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Airline codes
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IATA ICAO Airline Callsign Country Comment
  ITC International Air Carrier Association   Belgium  
II CSQ IBC Airways CHASQUI United States  
  IBL IBL Aviation CATOVAIR Mauritius  
  BBL IBM Euroflight Operations BLUE Switzerland  
  YYY ICAO     Used by airlines without a specific code
C3   ICAR Airlines   Ukraine defunct
  CIC ICC Canada AIR TRADER Canada  
  IDG IDG Technology Air INDIGO Czech Republic  
  IFL IFL Group EIFEL United States  
  RDE II Lione Alato Arl FLIGHT RED United Kingdom  
  IJM IJM International Jet Management JET MANAGEMENT Austria  
  IKK IKI International Airlines IKIAIR Japan  
  BLU IMP Aviation Services BLUENOSE Canada  
  XGG IMP Group Aviation Services   Canada  
1F   INFINI Travel Information   Japan  
  IPA IPEC Aviation IPEC Australia  
  IPM IPM Europe SHIPEX United Kingdom  
  LVB IRS Airlines SILVERBIRD Nigeria  
  ISD ISD Avia ISDAVIA Ukraine  
1U   ITA Software   United States  
  FDF IVV Femida   Russia  
IB IBE Iberia Airlines IBERIA Spain  
  IBR Ibertour Servicios Aereos IBERTOUR Spain  
  IBT Ibertrans Aerea IBERTRANS Spain  
TY IWD Iberworld   Spain  
FW IBX Ibex Airlines IBEX Japan  
  IBC Ibicenca Air IBICENCA Spain  
  AKI Ibk-Petra   Sudan  
  RAC Icar Air TUZLA AIR Bosnia and Herzegovina  
  FRC Icare Franche Compte FRANCHE COMPTE France  
  ICD Icaro ICARO Ecuador  
  ICA Icaro ICARFLY Italy  
  IUS Icarus ICARUS Italy  
  ICJ Icejet ICEJET Iceland  
FI ICE Icelandair ICEAIR Iceland  
  ICG Icelandic Coast Guard ICELAND COAST Iceland  
  IKR Ikaros DK IKAROS Denmark  
  CIO Il Ciocco International Travel Service CIOCCO Italy  
  ILV Il-Avia ILAVIA Russia  
  IDL Ildefonso Redriguez ILDEFONSO Mexico  
  IAR Iliamna Air Taxi ILIAMNA AIR United States  
  ILP Ilpo Aruba Cargo   Aruba  
  ILL Ilyich-Avia ILYICHAVIA Ukraine  
  IMR Imaer IMAER Portugal  
IK ITX Imair Airlines IMPROTEX Azerbaijan  
  PNX Imperial Airways PHOENIX United States  
  IMT Imtrec Aviation IMTREC Cambodia  
DH IDE Independence Air INDEPENDENCE AIR United States defunct
  IDP Independent Air Freighters INDEPENDENT Australia  
6E IGO IndiGo Airlines IFLY India Interglobe Aviation
  IIL India International Airways INDIA INTER India  
  IFC Indian Air Force INDIAN AIRFORCE India  
IC IAC Indian Airlines INDAIR India  
  IDR Indicator Company INDICATOR Hungary  
I9 IBU Indigo INDIGO BLUE United States  
  IDA Indonesia Air Transport INTRA Indonesia  
QZ AWQ Indonesia AirAsia WAGON AIR Indonesia  
IO IAA Indonesian Airlines INDO LINES Indonesia  
  IPN Industri Pesawat Terbang Nusantara NUSANTARA Indonesia  
  ITN Industrias Titan TITANLUX Spain  
  FFI Infinit Air INFINIT Spain  
  INS Inflite The Jet Centre   United Kingdom  
  IVA Innotech Aviation INNOTECH Canada  
  INC Insel Air International INSELAIR Netherlands Antilles  
  ICC Instituto Cartografico de Cataluna CARTO Spain  
  INT Intair INTAIRCO Canada  
  INL Intal Avia INTAL AVIA Kyrgyzstan  
  FFL Intavia Limited   United Kingdom  
IJ IJT InteliJet Airways INTELIJET Colombia  
  XRA Intensive Air INTENSIVE South Africa  
  ITW Inter Air INTER WINGS Bulgaria  
  INX Inter Express INTER-EURO Turkey  
H4 IIN Inter Islands Airlines   Cape Verde  
  CAR Inter RCA QUEBEC ROMEO Central African Republic  
  NTT Inter Tropic Airlines INTER-TROPIC Sierra Leone  
  ITA Inter-Air CAFEX United States  
  ICN Inter-Canadian INTER-CANADIAN Canada  
  UGL Inter-Island Air UGLY VAN United States  
  IMA Inter-Mountain Airways INTER-MOUNTAIN United States  
  ITS Inter-State Aviation INTER-STATE United States  
D6 ILN Interair South Africa INLINE South Africa  
  NTE Interaire INTERMEX Mexico  
ZA SUW Interavia Airlines ASTAIR Russia  
  IVT Interaviatrans INTERAVIA Ukraine  
RS ICT Intercontinental de Aviación CONTAVIA Colombia defunct
  ICP Intercopters CHOPER Spain  
  IFT Interflight INTERFLIGHT United Kingdom  
  IJT Interflight (Learjet)   United Kingdom  
  RFL Interfly INFLY Italy  
  IFF Interfreight Forwarding INTERFREIGHT Sudan  
  IGN Interguide Air DIVINE AIR Nigeria  
  ISN Interisland Airlines TRI-BIRD Philippines  
  IWY Interisland Airways Limited ISLANDWAYS Turks and Caicos Islands  
  MTF Interjet INTERJET Italy  
  IHE Interjet Helicopters INTERCOPTER Greece  
ID ITK Interlink Airlines INTERLINK South Africa  
  IAK International Air Cargo Corporation AIR CARGO EGYPT Egypt  
  EXX International Air Corporation EXPRESS INTERNATIONAL United States  
  IAS International Air Service STARFLEET United States  
  IAX International Air Services INTERAIR SERVICES Liberia  
6I IBZ International Business Air INTERBIZ Sweden was U5
  IBY International Business Aircraft CENTRAL STAGE United States  
  ICS International Charter Services INTERSERVI Mexico  
  ICX International Charter Xpress INTEX United States  
  RED International Committee of the Red Cross RED CROSS Switzerland  
  IIG International Company for Transport, Trade and Public Works ALDAWLYH AIR Libya  
  IFX International Flight Training Academy IFTA United States  
  IJA International Jet Aviation Services I-JET United States  
  HSP International Jet Charter HOSPITAL United States The Flying Hospital
  RSQ International SOS WIndhoek SKYMEDIC Namibia  
  ISF International Sabilisation Assistance Force   United Kingdom  
  THN International Security Assistance Force ATHENA Canada  
  ITH International Trans-Air INTRANS NIGERIA Nigeria  
  IPT Interport Corporation INTERPORT United States  
  IKY Intersky GENERAL SKY Bulgaria  
  ISK Intersky Luftfahrt INTERSKY Austria  
I4 FWA Interstate Airline FREEWAYAIR Netherlands  
  ITU Intervuelos INTERLOS Mexico  
  INV Inversija INVER Latvia  
  IND Iona National Airways IONA Ireland  
  IOA Iowa Airways IOWA AIR United States  
IR IRA Iran Air IRANAIR Iran Was B9
EP IRC Iran Aseman Airlines   Iran  
  IRB Iranair Tours   Iran  
  IRG Naft Air Lines NAFT Iran  
IA IAW Iraqi Airways IRAQI Iraq  
  BIS Irbis Air IRBIS Kazakhstan  
  IRL Irish Air Corps IRISH Ireland  
  RDK Irish Air Transport IRISH TRANS Ireland  
  XMR Irish Aviation Authority AUTHORITY Ireland  
IT IRT Irtysh Airlines IRTYSH AIRLINES Uzbekistan (Kazakhstan)?
  XIA Irving Oil   Canada  
  KCE Irving Oil Transport KACEY Canada  
  ISI Island Air ISLANDMEX Mexico  
  ILF Island Air Charters ISLAND FLIGHT United States  
  XYZ Island Air Express RAINBIRD United States  
IS   Island Airlines   United States  
  SOY Island Aviation SORIANO Philippines  
  DQA Island Aviation Services   Maldives  
  IOM Island Aviation and Travel ISLE AVIA United Kingdom  
2S SDY Island Express SANDY ISLE United States  
8L CGP Cargo Plus Aviation   United Arab Emirates
  MTP Island Helicopters METROCOPTER United States  
  ILC Island Link   Japan  
  IAJ Islandair Jersey JARLAND United Kingdom  
CN   Islands Nationair   Papua New Guinea  
  ICB Icebird Airline ICEBIRD Iceland  
IF ISW Islas Airways PINTADERA Spain  
  IGS Isle Grande Flying School ISLA GRANDE United States  
WC ISV Islena De Inversiones   Honduras  
  IOS Isles of Scilly Skybus SCILLONIA United Kingdom  
  IAI Israel Aircraft Industries ISRAEL AIRCRAFT Israel  
  IAF Israeli Air Force   Israel  
6H ISR Israir ISRAIR Israel  
  IST Istanbul Airlines ISTANBUL Turkey  
9X ACL Itali Airlines ITALI Italy  
  IFS Italy First RIVIERA Italy  
GI IKA Itek Air ITEK-AIR Kyrgyzstan ?ICAO
  IVS Ivoire Aero Services IVOIRE AERO Ivory Coast  
  IVW Ivoire Airways IVOIRAIRWAYS Ivory Coast  
  IJE Ivoire Jet Express IVOIRE JET Ivory Coast  
  OIC Iwamoto Crane Co Ltd   Japan  
  IXR Ixair X-BIRD France  
H9 IZM Izair IZMIR Turkey  
  IZA Izhavia IZHAVIA Russia  

* on IATA code indicates a controlled duplicate.

italics indicates a defunct airline.

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Published - January 2009

This glossary is available under the terms
of the GNU Free Documentation

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