief Editor, McElroy Translation
1474 How to Do Business in Portugal
1473 Just how literal do you want that translation?
1472 Best Practices for Software Internationalization
1471 Educating the Customers, Redux: Time
1470 How I Got 70,000 Useless Visitors To My Site In One Day!
(One Internet Marketer's Analysis of Social Bookmark Traffic)
1469 Using XML For Localization
1468 Getting Started: Deactivating Stagnation in Writing
1467 Why English is so hard to learn
1466 Translation Memory - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
1465 How to Do Business in Malaysia
1464 10 Search Engine Marketing Myths Debunked
1463 How to Do Business in Turkey
1462 "I love you" in various languages
1461 How to Do Business in Switzerland
1460 The Celebration of Linguistic Diversity
1459 How to Do Business in Australia
1458 Beware – American Abroad
1457 Lower Sorbian language
1456 How to Do Business in Ireland
1455 A Guide to Objective Scrutiny of a Test:
Individual Item Analysis & Overall Test Analysis in Practice
1454 How to Do Business in Germany
1453 Debunking a few myths about translating and translators
1452 Multilingual Marketing
1451 Hire an Agent?
1450 How to Do Business in Finland
1449 Clients to Fire
1448 10 Important Things To Tell Your Prospects
1447 Tips for Starting a Translators’ Association
1446 How to Do Business in United Kingdom
1445 Specialized Corpora for Translators:
A Quantitative Method to Determine Representativeness
1444 10 Rarely Used Ways To Upgrade Your Ad
1443 Transformation of Literary Imagery in Translation
1442 Dream of working while travelling
1441 How to Do Business in Korea
1440 10 Reasons Why People Won't Buy A Second Product From You
1439 A New Look at an Old Question by an Ancient Project Manager
1438 How to Do Business in Argentina
1437 The Proper Care and Feeding of Humans:
Human Resources Basics for Translation Companies
1436 Does Sending Source Files Make That Much Difference?
1435 The Life and Near Death of DMOZ
1434 Preparing for Translation - Part II of Series. The Localization Kit
1433 Translation Into French for France
1432 Why don’t I get a reply to my job applications?
1431 25 Tips For Conducting An Interview
1430 Operational Philosophies and Strategies That Work
1429 The Myths Of Motivation
1428 How To Get Published: Eight Surefire Steps For Writing Success
1427 The Linguistic Analysis in a Translation
1426 Picking The Ideal Location For Your Home Office
1425 Common Errors That Kill Search Engine Ranking
1424 Shifting Sands: Process to Product
1423 Travel trailer
1422 How Eastern Europe fits into the European Translation Market
1421 How to Test a Test:
Preliminary Procedures & Objective Scrutiny of a Test
1420 Mobile office
1419 25 + Common Website Design Mistakes To Avoid
1418 55 Tips For Postcard Marketing Success
1417 Spotlight on Italy
1416 What is RTL?
1415 The Encyclopedia Britannica 2008
1414 Maturity Levels for Localization Suppliers (English)
Níveis de maturidade dos fornecedores de localização (Portuguese)
1413 Translation procedures, strategies and methods
1412 Translating Kinship Terms to Malay
1411 Q&A with Carol Webster of Cassell International
1410 Czech Culture
1409 The Importance of Effective Communication in the Translation Business
1408 The Pace of Progress: The Changing Patent Landscape
1407 Caveat Translator - Let the Translator Beware
1406 Translator and Reporter: A Behind the Scenes Conversation
1405 Maltese translation in transition
1404 Translations - 6 Mistakes that Cost You Money
1403 Glossary Mining - Part 7: Brush Up Your English
1402 Spotlight on Canada
1401 Glossary Mining - Part 6: Science from A to Z

[1701 - 1800] [1801 - 1900] [1901 - 2000]
[2101 - 2200] [2201 - 2300] [2301 - 2400] [2401 - 2500]

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