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English to traditional Chinese glossary for use with OmegaT
(Starting with "F")

By Stephen Wong

stevewong01 at netvigator com

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English to traditional Chinese glossary for use with OmegaT
(Click here to download UTF8-files for OmegaT)

fail in 在...方面不成功 

fail to 沒能做...,未能達到... 

failed in 在...方面不成功 

failed to 沒能做...,未能達到... 

failing in 在...方面不成功 

failing to 沒能做...,未能達到... 

fails in 在...方面不成功 

fails to 沒能做...,未能達到... 

fall apart (1)破碎,斷裂 

fall apart (2)(制度、關係、精神等)瓦解,破裂,崩潰 

fall asleep 睡著 

fall in 塌陷,倒塌 

fall into (1)分成 

fall into (2)(突然)陷入(狀態

fall into (3)開始(討論等

fall on (1)(節慶等)落在(某一天

fall on (2)攻擊 

fall on (3)(責任等)落在...身上 

fall on deaf ears (建議、警告等)被忽視,不受注意

fall on deaf ears (建議、警告等)被忽視,不受注意

fall out (1)爭吵,翻臉 

fall out (2)掉下,脫落 

fallen apart (1)破碎,斷裂 

fallen apart (2)(制度、關係、精神等)瓦解,破裂,崩潰 

fallen asleep 睡著 

fallen in 塌陷,倒塌 

fallen into (1)分成 

fallen into (2)(突然)陷入(狀態

fallen into (3)開始(討論等

fallen on (1)(節慶等)落在(某一天

fallen on (2)攻擊 

fallen on (3)(責任等)落在...身上 

fallen out (1)爭吵,翻臉 

fallen out (2)掉下,脫落 

falling apart (1)破碎,斷裂 

falling apart (2)(制度、關係、精神等)瓦解,破裂,崩潰 

falling asleep 睡著 

falling in 塌陷,倒塌 

falling into (1)分成 

falling into (2)(突然)陷入(狀態

falling into (3)開始(討論等

falling on (1)(節慶等)落在(某一天

falling on (2)攻擊 

falling on (3)(責任等)落在...身上 

falling on deaf ears (建議、警告等)被忽視,不受注意

falling out (1)爭吵,翻臉 

falling out (2)掉下,脫落 

falls apart (1)破碎,斷裂 

falls apart (2)(制度、關係、精神等)瓦解,破裂,崩潰 

falls asleep 睡著 

falls in 塌陷,倒塌 

falls into (1)分成 

falls into (2)(突然)陷入(狀態

falls into (3)開始(討論等

falls on (1)(節慶等)落在(某一天

falls on (2)攻擊 

falls on (3)(責任等)落在...身上 

falls on deaf ears (建議、警告等)被忽視,不受注意

falls on deaf ears (建議、警告等)被忽視,不受注意

falls out (1)爭吵,翻臉 

falls out (2)掉下,脫落 

familiar to 為...所熟悉 

familiar with (1)熟悉 

familiar with (2)精通 

famous as 以作為...而出名,以身為...而聞名 

famous for 以...而聞名 

far away 在遠處 

fascinated with 對...著迷 

feel at ease 感到輕鬆 

feel ill at ease 感到不安 

feel like (1)想要 

feel like (2)感覺像,摸起來像 

feeling at ease 感到輕鬆 

feeling ill at ease 感到不安 

feeling like (1)想要 

feeling like (2)感覺像,摸起來像 

feels at ease 感到輕鬆 

feels ill at ease 感到不安 

feels like (1)想要 

feels like (2)感覺像,摸起來像 

fell apart (1)破碎,斷裂 

fell apart (2)(制度、關係、精神等)瓦解,破裂,崩潰 

fell asleep 睡著 

fell in 塌陷,倒塌 

fell into (1)分成 

fell into (2)(突然)陷入(狀態

fell into (3)開始(討論等

fell on (1)(節慶等)落在(某一天

fell on (2)攻擊 

fell on (3)(責任等)落在...身上 

fell on deaf ears (建議、警告等)被忽視,不受注意

fell out (1)爭吵,翻臉 

fell out (2)掉下,脫落 

felt at ease 感到輕鬆 

felt excited about 對...感到興奮 

felt ill at ease 感到不安 

felt like (1)想要 

felt like (2)感覺像,摸起來像 

fight for 爭取 

fighting for 爭取 

fights for 爭取 

figure out (1)算出,想出 

figure out (2)理解,弄明白

figure out (3)領會,理解 

figure out 計算出 

figured out (1)算出,想出 

figured out (2)理解,弄明白

figured out (3)領會,理解 

figured out 計算出 

figures out (1)算出,想出 

figures out (2)理解,弄明白

figures out (3)領會,理解 

figures out 計算出 

figuring out (1)算出,想出 

figuring out (2)理解,弄明白

figuring out (3)領會,理解 

figuring out 計算出 

fill in (1)填寫 

fill in for 取代,接替 

fill out (1)填寫 

fill out (2)發胖,發褔 

filled in (1)填寫 

filled in for 取代,接替 

filled out (1)填寫 

filled out (2)發胖,發褔 

filled with 擠滿,塞滿 

filling in (1)填寫 

filling in for 取代,接替 

filling out (1)填寫 

filling out (2)發胖,發褔 

fills in (1)填寫 

fills in for 取代,接替 

fills out (1)填寫 

fills out (2)發胖,發褔 

find herself 發現自己 

find himself 發現自己 

find itself 發現自己 

find myself 發現自己 

find oneself 發現自己 

find ourselves 發現自己 

find out 找出,查明,弄清楚 

find out about 找出,查明關於... 

find themselves 發現自己 

find yourself 發現自己 

finding herself 發現自己 

finding himself 發現自己 

finding itself 發現自己 

finding myself 發現自己 

finding oneself 發現自己 

finding ourselves 發現自己 

finding out 找出,查明,弄清楚 

finding out about 找出,查明關於... 

finding themselves 發現自己 

finding yourself 發現自己 

finds herself 發現自己 

finds himself 發現自己 

finds itself 發現自己 

finds myself 發現自己 

finds oneself 發現自己 

finds ourselves 發現自己 

finds out 找出,查明,弄清楚 

finds out about 找出,查明關於... 

finds themselves 發現自己 

finds yourself 發現自己 

fit in with (安排等)一致,不衝突;與...相處融洽;與...相稱 

fit into (1)裝得進 

fit into (2)容得下 

fit into (3)符合,適合 

fit into (4)相處融洽 

fit into (5)協調,相稱 

fiting into (5)協調,相稱 

fits in with (安排等)一致,不衝突;與...相處融洽;與...相稱 

fits into (1)裝得進 

fits into (2)容得下 

fits into (3)符合,適合 

fits into (4)相處融洽 

fits into (5)協調,相稱 

fitting in with (安排等)一致,不衝突;與...相處融洽;與...相稱 

fitting into (1)裝得進 

fitting into (2)容得下 

fitting into (3)符合,適合 

fitting into (4)相處融洽 

flew into a temper 發脾氣,發怒 

flown into a temper 發脾氣,發怒 

fly into a temper 發脾氣,發怒 

flying into a temper 發脾氣,發怒 

flys into a temper 發脾氣,發怒 

focus her effort on 將某人的努力隻中於... 

focus her mind on 將某人的心思隻中於... 

focus his effort on 將某人的努力隻中於... 

focus his mind on 將某人的心思隻中於... 

focus it effort on 將某人的努力隻中於... 

focus it mind on 將某人的心思隻中於... 

focus my effort on 將某人的努力隻中於... 

focus my mind on 將某人的心思隻中於... 

focus on (1)非常注意,隻中(注意力)... 

focus on (2)把焦距對著...

focus on (3)使(光線)聚集在... 

focus one's effort on 將某人的努力隻中於... 

focus one's mind on 將某人的心思隻中於... 

focus our effort on 將某人的努力隻中於... 

focus our mind on 將某人的心思隻中於... 

focus they effort on 將某人的努力隻中於... 

focus they mind on 將某人的心思隻中於... 

focus your effort on 將某人的努力隻中於... 

focus your mind on 將某人的心思隻中於... 

focused her effort on 將某人的努力隻中於... 

focused her mind on 將某人的心思隻中於... 

focused his effort on 將某人的努力隻中於... 

focused his mind on 將某人的心思隻中於... 

focused it effort on 將某人的努力隻中於... 

focused it mind on 將某人的心思隻中於... 

focused my effort on 將某人的努力隻中於... 

focused my mind on 將某人的心思隻中於... 

focused on (1)非常注意,隻中(注意力)... 

focused on (2)把焦距對著...

focused on (3)使(光線)聚集在... 

focused one's effort on 將某人的努力隻中於... 

focused one's mind on 將某人的心思隻中於... 

focused our effort on 將某人的努力隻中於... 

focused our mind on 將某人的心思隻中於... 

focused they effort on 將某人的努力隻中於... 

focused they mind on 將某人的心思隻中於... 

focused your effort on 將某人的努力隻中於... 

focused your mind on 將某人的心思隻中於... 

focusing her effort on 將某人的努力隻中於... 

focusing her mind on 將某人的心思隻中於... 

focusing his effort on 將某人的努力隻中於... 

focusing his mind on 將某人的心思隻中於... 

focusing it effort on 將某人的努力隻中於... 

focusing it mind on 將某人的心思隻中於... 

focusing my effort on 將某人的努力隻中於... 

focusing my mind on 將某人的心思隻中於... 

focusing on (1)非常注意,隻中(注意力)... 

focusing on (2)把焦距對著...

focusing on (3)使(光線)聚集在... 

focusing one's effort on 將某人的努力隻中於... 

focusing one's mind on 將某人的心思隻中於... 

focusing our effort on 將某人的努力隻中於... 

focusing our mind on 將某人的心思隻中於... 

focusing they effort on 將某人的努力隻中於... 

focusing they mind on 將某人的心思隻中於... 

focusing your effort on 將某人的努力隻中於... 

focusing your mind on 將某人的心思隻中於... 

fool around (1)無所事事,遊手好閒 

fool around (2)瞎弄,亂玩 

fooled around (1)無所事事,遊手好閒 

fooled around (2)瞎弄,亂玩 

fooling around (1)無所事事,遊手好閒 

fooling around (2)瞎弄,亂玩 

fools around (1)無所事事,遊手好閒 

fools around (2)瞎弄,亂玩 

for certain (1)肯定地,確定地 

for certain (2)當然,一定 

for example 例如 

for fear of 唯恐,以免 

for fear that 唯恐,以免 

for instance 例如 

for lack of 因缺少... 

for sale 出售的,上市的

for some reason 由於某種原因 

for sure (1)肯定地,確定地 

for sure (2)當然,一定 

force into 迫使...陷入(不好的狀態

forced into 迫使...陷入(不好的狀態

forces into 迫使...陷入(不好的狀態

forcing into 迫使...陷入(不好的狀態

fought for 爭取 

found herself 發現自己 

found himself 發現自己 

found itself 發現自己 

found myself 發現自己 

found oneself 發現自己 

found ourselves 發現自己 

found out 找出,查明,弄清楚 

found out about 找出,查明關於... 

found themselves 發現自己 

found yourself 發現自己 

free from (1)擺脫 

free from (2)免受...,免於... 

free from (3)無...,不含...

freed from (1)擺脫 

freed from (2)免受...,免於... 

freed from (3)無...,不含...

freeing from (1)擺脫 

freeing from (2)免受...,免於... 

freeing from (3)無...,不含...

frees from (1)擺脫 

frees from (2)免受...,免於... 

frees from (3)無...,不含...

fret about 為...煩惱,為...發愁 

fret over 為...煩惱,為...發愁 

freting about 為...煩惱,為...發愁 

freting over 為...煩惱,為...發愁 

frets about 為...煩惱,為...發愁 

frets over 為...煩惱,為...發愁 

from a distance 從遠處 

from door to door 挨家挨戶地 

full of 擠滿,塞滿 

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English to traditional Chinese glossary for use with OmegaT
(Click here to download UTF8-files for OmegaT)

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Published - October 2009

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