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Karel’s letters written during travelling

Karel Kosman photoWell, piece of my life that I just wanted to share with someone. Had a good month this month and already earned about 1,200 Euro by the 21st, and decided that it was enough to essentially secure my trip to Asia in the fall, so I am really happy about that. I figure I need at least 800 Euro a month to do okay, paying off 350$ a month in debts and setting a little aside. I think my income will start increasing or may hover around 1200 cause I recently approached some 16,000+ agencies and am starting to get steady work. Some from some better paying customers and will try to increase my price slowly.

Yesterday drove back up to Smolyan to register my truck here in Bulgaria. In Czech there is some perverted law as of the beginning of last year or something that, even if I do not use the vehicle, I still have to insure it. Insurance in Czech is about four times the price it is here, and here I simply stop paying if I am not using it. So definitely worth changing over if I will be wandering around the world for at least a year. Now I have Bulgarian ID, Bulgarian registered car, and as the friend who helped me today said, all I need is a Bulgarian wife! Probably won't happen though, since traveling is more important for me. Well, that's it!


Hey sleepy, slowly processing older emails. There's so many each day that it tends to tire me out sometimes. Or I'm just getting lazy about things. Anyway, today I managed to register my truck in Bulgaria so it is a big success for me, cause in Czech, not only is insurance FOUR times more expensive, but I have to pay even if I am not using it. Which I do not want to do for at least a year, which brings us to another good news for me: this month I made enough money and now I feel very confident that I will be able to go to Asia in the fall. I could be away from Europe at least a year.

Perhaps after Asia go to Kenya for my Africa charity project, so it will be nice not to have to pay retarded insurance prices for a vehicle I am not using. A Bulgarian friend helped me today, and now that I have BG ID, and BG-registered licence plates, we joked that all I need now is a Bulgarian wife! But I don't think that will happen, since I have gypsy blood and for me it is more important to travel and discover the world than settle down and get lazy with some woman. I am very happy to go to Asia and look forward to lounging around on the beaches.

* * *

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* * *

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Published - August 2013

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