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English to traditional Chinese glossary for use with OmegaT
(Starting with "T")

By Stephen Wong

stevewong01 at netvigator com

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English to traditional Chinese glossary for use with OmegaT
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take a bath (在浴缸)洗澡,泡澡 

take a break 休息 

take a bus 搭上、趕上公車

take a chance 冒險 

take a photo 拍照 

take a picture 拍照 

take a rest 休息 

take a risk 冒險 

take a shot (1)拍照 

take a shot (2)開槍 

take a shot (3)嘗試 

take a shower 淋浴 

take a walk 散步 

take action (1)採取行動 

take action (1)採取行動 

take action (2)提出訴訟 

take action (2)提出訴訟 

take advantage of (1)利用 

take advantage of (2)占...的便宜 

take advantage of 利用 

take after 像,貌似 

take as an example 以...作為例子、榜樣 

take away (1)拿走,帶走 

take away (2)奪走 

take by surprise (1)奇襲 

take by surprise (2)使吃驚 

take care 注意,當心 

take care of (1)照料 

take care of (1)照顧,關心 

take care of (2)看管 

take care of (2)處理,解決 

take care of 照料,照顧 

take care of herself 自己照顧自己,自己保重 

take care of himself 自己照顧自己,自己保重 

take care of itself 自己照顧自己,自己保重 

take care of myself 自己照顧自己,自己保重 

take care of oneself 自己照顧自己,自己保重 

take care of ourselves 自己照顧自己,自己保重 

take care of themselves 自己照顧自己,自己保重 

take care of yourself 自己照顧自己,自己保重 

take down 記下,寫下 

take effect 生效 

take for granted 把...視為理所當然 

take her medicine 甘願受罰,沒有怨言地忍受自己引起的不愉快的事

take her place 取代,代替 

take her time 慢慢來,不用急

take his medicine 甘願受罰,沒有怨言地忍受自己引起的不愉快的事

take his place 取代,代替 

take his time 慢慢來,不用急

take in (1)領會,理解 

take in (2)使上當,欺騙

take in (3)包括,包含 

take in (4)收養,收留 

take into consideration 考慮 

take into consideration 孝慮 

take it easy 放輕鬆,從容,別緊張 

take it for granted that 把...視為理所當然 

take it's medicine 甘願受罰,沒有怨言地忍受自己引起的不愉快的事

take it's place 取代,代替 

take it's time 慢慢來,不用急

take medicine 吃藥 

take my medicine 甘願受罰,沒有怨言地忍受自己引起的不愉快的事

take my place 取代,代替 

take my time 慢慢來,不用急

take note of 注意,留意 

take notes 記筆記,把...記下來 

take notes of 記筆記,把...記下來 

take notice of 注意,留意 

take off (1)除下 

take off (2)起飛 

take off (3)請假 

take on (1)承擔 

take on (2)開始呈現、具有(特徵或面貌

take on (3)開始雇用 

take one's medicine 甘願受罰,沒有怨言地忍受自己引起的不愉快的事

take one's time 慢慢來,不用急

take orders (1)聽從命令,接受命令 

take orders (2)接受點餐 

take our medicine 甘願受罰,沒有怨言地忍受自己引起的不愉快的事

take our place 取代,代替 

take our places 取代,代替 

take our time 慢慢來,不用急

take out (1)取出,拿出 

take out (2)帶...出去(吃飯、看電影

take over (1)接管 

take over (2)接手 

take part in 加入,參加 

take part in 參加,參與 

take part in 參加(考試、競賽等

take part in 參與,使亡於 

take place (1)發生 

take place (2)舉行 

take place 舉行,進行 

take shape 成形 

take somebody's place 取代,代替 

take someone's place 取代,代替 

take something's place 取代,代替 

take steps 

take the place of 取代,代替 

take the place of 取代,接替 

take the risk of 冒著...的危險 

take the shape of 呈...的形狀 

take their time 慢慢來,不用急

take turns 依次,輪流 

take turns 輪流 

take up (1)占去(地方、時間等

take up (2)開始(...) 

take up (3)接受(建議或挑戰

take up 接受 

take your medicine 甘願受罰,沒有怨言地忍受自己引起的不愉快的事

take your place 取代,代替 

take your places 取代,代替 

take your time 慢慢來,不用急

takeing into consideration 孝慮 

taken a bath (在浴缸)洗澡,泡澡 

taken a break 休息 

taken a chance 冒險 

taken a photo 拍照 

taken a picture 拍照 

taken a rest 休息 

taken a risk 冒險 

taken a shot (1)拍照 

taken a shot (2)開槍 

taken a shot (3)嘗試 

taken a shower 淋浴 

taken a walk 散步 

taken action (1)採取行動 

taken action (1)採取行動 

taken action (2)提出訴訟 

taken action (2)提出訴訟 

taken advantage of (1)利用 

taken advantage of (2)占...的便宜 

taken advantage of 利用 

taken after 像,貌似 

taken as an example 以...作為例子、榜樣 

taken away (1)拿走,帶走 

taken away (2)奪走 

taken by surprise (1)奇襲 

taken by surprise (2)使吃驚 

taken care 注意,當心 

taken care of (1)照料 

taken care of (1)照顧,關心 

taken care of (2)看管 

taken care of (2)處理,解決 

taken care of herself 自己照顧自己,自己保重 

taken care of himself 自己照顧自己,自己保重 

taken care of itself 自己照顧自己,自己保重 

taken care of myself 自己照顧自己,自己保重 

taken care of oneself 自己照顧自己,自己保重 

taken care of ourselves 自己照顧自己,自己保重 

taken care of themselves 自己照顧自己,自己保重 

taken care of yourself 自己照顧自己,自己保重 

taken effect 生效 

taken for granted 把...視為理所當然 

taken her medicine 甘願受罰,沒有怨言地忍受自己引起的不愉快的事

taken her place 取代,代替 

taken her time 慢慢來,不用急

taken his medicine 甘願受罰,沒有怨言地忍受自己引起的不愉快的事

taken his place 取代,代替 

taken his time 慢慢來,不用急

taken in (1)領會,理解 

taken in (2)使上當,欺騙

taken in (3)包括,包含 

taken in (4)收養,收留 

taken into consideration 考慮 

taken it easy 放輕鬆,從容,別緊張 

taken it for granted that 把...視為理所當然 

taken it's medicine 甘願受罰,沒有怨言地忍受自己引起的不愉快的事

taken it's place 取代,代替 

taken it's time 慢慢來,不用急

taken medicine 吃藥 

taken my medicine 甘願受罰,沒有怨言地忍受自己引起的不愉快的事

taken my place 取代,代替 

taken my time 慢慢來,不用急

taken note of 注意,留意 

taken notes 記筆記,把...記下來 

taken notes of 記筆記,把...記下來 

taken notice of 注意,留意 

taken off (1)除下 

taken off (2)起飛 

taken off (3)請假 

taken on (1)承擔 

taken on (2)開始呈現、具有(特徵或面貌

taken on (3)開始雇用 

taken one's medicine 甘願受罰,沒有怨言地忍受自己引起的不愉快的事

taken one's time 慢慢來,不用急

taken orders (1)聽從命令,接受命令 

taken orders (2)接受點餐 

taken our medicine 甘願受罰,沒有怨言地忍受自己引起的不愉快的事

taken our place 取代,代替 

taken our places 取代,代替 

taken our time 慢慢來,不用急

taken out (1)取出,拿出 

taken out (2)帶...出去(吃飯、看電影

taken over (1)接管 

taken over (2)接手 

taken part in 加入,參加 

taken part in 參加,參與 

taken part in 參加(考試、競賽等

taken place (1)發生 

taken place (2)舉行 

taken place 舉行,進行 

taken shape 成形 

taken somebody's place 取代,代替 

taken someone's place 取代,代替 

taken something's place 取代,代替 

taken steps 

taken the place of 取代,代替 

taken the place of 取代,接替 

taken the shape of 呈...的形狀 

taken their time 慢慢來,不用急

taken turns 依次,輪流 

taken turns 輪流 

taken up (1)占去(地方、時間等

taken up (2)開始(...) 

taken up (3)接受(建議或挑戰

taken your medicine 甘願受罰,沒有怨言地忍受自己引起的不愉快的事

taken your place 取代,代替 

taken your places 取代,代替 

taken your time 慢慢來,不用急

takes a bath (在浴缸)洗澡,泡澡 

takes a break 休息 

takes a bus 搭上、趕上公車

takes a chance 冒險 

takes a photo 拍照 

takes a picture 拍照 

takes a rest 休息 

takes a risk 冒險 

takes a shot (1)拍照 

takes a shot (2)開槍 

takes a shot (3)嘗試 

takes a shower 淋浴 

takes a walk 散步 

takes action (1)採取行動 

takes action (1)採取行動 

takes action (2)提出訴訟 

takes action (2)提出訴訟 

takes advantage of (1)利用 

takes advantage of (2)占...的便宜 

takes advantage of 利用 

takes after 像,貌似 

takes as an example 以...作為例子、榜樣 

takes away (1)拿走,帶走 

takes away (2)奪走 

takes by surprise (1)奇襲 

takes by surprise (2)使吃驚 

takes care 注意,當心 

takes care of (1)照料 

takes care of (1)照顧,關心 

takes care of (2)看管 

takes care of (2)處理,解決 

takes care of 照料,照顧 

takes care of herself 自己照顧自己,自己保重 

takes care of himself 自己照顧自己,自己保重 

takes care of itself 自己照顧自己,自己保重 

takes care of myself 自己照顧自己,自己保重 

takes care of oneself 自己照顧自己,自己保重 

takes care of ourselves 自己照顧自己,自己保重 

takes care of themselves 自己照顧自己,自己保重 

takes care of yourself 自己照顧自己,自己保重 

takes down 記下,寫下 

takes effect 生效 

takes for granted 把...視為理所當然 

takes her medicine 甘願受罰,沒有怨言地忍受自己引起的不愉快的事

takes her place 取代,代替 

takes her time 慢慢來,不用急

takes his medicine 甘願受罰,沒有怨言地忍受自己引起的不愉快的事

takes his place 取代,代替 

takes his time 慢慢來,不用急

takes in (1)領會,理解 

takes in (2)使上當,欺騙

takes in (3)包括,包含 

takes in (4)收養,收留 

takes into consideration 考慮 

takes into consideration 孝慮 

takes it easy 放輕鬆,從容,別緊張 

takes it for granted that 把...視為理所當然 

takes it's medicine 甘願受罰,沒有怨言地忍受自己引起的不愉快的事

takes it's place 取代,代替 

takes it's time 慢慢來,不用急

takes medicine 吃藥 

takes my medicine 甘願受罰,沒有怨言地忍受自己引起的不愉快的事

takes my place 取代,代替 

takes my time 慢慢來,不用急

takes note of 注意,留意 

takes notes 記筆記,把...記下來 

takes notes of 記筆記,把...記下來 

takes notice of 注意,留意 

takes off (1)除下 

takes off (2)起飛 

takes off (3)請假 

takes on (1)承擔 

takes on (2)開始呈現、具有(特徵或面貌

takes on (3)開始雇用 

takes one's medicine 甘願受罰,沒有怨言地忍受自己引起的不愉快的事

takes one's time 慢慢來,不用急

takes orders (1)聽從命令,接受命令 

takes orders (2)接受點餐 

takes our medicine 甘願受罰,沒有怨言地忍受自己引起的不愉快的事

takes our place 取代,代替 

takes our places 取代,代替 

takes our time 慢慢來,不用急

takes out (1)取出,拿出 

takes out (2)帶...出去(吃飯、看電影

takes over (1)接管 

takes over (2)接手 

takes part in 加入,參加 

takes part in 參加,參與 

takes part in 參加(考試、競賽等

takes part in 參與,使亡於 

takes place (1)發生 

takes place (2)舉行 

takes place 舉行,進行 

takes shape 成形 

takes somebody's place 取代,代替 

takes someone's place 取代,代替 

takes something's place 取代,代替 

takes steps 

takes the place of 取代,代替 

takes the place of 取代,接替 

takes the risk of 冒著...的危險 

takes the risk of 冒著...的危險 

takes the shape of 呈...的形狀 

takes their time 慢慢來,不用急

takes turns 依次,輪流 

takes turns 輪流 

takes up (1)占去(地方、時間等

takes up (2)開始(...) 

takes up (3)接受(建議或挑戰

takes up 接受 

takes your medicine 甘願受罰,沒有怨言地忍受自己引起的不愉快的事

takes your place 取代,代替 

takes your places 取代,代替 

takes your time 慢慢來,不用急

taking a bath (在浴缸)洗澡,泡澡 

taking a break 休息 

taking a bus 搭上、趕上公車

taking a chance 冒險 

taking a photo 拍照 

taking a picture 拍照 

taking a rest 休息 

taking a risk 冒險 

taking a shot (1)拍照 

taking a shot (2)開槍 

taking a shot (3)嘗試 

taking a shower 淋浴 

taking a walk 散步 

taking action (1)採取行動 

taking action (1)採取行動 

taking action (2)提出訴訟 

taking action (2)提出訴訟 

taking advantage of (1)利用 

taking advantage of (2)占...的便宜 

taking advantage of 利用 

taking after 像,貌似 

taking as an example 以...作為例子、榜樣 

taking away (1)拿走,帶走 

taking away (2)奪走 

taking by surprise (1)奇襲 

taking by surprise (2)使吃驚 

taking care 注意,當心 

taking care of (1)照料 

taking care of (1)照顧,關心 

taking care of (2)看管 

taking care of (2)處理,解決 

taking care of 照料,照顧 

taking care of herself 自己照顧自己,自己保重 

taking care of himself 自己照顧自己,自己保重 

taking care of itself 自己照顧自己,自己保重 

taking care of myself 自己照顧自己,自己保重 

taking care of oneself 自己照顧自己,自己保重 

taking care of ourselves 自己照顧自己,自己保重 

taking care of themselves 自己照顧自己,自己保重 

taking care of yourself 自己照顧自己,自己保重 

taking down 記下,寫下 

taking effect 生效 

taking for granted 把...視為理所當然 

taking her medicine 甘願受罰,沒有怨言地忍受自己引起的不愉快的事

taking her place 取代,代替 

taking her time 慢慢來,不用急

taking his medicine 甘願受罰,沒有怨言地忍受自己引起的不愉快的事

taking his place 取代,代替 

taking his time 慢慢來,不用急

taking in (1)領會,理解 

taking in (2)使上當,欺騙

taking in (3)包括,包含 

taking in (4)收養,收留 

taking into consideration 考慮 

taking it easy 放輕鬆,從容,別緊張 

taking it for granted that 把...視為理所當然 

taking it's medicine 甘願受罰,沒有怨言地忍受自己引起的不愉快的事

taking it's place 取代,代替 

taking it's time 慢慢來,不用急

taking medicine 吃藥 

taking my medicine 甘願受罰,沒有怨言地忍受自己引起的不愉快的事

taking my place 取代,代替 

taking my time 慢慢來,不用急

taking note of 注意,留意 

taking notes 記筆記,把...記下來 

taking notes of 記筆記,把...記下來 

taking notice of 注意,留意 

taking off (1)除下 

taking off (2)起飛 

taking off (3)請假 

taking on (1)承擔 

taking on (2)開始呈現、具有(特徵或面貌

taking on (3)開始雇用 

taking one's medicine 甘願受罰,沒有怨言地忍受自己引起的不愉快的事

taking one's time 慢慢來,不用急

taking orders (1)聽從命令,接受命令 

taking orders (2)接受點餐 

taking our medicine 甘願受罰,沒有怨言地忍受自己引起的不愉快的事

taking our place 取代,代替 

taking our places 取代,代替 

taking our time 慢慢來,不用急

taking out (1)取出,拿出 

taking out (2)帶...出去(吃飯、看電影

taking over (1)接管 

taking over (2)接手 

taking part in 加入,參加 

taking part in 參加,參與 

taking part in 參加(考試、競賽等

taking part in 參與,使亡於 

taking place (1)發生 

taking place (2)舉行 

taking place 舉行,進行 

taking shape 成形 

taking somebody's place 取代,代替 

taking someone's place 取代,代替 

taking something's place 取代,代替 

taking steps 

taking the place of 取代,代替 

taking the place of 取代,接替 

taking the risk of 冒著...的危險 

taking the shape of 呈...的形狀 

taking their time 慢慢來,不用急

taking turns 依次,輪流 

taking turns 輪流 

taking up (1)占去(地方、時間等

taking up (2)開始(...) 

taking up (3)接受(建議或挑戰

taking up 接受 

taking your medicine 甘願受罰,沒有怨言地忍受自己引起的不愉快的事

taking your place 取代,代替 

taking your places 取代,代替 

taking your time 慢慢來,不用急

talk into 說服...(...) 

talk out of 說服...(不要做...) 

talked into 說服...(...) 

talked out of 說服...(不要做...) 

talking into 說服...(...) 

talking out of 說服...(不要做...) 

talks into 說服...(...) 

talks out of 說服...(不要做...) 

tear into pieces 把...撕成碎片 

tear off (1)撕破 

tear off (2)迅速脫掉(衣服

teared into pieces 把...撕成碎片 

teared off (1)撕破 

teared off (2)迅速脫掉(衣服

tearing into pieces 把...撕成碎片 

tearing off (1)撕破 

tearing off (2)迅速脫掉(衣服

tears into pieces 把...撕成碎片 

tears off (1)撕破 

tears off (2)迅速脫掉(衣服

technically speaking 從技術上來說 

tell apart 分辨,區分 

tell from 分辨,區分 

telling apart 分辨,區分 

telling from 分辨,區分 

tells apart 分辨,區分 

tells from 分辨,區分 

tend to 照料,照顧 

tend to 照料,照顧 

tending to 照料,照顧 

tends to 照料,照顧 

thanks to 由於,因為 

thanks to 由於,多虧 

thanks to 因為,由於 

that is 即,也就是說,換言之 

that is to say 即,也就是說,換言之 

that is to say 換言之,也就是說 

the instant 一...就... 

the minute 一...就... 

the moment 一...就... 

the whole night 一整夜 

think of (1)想起,記起 

think of (2)孝慮 

think of (3)認為 

think of (4)想出 

think of 想出,提出(主意等

think of as 把...視為,認為...是... 

think out 孝慮 

think over 孝慮 

think up 想出 

think up 想出,提出(主意等

thinking of (1)想起,記起 

thinking of (2)孝慮 

thinking of (3)認為 

thinking of (4)想出 

thinking of as 把...視為,認為...是... 

thinking out 孝慮 

thinking over 孝慮 

thinking up 想出 

thinks of (1)想起,記起 

thinks of (2)孝慮 

thinks of (3)認為 

thinks of (4)想出 

thinks of 想出,提出(主意等

thinks of as 把...視為,認為...是... 

thinks out 孝慮 

thinks over 孝慮 

thinks up 想出 

thinks up 想出,提出(主意等

thought of (1)想起,記起 

thought of (2)孝慮 

thought of (3)認為 

thought of (4)想出 

thought of 想出,提出(主意等

thought of as 把...視為,認為...是... 

thought out 孝慮 

thought over 孝慮 

thought up 想出 

thought up 想出,提出(主意等

thousands of 數以千計的,幾千... 

threw a party 行派對、宴會

threw away (1)扔掉,拋棄 

threw away (2)浪費(優勢),錯失(機會

threw away 丟棄,扔掉 

threw out 扔掉,拋棄 

throw a party 行派對、宴會

throw away (1)扔掉,拋棄 

throw away (2)浪費(優勢),錯失(機會

throw away 丟棄,扔掉 

throw out 扔掉,拋棄 

throwing a party 行派對、宴會

throwing away (1)扔掉,拋棄 

throwing away (2)浪費(優勢),錯失(機會

throwing away 丟棄,扔掉 

throwing out 扔掉,拋棄 

throws a party 行派對、宴會

throws away (1)扔掉,拋棄 

throws away (2)浪費(優勢),錯失(機會

throws away 丟棄,扔掉 

throws out 扔掉,拋棄 

to and fro 來回地 

to begin with 以...開始 

to her annoyance 令某人氣惱的是

to her delight 令某人高與的是

to her disappointment 令某人失望的是

to her horror 令某人震驚的是

to her joy 令某人欣喜的是

to her regret 令某人遺憾的是

to her satisfaction 令某人滿意的是

to her surprise 令某人驚訝的是

to his annoyance 令某人氣惱的是

to his delight 令某人高與的是

to his disappointment 令某人失望的是

to his horror 令某人震驚的是

to his joy 令某人欣喜的是

to his regret 令某人遺憾的是

to his satisfaction 令某人滿意的是

to his surprise 令某人驚訝的是

to it's annoyance 令某人氣惱的是

to it's delight 令某人高與的是

to it's disappointment 令某人失望的是

to it's horror 令某人震驚的是

to it's joy 令某人欣喜的是

to it's regret 令某人遺憾的是

to it's satisfaction 令某人滿意的是

to it's surprise 令某人驚訝的是

to my annoyance 令某人氣惱的是

to my delight 令某人高與的是

to my disappointment 令某人失望的是

to my horror 令某人震驚的是

to my joy 令某人欣喜的是

to my regret 令某人遺憾的是

to my satisfaction 令某人滿意的是

to my surprise 令某人驚訝的是

to one's annoyance 令某人氣惱的是

to one's delight 令某人高與的是

to one's disappointment 令某人失望的是

to one's horror 令某人震驚的是

to one's joy 令某人欣喜的是

to one's regret 令某人遺憾的是

to one's satisfaction 令某人滿意的是

to one's surprise 令某人驚訝的是

to our annoyance 令某人氣惱的是

to our delight 令某人高與的是

to our disappointment 令某人失望的是

to our horror 令某人震驚的是

to our joy 令某人欣喜的是

to our regret 令某人遺憾的是

to our satisfaction 令某人滿意的是

to our surprise 令某人驚訝的是

to start with 首先,起初 

to the point 中肯的,切題的,扼要的 

to their annoyance 令某人氣惱的是

to their delight 令某人高與的是

to their disappointment 令某人失望的是

to their horror 令某人震驚的是

to their joy 令某人欣喜的是

to their regret 令某人遺憾的是

to their satisfaction 令某人滿意的是

to their surprise 令某人驚訝的是

to your annoyance 令某人氣惱的是

to your delight 令某人高與的是

to your disappointment 令某人失望的是

to your horror 令某人震驚的是

to your joy 令某人欣喜的是

to your regret 令某人遺憾的是

to your satisfaction 令某人滿意的是

to your surprise 令某人驚訝的是

together with 與...一起,連同 

told apart 分辨,區分 

told from 分辨,區分 

took a bath (在浴缸)洗澡,泡澡 

took a break 休息 

took a bus 搭上、趕上公車

took a chance 冒險 

took a photo 拍照 

took a picture 拍照 

took a rest 休息 

took a risk 冒險 

took a shot (1)拍照 

took a shot (2)開槍 

took a shot (3)嘗試 

took a shower 淋浴 

took a walk 散步 

took action (1)採取行動 

took action (1)採取行動 

took action (2)提出訴訟 

took action (2)提出訴訟 

took advantage of (1)利用 

took advantage of (2)占...的便宜 

took advantage of 利用 

took after 像,貌似 

took as an example 以...作為例子、榜樣 

took away (1)拿走,帶走 

took away (2)奪走 

took by surprise (1)奇襲 

took by surprise (2)使吃驚 

took care 注意,當心 

took care of (1)照料 

took care of (1)照顧,關心 

took care of (2)看管 

took care of (2)處理,解決 

took care of 照料,照顧 

took care of herself 自己照顧自己,自己保重 

took care of himself 自己照顧自己,自己保重 

took care of itself 自己照顧自己,自己保重 

took care of myself 自己照顧自己,自己保重 

took care of oneself 自己照顧自己,自己保重 

took care of ourselves 自己照顧自己,自己保重 

took care of themselves 自己照顧自己,自己保重 

took care of yourself 自己照顧自己,自己保重 

took down 記下,寫下 

took effect 生效 

took for granted 把...視為理所當然 

took her medicine 甘願受罰,沒有怨言地忍受自己引起的不愉快的事

took her place 取代,代替 

took her time 慢慢來,不用急

took his medicine 甘願受罰,沒有怨言地忍受自己引起的不愉快的事

took his place 取代,代替 

took his time 慢慢來,不用急

took in (1)領會,理解 

took in (2)使上當,欺騙

took in (3)包括,包含 

took in (4)收養,收留 

took into consideration 考慮 

took into consideration 孝慮 

took it easy 放輕鬆,從容,別緊張 

took it for granted that 把...視為理所當然 

took it's medicine 甘願受罰,沒有怨言地忍受自己引起的不愉快的事

took it's place 取代,代替 

took it's time 慢慢來,不用急

took medicine 吃藥 

took my medicine 甘願受罰,沒有怨言地忍受自己引起的不愉快的事

took my place 取代,代替 

took my time 慢慢來,不用急

took note of 注意,留意 

took notes 記筆記,把...記下來 

took notes of 記筆記,把...記下來 

took notice of 注意,留意 

took off (1)除下 

took off (2)起飛 

took off (3)請假 

took on (1)承擔 

took on (2)開始呈現、具有(特徵或面貌

took on (3)開始雇用 

took one's medicine 甘願受罰,沒有怨言地忍受自己引起的不愉快的事

took one's time 慢慢來,不用急

took orders (1)聽從命令,接受命令 

took orders (2)接受點餐 

took our medicine 甘願受罰,沒有怨言地忍受自己引起的不愉快的事

took our place 取代,代替 

took our places 取代,代替 

took our time 慢慢來,不用急

took out (1)取出,拿出 

took out (2)帶...出去(吃飯、看電影

took over (1)接管 

took over (2)接手 

took part in 加入,參加 

took part in 參加,參與 

took part in 參加(考試、競賽等

took part in 參與,使亡於 

took place (1)發生 

took place (2)舉行 

took place 舉行,進行 

took shape 成形 

took somebody's place 取代,代替 

took someone's place 取代,代替 

took something's place 取代,代替 

took steps 

took the place of 取代,代替 

took the place of 取代,接替 

took the risk of 冒著...的危險 

took the risk of 冒著...的危險 

took the shape of 呈...的形狀 

took their time 慢慢來,不用急

took turns 依次,輪流 

took turns 輪流 

took up (1)占去(地方、時間等

took up (2)開始(...) 

took up (3)接受(建議或挑戰

took up 接受 

took your medicine 甘願受罰,沒有怨言地忍受自己引起的不愉快的事

took your place 取代,代替 

took your places 取代,代替 

took your time 慢慢來,不用急

touch on 涉及,探討 

touch up on 涉及,探討 

touched on 涉及,探討 

touched up on 涉及,探討 

touches on 涉及,探討 

touches up on 涉及,探討 

transform into (...)變成 

transform into 將...變成 

transform into 將...變成 

transformed into (...)變成 

transformed into 將...變成 

transforming into (...)變成 

transforminging into 將...變成 

transforms into (...)變成 

transforms into 將...變成 

tread on 踩踏 

tread on 踩踏 

treading on 踩踏 

treads on 踩踏 

tried her best 盡最大努力 

tried her utmost 不擇手段,盡其所能 

tried his best 盡最大努力 

tried his utmost 不擇手段,盡其所能 

tried it's best 盡最大努力 

tried it's utmost 不擇手段,盡其所能 

tried my best 盡最大努力 

tried my utmost 不擇手段,盡其所能 

tried one's best 盡最大努力 

tried one's utmost 不擇手段,盡其所能 

tried our best 盡最大努力 

tried our utmost 不擇手段,盡其所能 

tried their best 盡最大努力 

tried their utmost 不擇手段,盡其所能 

tried your best 盡最大努力 

tried your utmost 不擇手段,盡其所能 

tries her best 盡最大努力 

tries her utmost 不擇手段,盡其所能 

tries his best 盡最大努力 

tries his utmost 不擇手段,盡其所能 

tries it's best 盡最大努力 

tries it's utmost 不擇手段,盡其所能 

tries my utmost 不擇手段,盡其所能 

tries one's best 盡最大努力 

tries one's utmost 不擇手段,盡其所能 

tries our utmost 不擇手段,盡其所能 

tries their utmost 不擇手段,盡其所能 

tries your utmost 不擇手段,盡其所能 

try her utmost 不擇手段,盡其所能 

try his utmost 不擇手段,盡其所能 

try it's utmost 不擇手段,盡其所能 

try my best 盡最大努力 

try my utmost 不擇手段,盡其所能 

try one's best 盡最大努力 

try one's utmost 不擇手段,盡其所能 

try our best 盡最大努力 

try our utmost 不擇手段,盡其所能 

try their best 盡最大努力 

try their utmost 不擇手段,盡其所能 

try your best 盡最大努力 

try your utmost 不擇手段,盡其所能 

trying her best 盡最大努力 

trying her utmost 不擇手段,盡其所能 

trying his best 盡最大努力 

trying his utmost 不擇手段,盡其所能 

trying it's best 盡最大努力 

trying it's utmost 不擇手段,盡其所能 

trying my best 盡最大努力 

trying my utmost 不擇手段,盡其所能 

trying one's utmost 不擇手段,盡其所能 

trying our best 盡最大努力 

trying our utmost 不擇手段,盡其所能 

trying their best 盡最大努力 

trying their utmost 不擇手段,盡其所能 

trying your best 盡最大努力 

trying your utmost 不擇手段,盡其所能 

turn a deaf ear to 不聽,對...充耳不聞、置若罔聞 

turn a deaf ear to 不聽,對...充耳不聞、置若罔聞 

turn back 摺下來,翻下來

turn down (1)調低,關小(聲音、煤氣、燈光等

turn down (2)拒絕 

turn down (3)摺下來,翻下來 

turn her mind to 把注意力轉向... 

turn his mind to 把注意力轉向... 

turn in (1)(作業、工作等

turn in (2)告發 

turn in (3)交還,交給 

turn into (...)變成 

turn into 將...轉變成,將...轉化成

turn into 將...變成 

turn it's mind to 把注意力轉向... 

turn my mind to 把注意力轉向... 

turn off 關上,關掉(水電、煤氣等

turn off 關閉 

turn on 打開 

turn on (

turn one's mind to 把注意力轉向... 

turn our mind to 把注意力轉向... 

turn over (犯人)交給(警方等

turn their mind to 把注意力轉向... 

turn to (1)翻到 

turn to (2)求助於 

turn up 出現,現身 

turn up 調大,開大(聲音、煤氣、燈光等)

turn your mind to 把注意力轉向... 

turned a deaf ear to 不聽,對...充耳不聞、置若罔聞 

turned a deaf ear to 不聽,對...充耳不聞、置若罔聞 

turned back 摺下來,翻下來

turned down (1)調低,關小(聲音、煤氣、燈光等

turned down (2)拒絕 

turned down (3)摺下來,翻下來 

turned in (1)(作業、工作等

turned in (2)告發 

turned in (3)交還,交給 

turned into (...)變成 

turned into 將...轉變成,將...轉化成

turned into 將...變成 

turned off 關上,關掉(水電、煤氣等

turned on 打開 

turned over (犯人)交給(警方等

turned to (1)翻到 

turned to (2)求助於 

turned up 調大,開大(聲音、煤氣、燈光等)

turning a deaf ear to 不聽,對...充耳不聞、置若罔聞 

turning a deaf ear to 不聽,對...充耳不聞、置若罔聞 

turning back 摺下來,翻下來

turning down (1)調低,關小(聲音、煤氣、燈光等

turning down (2)拒絕 

turning down (3)摺下來,翻下來 

turning in (1)(作業、工作等

turning in (2)告發 

turning in (3)交還,交給 

turning into (...)變成 

turning off 關上,關掉(水電、煤氣等

turning on 打開 

turning over (犯人)交給(警方等

turning to (1)翻到 

turning to (2)求助於 

turning up 調大,開大(聲音、煤氣、燈光等)

turns a deaf ear to 不聽,對...充耳不聞、置若罔聞 

turns a deaf ear to 不聽,對...充耳不聞、置若罔聞 

turns back 摺下來,翻下來

turns down (1)調低,關小(聲音、煤氣、燈光等

turns down (2)拒絕 

turns down (3)摺下來,翻下來 

turns in (1)(作業、工作等

turns in (2)告發 

turns in (3)交還,交給 

turns into (...)變成 

turns into 將...轉變成,將...轉化成

turns into 將...變成 

turns off 關上,關掉(水電、煤氣等

turns on 打開 

turns over (犯人)交給(警方等

turns to (1)翻到 

turns to (2)求助於 

turns up 調大,開大(聲音、煤氣、燈光等)

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