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IATA ICAO Airline Callsign Country Comment
  HLA HC Airlines HEAVYLIFT United Kingdom  
  HWD HPM Investments FLITEWISE United Kingdom  
  KTR HT Helikoptertransport COPTER TRANS Sweden  
  AHT HTA Helicopteros HELIAPRA Portugal  
    Hacienda Airlines   United States defunct - 1957 to July 10, 1962
  FMS Hadison Aviation HADI United States  
H6 HAG Hageland Aviation Services HAGELAND United States  
  POW Hagondale Limited AIRNET United Kingdom  
HR HHN Hahn Air ROOSTER Germany  
HU CHH Hainan Airlines HAINAN China  
1R   Hainan Phoenix Information Systems   China  
  HLS Haiti Air Freight   Haiti  
2T HAM Haiti Ambassador Airlines   Haiti  
  HTI Haiti International Air HAITI INTERNATIONAL Haiti  
  HRB Haiti International Airline HAITI AIRLINE Haiti  
  HNR Haiti National Airlines (HANA) HANAIR Haiti  
  HTN Haiti North Airline   Haiti  
  HTC Haiti Trans Air HAITI TRANSAIR Haiti  
  HBC Haitian Aviation Line HALISA Haiti  
  HAJ Hajvairy Airlines HAJVAIRY Pakistan  
  HKL Hak Air HAK AIRLINE Nigeria  
  HLH Hala Air HALA AIR Sudan  
  HCN Halcyon Air/Bissau Airways HALCYON Guinea-Bissau  
4R HHI Hamburg International HAMBURG JET Germany  
  HJL Hamlin Jet BIZJET United Kingdom  
  HMM Hamra Air HAMRA United Arab Emirates  
  WVA Hand D Aviation WABASH VALLEY United States  
  HGR Hangar 8 HANG United Kingdom  
  HGD Hangard Aviation HANGARD Mongolia  
  HAN Hansung Airlines HANSUNG AIR Republic of Korea  
X3 HLX Hapag-Lloyd Express (TUIfly) YELLOW CAB Germany  
HF HLF Hapagfly HAPAG LLOYD Germany TUIfly
HB HAR Harbor Airlines HARBOR United States  
HQ HMY Harmony Airways HARMONY Canada  
  NBR Haughey Air NORBROOK United Kingdom  
  PYN Haverfordwest Air Charter Services POYSTON United Kingdom  
  HAV Havilah Air Services HAVILAH Nigeria  
HA HAL Hawaiian Airlines HAWAIIAN United States  
HP   Hawaiian Pacific Airlines   United States defunct
  HKR Hawk Air AIR HAW Argentina  
  HMX Hawk De Mexico HAWK MEXICO Mexico  
BH   Hawkair   Canada  
  HKI Hawkaire HAWKEYE United States  
  HZL Hazelton Airlines HAZELTON Australia Defunct.
HN HVY Heavylift Cargo Airlines HEAVY CARGO Australia  
  HVL Heavylift International HEAVYLIFT INTERNATIONAL United Arab Emirates  
  HDC Helcopteros De Cataluna HELICATALUNA Spain  
  HCB Helenair (Barbados) HELEN Barbados  
  HCL Helenair Corporation HELENCORP Saint Lucia  
  HHP Helenia Helicopter Service HELENIA Denmark  
  HLR Heli Air Services HELI BULGARIA Bulgaria  
  ALJ Heli Ambulance Team ALPIN HELI Austria  
  HEB Heli Bernina HELIBERNINA Switzerland  
8H HFR Heli France HELIFRANCE France  
  HYH Heli Hungary HELIHUNGARY Hungary  
  HLM Heli Medwest De Mexico HELIMIDWEST Mexico  
  HLI Heli Securite HELI SAINT-TROPEZ France  
  HTP Heli Trip HELI TRIP Mexico  
  HLU Heli Union Heli Prestations HELI UNION France  
  MCM Heli-Air-Monaco HELI AIR Monaco  
  HHE Heli-Holland HELI HOLLAND Netherlands  
  HRA Heli-Iberica ERICA Spain  
  HIF Heli-Iberica Fotogrametria HIFSA Spain  
  HIG Heli-Inter Guyane INTER GUYANNE France  
  HLK Heli-Link HELI-LINK Switzerland  
  HMC Heliamerica De Mexico HELIAMERICA Mexico  
  HEA Heliavia-Transporte Aereo HELIAVIA Portugal  
  CDY Heliaviation Limited CADDY United Kingdom  
  HIB Helibravo Aviacao HELIBRAVO Portugal  
  HLC Helicap HELICAP France  
  COV Helicentre Coventry HELICENTRE United Kingdom  
  HEL Helicol HELICOL Colombia  
  HCP Helicopter HELI CZECH Czech Republic  
  JKY Helicopter & Aviation Services JOCKEY United Kingdom  
  MVK Helicopter Training & Hire MAVRIK United Kingdom  
  HAP Helicopteros Aero Personal HELIPERSONAL Mexico  
  HAA Helicopteros Agroforestal AGROFORESTAL Chile  
  HNT Helicopteros Internacionales HELICOP INTER Mexico  
  HEN Helicopteros Y Vehiculos Nacionales Aereos HELINAC Mexico  
  HHH Helicsa HELICSA Spain  
JB JBA Helijet HELIJET Canada  
  HDR Helikopterdrift HELIDRIFT Norway  
  SCO Helikopterservice Euro Air SWEDCOPTER Sweden  
  OCE Heliocean HELIOCEAN France  
ZU HCY Helios Airways HELIOS Cyprus  
  HLP Helipistas HELIPISTAS Spain  
  HPL Heliportugal HELIPORTUGAL Portugal  
  HEC Heliservicio Campeche HELICAMPECHE Mexico  
  HSU Helisul HELIS Portugal  
  HSI Heliswiss HELISWISS Switzerland  
  HLT Helitafe HELITAFE Mexico  
  HIT Helitalia HELITALIA Italy  
  OFA Helitaxi Ofavi OFAVI Mexico  
  HTA Helitrans SCANBIRD Norway  
  HTS Helitrans Air Service HELITRANS United States  
  HLW Heliworks HELIWORKS Chile  
T4 HEJ Hellas Jet HELLAS JET Greece  
HW FHE Hello FLYHELLO Switzerland  
  HLG Helog HELOG Switzerland  
2L OAW Helvetic Airways HELVETIC Switzerland  
DU HMS Hemus Air HEMUS AIR Bulgaria  
  HAC Henebury Aviation   Australia  
  SSH Heritiage Flight (Valley Air Services) SNOWSHOE United States  
  MRX Herman's Markair Express SPEEDMARK United States  
  HED Herritage Aviation Developments FLAPJACK United Kingdom  
EO ALX Hewa Bora Airways ALLCONGO Democratic Republic of the Congo  
  HHS Hi-Jet Helicopter Services HIJET Suriname  
5K HFY Hi Fly SKY FLYER Portugal  
  HLB High-Line Airways HIGH-LINE Canada  
  HWY Highland Airways HIWAY United Kingdom  
  HIS Hispaniola Airways HISPANIOLA Dominican Republic  
  HGA Hogan Air HOGAN AIR United States  
  NTH Hokkaido Air System NORTH AIR Japan  
HD ADO Hokkaido International Airlines AIR DO Japan  
  ABH Hokuriki-Koukuu Company   Japan  
H5 HOA Hola Airlines HOLA Spain  
  HIN Holding International Group HOLDING GROUP Mexico  
  HOL Holiday Airlines HOLIDAY United States  
  HTR Holstenair Lubeck HOLSTEN Germany  
  HMV Homac Aviation HOMAC Luxembourg  
  HAS Honduras Airlines HONDURAS AIR Honduras  
N8 CRK Hong Kong Airlines BAUHINIA Hong Kong SAR of China IATA changed from HX on May 27, 2007
UO HKE Hong Kong Express Airways HONGKONG SHUTTLE Hong Kong SAR of China  
  HEX Honiara Cargo Express HONIARA CARGO Solomon Islands  
  HPJ Hop-A-Jet HOPA-JET United States  
HH   Hope Air HOPE AIR Canada  
QX QXE Horizon Air HORIZON AIR United States  
  KOK Horizon Air Service KOKO United States  
  HSM Horizon Air for Transport and Training ALOFUKAIR Libya  
  HOR Horizon Air-Taxi HORIZON Switzerland  
BN HZA Horizon Airlines HORIZON Australia defunct
  HPS Horizon Plus HORIZON PLUS Bangladesh  
  HUD Horizons Unlimited HUD United States  
  HOZ Horizontes Aereos HORIZONTES AEREOS Mexico  
  HDI Hoteles Dinamicos DINAMICOS Mexico  
  HHO Houston Helicopters HOUSTON HELI United States  
  GGV Houston Jet Services GREGG AIR Austria  
  OZU Hozu-Avia HOZAVIA Kazakhstan  
  HUB Hub Airlines HUB United States  
  HUS Huessler Air Service HUESSLER United States  
  GMH Hughes Aircraft Company HUGHES EXPRESS United States  
  WHR Hummingbird Helicopter Service WHIRLEYBIRD United States  
  HUV Hunair Hungarian Airlines SILVER EAGLE Hungary  
  HUF Hungarian Air Force HUNGARIAN AIRFORCE Hungary  
  HYA Hyack Air HYACK Canada  
  HYC Hydro Air Flight Operations HYDRO CARGO South Africa  
  HYD Hydro-Quã©bec HYDRO Canada  
H4   Hã©li Sã©curitã© Helicopter Airlines   France  

* on IATA code indicates a controlled duplicate.

italics indicates a defunct airline.

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Published - January 2009

This glossary is available under the terms
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