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Still staying in Bulgaria but planning to go to Thailand

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Karel’s letters written during travelling

Karel Kosman photoSent my new credit card from CZ, your package, and now I'm waiting for one last important package before I can leave here - the mobile signal booster I may have told you about. With that I will be able to drive onto some distant beach or mountain top and have a strong enough mobile signal with which to do internet and my work. I may have told you about my friend in the eastern part of Bulgaria who wanted me to help him with reconstruction of his house. Well he apparently has very bad signal and is way up in the mountains, so I needed to get this hardware first before I go visit him. Once I receive this then I want to drive somewhere where a friend of a friend will fix up my truck a lot. Finally get the paintjob, fix all the rust spots and a bunch of other stuff. So that will be nice to get a big upgrade I have wanted for a long time. With my mobile booster the truck will then be a very nice and complete unit. Then I will go visit my friend for a bit, but don't want to hang there too long because I'm really looking forward to hitting the sea again. Met someone here and he's convinced me to go to Kiten, which is south along the Bulgarian coast and away from the horrible tourist traffic. Nice village apparently and he says he loves windsurfing the entire summer, so I look forward to joining him and getting a great tan over the summer, and trimming down my belly. Which wind surfing seems to do nicely.

And THEN, are you sitting down? Assuming this project goes well and they will send multiple projects immediately afterwards like they are promising (which hinges on if I can pull this massive project off in time – proving quite a challenge but this month will show), then I should have plenty of finances to fulfil the next big dream – Thailand!! Totally can't wait. I've already put in an order for a netbook, which is about half the size of my small laptop. I've also put in an order for a 500GB external harddrive, but the new small ones which are about the size of a credit card. Plugs directly in the netbook and doesn't need external electricity. Getting two extra batteries for the netbook, and everything will be able to fit into a single backpack. And hence it will be an interesting new twist to my travels because I will sever the bonds to my lovely truck and float freely. In Asia having a car would probably be impossible. Not only crossing all the borders but also island hopping through Malaysia and all that. Not sure how much time I'll have for traveling like that, and if there is still lots of work on these projects I will need to clamp down in some village somewhere and work hard, as I am doing now. The thought of renting some lovely hut near a beach with solid internet connection makes my mouth froth. Between windsurfing on the Black Sea and staying in some hut in Thailand/Cambodia makes me want to speed up time so that I can enjoy everything as fast as possible.

Recently I've also started to set up a dedicated server. That is a fast computer running somewhere in the US and which will run a lot of the major operations for me. Project Managers will be able to log in and do a lot of work for me, or I will be able to with my netbook. The netbook is basically as fast as the laptop I have now, and by creating the dedicated server I will be able to perform the major, computer intensive work on that computer through a mere internet connection. Most of my work can be emailing, handing out work, and controlling the server through an internet connection, so the netbook will be plenty powerful enough for that and looking forward to being totally mobile and float around the planet. Eventually I'd like to visit Argentina as well so looking forward to this new and interesting dimension of my travels. Europe is a great place and still want to explore tons of that – and the truck is ideal because it makes Europe so much more affordable – but throwing in a splash of the exotic will just make things more interesting.

Well, that was a big update, eh? I hope you're not going to get stressed out about this now and fill me with billions of horror stories why I shouldn't go here or there. I've heard it all before, but once I get to these places the people are as nice as anywhere I've been. Don't think you'll like the movie so much but if you get a chance you could check out Babel. It's with Brad Pit and some other famous actress, in Afghanistan and it shows the screwed up state of the world border wise. I TOTALLY related to the movie when I first saw it. Basically every time I get to a border the guards look at me like I'm a criminal and want to know what the hell I am traveling to their country for. I have to explain everything like I'm guilty until proven innocent. It's always a bit stressful, but once I get past that then the people in the villages are lovely and nice like anywhere else on this planet. So it's always the stupid government and authority who has to spoil everything everywhere, but once you make it past the hurdles, people are basically the same and nice everywhere. So it's been an interesting perspective, and that flick describes the feeling perfectly.


* * *

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Published - August 2013

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