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From Malaysia to Thailand

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Karel’s letters written during travelling

Karel Kosman photo Yo, been a while I guess. A friend was asking for some recent pics when I realized I forgot to put up the last chapter. Had left the Malaysian rainforest but shortly before doing so received an invitation from a host. Through this help exchange I can stay places for free and sometimes get fed in exchange for a little help. Great way to meet the real locals.

Managed to get through the Bangkok flooding by bus (had to get off train early and switch), and made it to the north east corner of Thailand, where the sisters of my new host, Suki, picked me up. All the local bus drivers were very jealous.

Stayed at Suki’s place with her parents in a small village of rice farmers. Eventually made it to target destination to help village in remote mountains with their solar panels. Next to big river across from Laos, off the grid except for satellite internet and a payphone, which I’m not sure if even worked.

Malaysia photo

That was fun but cut short due to visa issues. Rushed out of mountains to cross border in time, and back to sleep in the office of the regional school principal. Helped with the school’s internet cafe and, when I was describing to them some basics of solar panels, the principal suddenly took off his blazer, whipped off his shirt and handed it to me, exclaiming: "This is so cool, you must simply come back! Here is a special shirt for you as a present!" Suki was a bit shocked and it may be the first time she saw him bare-chested.

Malaysia photo

That was all fun and would like to come back for a longer visit, but Christmas was approaching and a friend invited me to stay with him on full moon party island Koh Phangan. Been here ever since and thinking of staying an extra year, to give me time to get some work done and get ready for chapter two, which is to buy a motorbike with roofed side car so I can convert it into an expandable mini caravan. Broke my smart phone so must get a new one to have internet while I’m on the move again.

Malaysia photo

In the meantime my sister, who owns a publishing company in Canada, is convinced that I can make good money writing about my travels. She is currently reorganizing and rewriting it all and will then start approaching publishers with a properly prepared package. We’ve got enough material from over the past 5 years to write the "first book", as she says, or enough to put online over a period of a year. If it works out I’ll launch my caravan bike trip throughout SE Asia over the next few years. Apparently not a problem with same bike, up to China and Burma, and not sure about Australia, but will be fun to hit the road again! SE Asia is a very large area and will need a few years fort that. If I can get a decent income writing about it I’ll try to live as crazy and interestingly as possible. Until then this island is pretty cool. Lot of hippy/bohemian/yoga types, good live jam scene so have had ample opportunity to practice my violin.

Malaysia photo

Have a good one mates, and happy vibes.

* * *

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* * *

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Published - March 2013

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