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English to traditional Chinese glossary for use with OmegaT
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By Stephen Wong

stevewong01 at netvigator com

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English to traditional Chinese glossary for use with OmegaT
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back and forth 來回地

back up (1)支持

back up (2)証明

back up (3)備份

back up (4)倒車

back up (5)後退

backed up (1)支持

backed up (2)証明

backed up (3)備份

backed up (4)倒車

backed up (5)後退

backing up (1)支持

backing up (2)証明

backing up (3)備份

backing up (4)倒車

backing up (5)後退

backs up (1)支持

backs up (2)証明

backs up (3)備份

backs up (4)倒車

backs up (5)後退

backward and forward 來回地

backwards and forwards 來回地

barely when 一...就... 

barely when 一...就... 

base on 以...為基礎

based on 以...為基礎

bases on 以...為基礎

basing on 以...為基礎

became addicted to (1)對...上癮

became addicted to (2)沉溺於,對...入迷

became aware of 意識到,知道

became excited about 對...感到興奮

became fond of 變得喜歡

became tired of 對...感到厭倦、厭煩

became unaware of 不意識到,不知道

became used to 習慣(...) 

became used to 習慣於

because 因為,由於

because of 由於,因為

because of 由於,多虧

because of 因為,由於

because of 因為,由於

become addicted to (1)對...上癮

become addicted to (2)沉溺於,對...入迷

become aware of 意識到,知道

become fond of 變得喜歡

become tired of 對...感到厭倦、厭煩

become unaware of 不意識到,不知道

become used to 習慣(...) 

become used to 習慣於

becomes addicted to (1)對...上癮

becomes addicted to (2)沉溺於,對...入迷

becomes aware of 意識到,知道

becomes fond of 變得喜歡

becomes tired of 對...感到厭倦、厭煩

becomes unaware of 不意識到,不知道

becomes used to 習慣(...) 

becomes used to 習慣於

becoming addicted to (1)對...上癮

becoming addicted to (2)沉溺於,對...入迷

becoming aware of 意識到,知道

becoming tired of 對...感到厭倦、厭煩

becoming unaware of 不意識到,不知道

becoming used to 習慣(...) 

becoming used to 習慣於

before long 不久

began with 以...開始

begin with 以...開始

begining with 以...開始

begins with 以...開始

begun with 以...開始

behind schedule 按照預定計畫晚地

behind the wheel 開車,駕車

believe in (1)認為...是好的

believe in (2)相信...的存在

believe in (3)信任,相信

believed in (1)認為...是好的

believed in (2)相信...的存在

believed in (3)信任,相信

believes in (1)認為...是好的

believes in (2)相信...的存在

believes in (3)信任,相信

believing in (1)認為...是好的

believing in (2)相信...的存在

believing in (3)信任,相信

belong to (1)屬於,歸...所有

belong to (2)屬於(某一類

belonged to (1)屬於,歸...所有

belonged to (2)屬於(某一類

belonging to (1)屬於,歸...所有

belonging to (2)屬於(某一類

belongs to (1)屬於,歸...所有

belongs to (2)屬於(某一類

below average 在一般水準之下

benefit by 從...中受益

benefit from 從...中受益

benefited by 從...中受益

benefited from 從...中受益

benefiting by 從...中受益

benefiting from 從...中受益

benefits by 從...中受益

benefits from 從...中受益

beside the point 中肯的,切題的,扼要的

beyond description 不可言喻,難以形容

blend with 使混合

blended with 使混合

blending with 使混合

blends with 使混合

borrow from 向...借(某物

borrowed from 向...借(某物

borrowing from 向...借(某物

borrows from 向...借(某物

break down (1)故障

break down (2)把...分成

break down (3)破壞

break down (制度、關係、精神等)瓦解,破裂,崩潰

break in on (1)打攪,打擾

break in on (2)打斷

break into 究然闖進

break out 爆發,突然發生

break through (1)突圍,突破

break through (2)(光等)透出來

break up (1)破碎,斷裂

break up (2)(婚姻)破裂,分手

break up (3)使停止

breaking down (1)故障

breaking down (2)把...分成

breaking down (3)破壞

breaking down (制度、關係、精神等)瓦解,破裂,崩潰

breaking in on (1)打攪,打擾

breaking in on (2)打斷

breaking into 究然闖進

breaking out 爆發,突然發生

breaking through (1)突圍,突破

breaking through (2)(光等)透出來

breaking up (1)破碎,斷裂

breaking up (2)(婚姻)破裂,分手

breaking up (3)使停止

breaks down (1)故障

breaks down (2)把...分成

breaks down (3)破壞

breaks down (制度、關係、精神等)瓦解,破裂,崩潰

breaks in on (1)打攪,打擾

breaks in on (2)打斷

breaks out 爆發,突然發生

breaks through (1)突圍,突破

breaks through (2)(光等)透出來

breaks up (1)破碎,斷裂

breaks up (2)(婚姻)破裂,分手

breaks up (3)使停止

bring about 導致,引起

bring forward 提出(問題、議題等

bring in (1)把...帶過來,把...拿進來

bring in (2)引進

bring in (3)賺錢

bring into effect 實行,執行,進行

bring into focus 使注意... 

bring into operation 實旋、實行

bring into practice 實行,執行,進行

bring tears to ones eyes 使...熱淚盈眶

bring up (1)撫養長大

bring up (2)提出(問題、議題等

bringing about 導致,引起

bringing forward 提出(問題、議題等

bringing in (1)把...帶過來,把...拿進來

bringing in (2)引進

bringing in (3)賺錢

bringing into effect 實行,執行,進行

bringing into focus 使注意... 

bringing into operation 實旋、實行

bringing into practice 實行,執行,進行

bringing tears to ones eyes 使...熱淚盈眶

bringing up (1)撫養長大

bringing up (2)提出(問題、議題等

brings about 導致,引起

brings forward 提出(問題、議題等

brings in (1)把...帶過來,把...拿進來

brings in (2)引進

brings in (3)賺錢

brings into effect 實行,執行,進行

brings into focus 使注意... 

brings into operation 實旋、實行

brings into practice 實行,執行,進行

brings tears to ones eyes 使...熱淚盈眶

brings up (1)撫養長大

brings up (2)提出(問題、議題等

broadly speaking 大體而言,一般來說

broke down (1)故障

broke down (2)把...分成

broke down (3)破壞

broke down (制度、關係、精神等)瓦解,破裂,崩潰

broke in on (1)打攪,打擾

broke in on (2)打斷

broke out 爆發,突然發生

broke through (1)突圍,突破

broke through (2)(光等)透出來

broke up (1)破碎,斷裂

broke up (2)(婚姻)破裂,分手

broke up (3)使停止

broken down (制度、關係、精神等)瓦解,破裂,崩潰

brought about 導致,引起

brought forward 提出(問題、議題等

brought in (1)把...帶過來,把...拿進來

brought in (2)引進

brought in (3)賺錢

brought into effect 實行,執行,進行

brought into focus 使注意... 

brought into operation 實旋、實行

brought into practice 實行,執行,進行

brought tears to ones eyes 使...熱淚盈眶

brought up (1)撫養長大

brought up (2)提出(問題、議題等

bump against 撞到... 

bump into (1)無意間遇到、發現

bump into (2)撞到

bump on 撞到... 

bumped against 撞到... 

bumped into (1)無意間遇到、發現

bumped into (2)撞到

bumped on 撞到... 

bumping against 撞到... 

bumping into (1)無意間遇到、發現

bumping into (2)撞到

bumping on 撞到... 

bumps against 撞到... 

bumps into (1)無意間遇到、發現

bumps into (2)撞到

bumps on 撞到... 

burst in on 打攪,打擾

burst in on 打攪,打擾

burst in on 打攪,打擾

burst into (1)究然...起來

burst into (2)究然闖進

burst into flames 究然起火

burst into laughter 究然大笑

burst into song 究然大聲唱起歌

burst into tears 究然大哭

burst out 究然...起來

burst out laughing 究然大笑

bursting into (1)究然...起來

bursting into (2)究然闖進

bursting into flames 究然起火

bursting into laughter 究然大笑

bursting into song 究然大聲唱起歌

bursting into tears 究然大哭

bursting out 究然...起來

bursting out laughing 究然大笑

bursts in on 打攪,打擾

bustle about 忙碌

bustle around 忙碌

bustled about 忙碌

bustled around 忙碌

bustles about 忙碌

bustles around 忙碌

bustling about 忙碌

bustling around 忙碌

busy with 使...忙於

by all means (1)一定,盡一切辦法

by all means (2)當然可以

by bus 搭公車

by contrast 相形之下,相對之下

by contrast to 與...形成對比,與...相反

by contrast with 與...形成對比,與...相反

by herself 獨自地,一個人地,自立更生地

by hisself 獨自地,一個人地,自立更生地

by itself 獨自地,一個人地,自立更生地

by mistake 錯誤地

by myself 獨自地,一個人地,自立更生地

by nature 天生,生性

by no means 決不,一點都不

by oneself 獨自地,一個人地,自立更生地

by ourselves 獨自地,一個人地,自立更生地

by the name of 名叫

by the time 到了...的時候

by the way 順帶一題,順便問一下

by themselves 獨自地,一個人地,自立更生地

by turns 交替,輪流

by yourself 獨自地,一個人地,自立更生地

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English to traditional Chinese glossary for use with OmegaT
(Click here to download UTF8-files for OmegaT)

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Published - October 2009

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