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English to traditional Chinese glossary for use with OmegaT
(Starting with "M")

By Stephen Wong

stevewong01 at netvigator com

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English to traditional Chinese glossary for use with OmegaT
(Click here to download UTF8-files for OmegaT)

made a conclusion 下結論 

made a decision 下決定 

made a difference 有影響 

made a difference to 有影響 

made a good effort to 做了一切努力 

made a judgment 做判斷 

made a judgment about 做判斷 

made a judgment on 做判斷 

made a living 謀生,過生活 

made a mistake 犯錯 

made a plan 做計畫 

made a remark on 對...給予評論、批評 

made a reservation 預訂 

made a search 搜尋(某地

made all the difference 有很大的影響 

made all the difference to 有很大的影響 

made an agreement 達成協議 

made an agreement with 與...達成協議 

made an effort to 努力做 

made an example of 懲罰...以戒他人 

made an impression on 給...留下印象 

made both ends meet 使收支平衡,量入為出 

made certain of 確信,把...弄清楚 

made certain whether 確信,把...弄清楚 

made comments on 對...給予評論、批評 

made ends meet 使收支平衡,量入為出 

made every effort 盡一切努力 

made every effort to 竭盡所能 

made for 朝...前進,向...去 

made friends with 與...交朋友 

made full use of 充分利用 

made fun of 開玩笑 

made good use of 好好地利用 

made light of 忽視,輕視 

made little difference 沒有影響 

made little difference to 沒有影響 

made little effort to 沒有努力做 

made measures 

made much of 器重,重視 

made no difference 沒有影響 

made no difference to 沒有影響 

made no effort to 沒有努力做 

made of 領會,理解 

made out 領會,理解 

made ready for 準備好 

made room for 騰出(空間),預留(位置

made sense of 領會,理解 

made sure 確定,確保 

made sure 確認,弄清楚 

made sure of 查明,弄清楚 

made sure of 確信,把...弄清楚 

made sure that 確保,務必 

made sure whether 確信,把...弄清楚 

made the most of 充分利用 

made up (1)造 

made up (2)和好,和解 

made up (3)化妝 

made up of 由...組成,由...構成 

made use of 利用 

made use of 利用 

make a conclusion 下結論 

make a decision 下決定 

make a difference 有影響 

make a difference to 有影響 

make a good effort to 做了一切努力 

make a judgment 做判斷 

make a judgment about 做判斷 

make a judgment on 做判斷 

make a living 謀生,過生活 

make a mistake 犯錯 

make a plan 做計畫 

make a remark on 對...給予評論、批評 

make a reservation 預訂 

make a search 搜尋(某地

make all the difference 有很大的影響 

make all the difference to 有很大的影響 

make an agreement 達成協議 

make an agreement with 與...達成協議 

make an effort to 努力做 

make an example of 懲罰...以戒他人 

make an impression on 給...留下印象 

make both ends meet 使收支平衡,量入為出 

make certain of 確信,把...弄清楚 

make certain whether 確信,把...弄清楚 

make comments on 對...給予評論、批評 

make ends meet 使收支平衡,量入為出 

make every effort 盡一切努力 

make every effort to 竭盡所能 

make for 朝...前進,向...去 

make friends with 與...交朋友 

make full use of 充分利用 

make fun of 開玩笑 

make good use of 好好地利用 

make light of 忽視,輕視 

make little difference 沒有影響 

make little difference to 沒有影響 

make little effort to 沒有努力做 

make measures 

make much of 器重,重視 

make no difference 沒有影響 

make no difference to 沒有影響 

make no effort to 沒有努力做 

make of 領會,理解 

make out 領會,理解 

make ready for 準備好 

make room for 騰出(空間),預留(位置

make sense of 領會,理解 

make sure 確定,確保 

make sure 確認,弄清楚 

make sure of 查明,弄清楚 

make sure of 確信,把...弄清楚 

make sure that 確保,務必 

make sure whether 確信,把...弄清楚 

make the most of 充分利用 

make up (1)造 

make up (2)和好,和解 

make up (3)化妝 

make up one's mind to 定(...) 

make use of 利用 

make use of 利用 

makes a conclusion 下結論 

makes a decision 下決定 

makes a difference 有影響 

makes a difference to 有影響 

makes a good effort to 做了一切努力 

makes a judgment 做判斷 

makes a judgment about 做判斷 

makes a judgment on 做判斷 

makes a living 謀生,過生活 

makes a mistake 犯錯 

makes a plan 做計畫 

makes a remark on 對...給予評論、批評 

makes a reservation 預訂 

makes a search 搜尋(某地

makes all the difference 有很大的影響 

makes all the difference to 有很大的影響 

makes an agreement 達成協議 

makes an agreement with 與...達成協議 

makes an effort to 努力做 

makes an example of 懲罰...以戒他人 

makes an impression on 給...留下印象 

makes both ends meet 使收支平衡,量入為出 

makes certain of 確信,把...弄清楚 

makes certain whether 確信,把...弄清楚 

makes comments on 對...給予評論、批評 

makes ends meet 使收支平衡,量入為出 

makes every effort 盡一切努力 

makes every effort to 竭盡所能 

makes for 朝...前進,向...去 

makes friends with 與...交朋友 

makes full use of 充分利用 

makes fun of 開玩笑 

makes good use of 好好地利用 

makes light of 忽視,輕視 

makes little difference 沒有影響 

makes little difference to 沒有影響 

makes little effort to 沒有努力做 

makes measures 

makes much of 器重,重視 

makes no difference 沒有影響 

makes no difference to 沒有影響 

makes no effort to 沒有努力做 

makes of 領會,理解 

makes out 領會,理解 

makes ready for 準備好 

makes room for 騰出(空間),預留(位置

makes sense of 領會,理解 

makes sure 確定,確保 

makes sure 確認,弄清楚 

makes sure of 查明,弄清楚 

makes sure of 確信,把...弄清楚 

makes sure that 確保,務必 

makes sure whether 確信,把...弄清楚 

makes the most of 充分利用 

makes up (1)造 

makes up (2)和好,和解 

makes up (3)化妝 

makes use of 利用 

makes use of 利用 

making a conclusion 下結論 

making a decision 下決定 

making a difference 有影響 

making a difference to 有影響 

making a good effort to 做了一切努力 

making a judgment 做判斷 

making a judgment about 做判斷 

making a judgment on 做判斷 

making a living 謀生,過生活 

making a mistake 犯錯 

making a plan 做計畫 

making a remark on 對...給予評論、批評 

making a reservation 預訂 

making a search 搜尋(某地

making all the difference 有很大的影響 

making all the difference to 有很大的影響 

making an agreement 達成協議 

making an agreement with 與...達成協議 

making an effort to 努力做 

making an example of 懲罰...以戒他人 

making an impression on 給...留下印象 

making both ends meet 使收支平衡,量入為出 

making certain of 確信,把...弄清楚 

making certain whether 確信,把...弄清楚 

making comments on 對...給予評論、批評 

making ends meet 使收支平衡,量入為出 

making every effort 盡一切努力 

making every effort to 竭盡所能 

making for 朝...前進,向...去 

making friends with 與...交朋友 

making full use of 充分利用 

making fun of 開玩笑 

making good use of 好好地利用 

making light of 忽視,輕視 

making little difference 沒有影響 

making little difference to 沒有影響 

making little effort to 沒有努力做 

making measures 

making much of 器重,重視 

making no difference 沒有影響 

making no difference to 沒有影響 

making no effort to 沒有努力做 

making of 領會,理解 

making out 領會,理解 

making room for 騰出(空間),預留(位置

making sense of 領會,理解 

making sure 確定,確保 

making sure 確認,弄清楚 

making sure of 查明,弄清楚 

making sure of 確信,把...弄清楚 

making sure that 確保,務必 

making sure whether 確信,把...弄清楚 

making the most of 充分利用 

making up (1)造 

making up (2)和好,和解 

making up (3)化妝 

making use of 利用 

making use of 利用 

mess up 弄亂 

messed up 弄亂 

messes up 弄亂 

messing up 弄亂 

millions of 數以百萬的 

miss a bus 錯過公車 

missed a bus 錯過公車 

misses a bus 錯過公車 

missing a bus 錯過公車 

mix up (1)將...充分攪拌

mix up (2)混淆 

mix up (3)使困惑 

mix with (1)混合 

mix with (2)結合 

mix with 使混合 

mixed up (1)將...充分攪拌

mixed up (2)混淆 

mixed up (3)使困惑 

mixed with (1)混合 

mixed with (2)結合 

mixed with 使混合 

mixes up (1)將...充分攪拌

mixes up (2)混淆 

mixes up (3)使困惑 

mixes with (1)混合 

mixes with (2)結合 

mixes with 使混合 

mixing up (1)將...充分攪拌

mixing up (2)混淆 

mixing up (3)使困惑 

mixing with (1)混合 

mixing with (2)結合 

mixing with 使混合 

more importantly 尤其,最重要的是 

more than 多於,超過 

move away 搬家,遷居 

move into 搬進 

moved away 搬家,遷居 

moved into 搬進 

moves away 搬家,遷居 

moves into 搬進 

moving away 搬家,遷居 

moving into 搬進 

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English to traditional Chinese glossary for use with OmegaT
(Click here to download UTF8-files for OmegaT)

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Published - October 2009

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