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English to traditional Chinese glossary for use with OmegaT
(Starting with "L")

By Stephen Wong

stevewong01 at netvigator com

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English to traditional Chinese glossary for use with OmegaT
(Click here to download UTF8-files for OmegaT)

laid emphasis on 重視,強調 

laid off (1)暫時解雇 

laid off (2)停止(...) 

laid stress on 重視,強調 

lay emphasis on 重視,強調 

lay off (1)暫時解雇 

lay off (2)停止(...) 

lay stress on 重視,強調 

laying emphasis on 重視,強調 

laying off (1)暫時解雇 

laying off (2)停止(...) 

laying stress on 重視,強調 

lays emphasis on 重視,強調 

lays off (1)暫時解雇 

lays off (2)停止(...) 

lays stress on 重視,強調 

lead to (1)導致,引起 

lead to (2)通往 

leading to (1)導致,引起 

leading to (2)通往 

leads to (1)導致,引起 

leads to (2)通往 

leak out of 漏出,溢出 

leaked out of 漏出,溢出 

leaking out of 漏出,溢出 

leaks out of 漏出,溢出 

learn from mistake 從錯誤中學習 

learn from mistakes 從錯誤中學習 

learn from my mistakes 從某人的錯誤中學習 

learn from one's mistakes 從某人的錯誤中學習 

learn from our mistakes 從某人的錯誤中學習 

learn from their mistakes 從某人的錯誤中學習 

learn from your mistakes 從某人的錯誤中學習 

learning from her mistakes 從某人的錯誤中學習 

learning from his mistakes 從某人的錯誤中學習 

learning from mistake 從錯誤中學習 

learning from mistakes 從錯誤中學習 

learning from my mistakes 從某人的錯誤中學習 

learning from one's mistakes 從某人的錯誤中學習 

learning from our mistakes 從某人的錯誤中學習 

learning from their mistakes 從某人的錯誤中學習 

learning from your mistakes 從某人的錯誤中學習 

learns from her mistakes 從某人的錯誤中學習 

learns from his mistakes 從某人的錯誤中學習 

learns from mistake 從錯誤中學習 

learns from mistakes 從錯誤中學習 

learns from my mistakes 從某人的錯誤中學習 

learns from one's mistakes 從某人的錯誤中學習 

learnt from her mistakes 從某人的錯誤中學習 

learnt from his mistakes 從某人的錯誤中學習 

learnt from mistake 從錯誤中學習 

learnt from mistakes 從錯誤中學習 

learnt from my mistakes 從某人的錯誤中學習 

learnt from one's mistakes 從某人的錯誤中學習 

learnt from our mistakes 從某人的錯誤中學習 

learnt from their mistakes 從某人的錯誤中學習 

learnt from your mistakes 從某人的錯誤中學習 

leave alone 不要管,別打擾(某人),讓(某人)單獨一個人 

leave for 前往,離開...去... 

leave off (1)()中遺漏、漏掉 

leave off (2)停止,結束 

leave with an impression 留給某人...的印象 

leaves alone 不要管,別打擾(某人),讓(某人)單獨一個人 

leaves for 前往,離開...去... 

leaves off (1)()中遺漏、漏掉 

leaves off (2)停止,結束 

leaves with an impression 留給某人...的印象 

leaving alone 不要管,別打擾(某人),讓(某人)單獨一個人 

leaving for 前往,離開...去... 

leaving off (1)()中遺漏、漏掉 

leaving off (2)停止,結束 

leaving with an impression 留給某人...的印象 

led to (1)導致,引起 

led to (2)通往 

left alone 不要管,別打擾(某人),讓(某人)單獨一個人 

left for 前往,離開...去... 

left off (1)()中遺漏、漏掉 

left off (2)停止,結束 

left with an impression 留給某人...的印象 

lend a hand 幫助(某人

lend an ear 願意傾聽 

lend an ear 願意傾聽 

lend to (某物)借給(某人

lended a hand 幫助(某人

lended to (某物)借給(某人

lending a hand 幫助(某人

lending to (某物)借給(某人

lends a hand 幫助(某人

lends an ear 願意傾聽 

lends to (某物)借給(某人

less than (1)少於,不到 

less than (2)不如... 

let alone (1)更不用說 

let alone (2)不要管,別打擾(某人),讓(某人)單獨一個人 

let go (1)放開 

let go (2)讓...離開,釋放 

let go of (1)放開 

let go of (2)讓...離開,釋放 

let go of 放手,鬆開 

let her in a secret 向某人透露秘密

let him in a secret 向某人透露秘密

let me in a secret 向某人透露秘密

let on 洩漏秘密 

let somebody in a secret 向某人透露秘密

let them in a secret 向某人透露秘密

let us in a secret 向某人透露秘密

let you in a secret 向某人透露秘密

lets alone (1)更不用說 

lets alone (2)不要管,別打擾(某人),讓(某人)單獨一個人 

lets go (1)放開 

lets go (2)讓...離開,釋放 

lets go of (1)放開 

lets go of (2)讓...離開,釋放 

lets go of 放手,鬆開 

lets her in a secret 向某人透露秘密

lets him in a secret 向某人透露秘密

lets me in a secret 向某人透露秘密

lets on 洩漏秘密 

lets somebody in a secret 向某人透露秘密

lets them in a secret 向某人透露秘密

lets us in a secret 向某人透露秘密

lets you in a secret 向某人透露秘密

letting alone (1)更不用說 

letting alone (2)不要管,別打擾(某人),讓(某人)單獨一個人 

letting go (1)放開 

letting go (2)讓...離開,釋放 

letting go of (1)放開 

letting go of (2)讓...離開,釋放 

letting go of 放手,鬆開 

letting her in a secret 向某人透露秘密

letting him in a secret 向某人透露秘密

letting me in a secret 向某人透露秘密

letting on 洩漏秘密 

letting somebody in a secret 向某人透露秘密

letting them in a secret 向某人透露秘密

letting us in a secret 向某人透露秘密

letting you in a secret 向某人透露秘密

lie in (1)位於 

lie in (2)在於 

lied in (1)位於 

lied in (2)在於 

lies in (1)位於 

lies in (2)在於 

like a hand 需要幫助 

little by little 一點一點地,逐漸地 

live by 以...維生,賺錢 

live on (1)以...為主食,吃...維生 

live on (2)靠...過活 

live on (3)(名聲等)永存,持續 

lived by 以...維生,賺錢 

lived on (1)以...為主食,吃...維生 

lived on (2)靠...過活 

lived on (3)(名聲等)永存,持續 

lives by 以...維生,賺錢 

lives on (1)以...為主食,吃...維生 

lives on (2)靠...過活 

lives on (3)(名聲等)永存,持續 

living by 以...維生,賺錢 

living on (1)以...為主食,吃...維生 

living on (2)靠...過活 

living on (3)(名聲等)永存,持續 

long for 渴望,企盼 

longed for 渴望,企盼 

longing for 渴望,企盼 

longs for 渴望,企盼 

look about (1)環顧四周 

look about (2)四處找尋 

look after (1)照料 

look after (1)照顧,關心 

look after (2)看管 

look after (2)處理,解決 

look after 照料,照顧 

look ahead 向前看;計畫未來 

look around (1)環顧四周 

look around (2)四處找尋 

look back (1)回頭看 

look back (2)回憶,回顧 

look down on 輕視,瞧不起 

look for 找尋,搜查 

look for 尋找,尋求 

look forward to 其待,盼望 

look into 調整,研究 

look like 像,貌似 

look over (1)巡視,視察 

look over (2)瀏覽 

look round (1)環顧四周 

look round (2)四處找尋 

look through (1)瀏覽 

look through (2)視而不見 

looked about (1)環顧四周 

looked about (2)四處找尋 

looked after (1)照料 

looked after (1)照顧,關心 

looked after (2)看管 

looked after (2)處理,解決 

looked after 照料,照顧 

looked ahead 向前看;計畫未來 

looked around (1)環顧四周 

looked around (2)四處找尋 

looked back (1)回頭看 

looked back (2)回憶,回顧 

looked down on 輕視,瞧不起 

looked for 找尋,搜查 

looked for 尋找,尋求 

looked forward to 其待,盼望 

looked into 調整,研究 

looked like 像,貌似 

looked over (1)巡視,視察 

looked over (2)瀏覽 

looked round (1)環顧四周 

looked round (2)四處找尋 

looked through (1)瀏覽 

looked through (2)視而不見 

looking about (1)環顧四周 

looking about (2)四處找尋 

looking after (1)照料 

looking after (1)照顧,關心 

looking after (2)看管 

looking after (2)處理,解決 

looking after 照料,照顧 

looking ahead 向前看;計畫未來 

looking around (1)環顧四周 

looking around (2)四處找尋 

looking back (1)回頭看 

looking back (2)回憶,回顧 

looking down on 輕視,瞧不起 

looking for 找尋,搜查 

looking for 尋找,尋求 

looking forward to 其待,盼望 

looking into 調整,研究 

looking like 像,貌似 

looking over (1)巡視,視察 

looking over (2)瀏覽 

looking round (1)環顧四周 

looking round (2)四處找尋 

looking through (1)瀏覽 

looking through (2)視而不見 

looks about (1)環顧四周 

looks about (2)四處找尋 

looks after (1)照料 

looks after (1)照顧,關心 

looks after (2)看管 

looks after (2)處理,解決 

looks after 照料,照顧 

looks ahead 向前看;計畫未來 

looks around (1)環顧四周 

looks around (2)四處找尋 

looks back (1)回頭看 

looks back (2)回憶,回顧 

looks down on 輕視,瞧不起 

looks for 找尋,搜查 

looks for 尋找,尋求 

looks forward to 其待,盼望 

looks into 調整,研究 

looks like 像,貌似 

looks over (1)巡視,視察 

looks over (2)瀏覽 

looks round (1)環顧四周 

looks round (2)四處找尋 

looks through (1)瀏覽 

looks through (2)視而不見 

lose control of 失去控制 

lose hope of 失去希望 

lose its shape 變形,走樣 

lose my temper 發脾氣,發怒 

lose one's temper 發脾氣,發怒 

lose our temper 發脾氣,發怒 

lose sight of 看不見 

lose their temper 發脾氣,發怒 

lose touch 失去聯繫 

lose your temper 發脾氣,發怒 

loses control of 失去控制 

loses her temper 發脾氣,發怒 

loses his temper 發脾氣,發怒 

loses hope of 失去希望 

loses its shape 變形,走樣 

loses one's temper 發脾氣,發怒 

loses sight of 看不見 

loses touch 失去聯繫 

losing control of 失去控制 

losing her temper 發脾氣,發怒 

losing his temper 發脾氣,發怒 

losing hope of 失去希望 

losing its shape 變形,走樣 

losing my temper 發脾氣,發怒 

losing one's temper 發脾氣,發怒 

losing our temper 發脾氣,發怒 

losing sight of 看不見 

losing their temper 發脾氣,發怒 

losing touch 失去聯繫 

losing your temper 發脾氣,發怒 

lost control of 失去控制 

lost her temper 發脾氣,發怒 

lost his temper 發脾氣,發怒 

lost hope of 失去希望 

lost its shape 變形,走樣 

lost my temper 發脾氣,發怒 

lost one's temper 發脾氣,發怒 

lost our temper 發脾氣,發怒 

lost sight of 看不見 

lost their temper 發脾氣,發怒 

lost touch 失去聯繫 

lost your temper 發脾氣,發怒 

lots of 許多 

lying in (1)位於 

lying in (2)在於 

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English to traditional Chinese glossary for use with OmegaT
(Click here to download UTF8-files for OmegaT)

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Published - October 2009

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