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Airline codes
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IATA ICAO Airline Callsign Country Comment
  OCN O Air O-BIRD France  
UQ OCM O'Connor Airlines OCONNOR Australia Defunct - Bankrupt
CR   OAG   United Kingdom  
  JPA OSACOM J-PAT United States United States Army
O8 OHK Oasis Hong Kong Airlines OASIS Hong Kong Defunct
  BCN Ocean Air BLUE OCEAN Mauritania  
VC VCX Ocean Airlines OCEANCARGO Italy  
  OCS Ocean Sky (UK) OCEANSKY United Kingdom  
  TUK Ocean Wings Commuter Service TUCKERNUCK United States New Island Connections
O6 ONE Oceanair OCEANAIR Brazil  
O2   Oceanic Airlines   Guinea  
  ODS Odessa Airlines ODESSA AIR Ukraine  
  ODY Odyssey International ODYSSEY Canada  
  FOC Office Federal De'Aviation Civile FOCA Switzerland  
  GBO Ogooue Air Cargo   Gabon  
  OKJ Okada Airlines OKADA AIR Nigeria  
  OKP Okapi Airways OKAPI Democratic Republic of Congo  
  OKA Okay Airways OKAYJET China  
  OKL Oklahoma Department of Public Safety OKLAHOMA United States Troop O
  OLX Olimex Aerotaxi OLIMEX Czech Republic  
  KVK Olimp Air PONTA Kazakhstan  
OA OAL Olympic Airlines OLYMPIC Greece  
  OLY Olympic Aviation OLAVIA Greece  
WY OMA Oman Air OMAN AIR Oman  
  ORF Oman Royal Flight OMAN Oman  
  OAV Omni - Aviacao e Tecnologia OMNI Portugal  
OY OAE Omni Air International OMNI-EXPRESS United States  
  OMF Omniflys OMNIFLYS Mexico  
N3 OMS Omskavia Airline OMSK Russia  
  ORL On Air Limited ON AIR Canada  
  OTG One Two Go Airlines THAI EXPRESS Thailand  
  OTM Onetime Airlines Zambia ZEDTIME Zambia  
  MED Ontario Ministry of Health MEDICAL Canada  
8Q OHY Onur Air ONUR AIR Turkey  
  OPA Opal Air   Australia  
  OSA Open Sky Aviation   Lebanon  
  BOS OpenSkies MISTRAL United Kingdom  
  ORR Operadora Turistica Aurora TURISTICA AURORA Mexico  
  OLE Operadora de Lineas Ejecutivas OPERADORA Mexico  
  OTP Operadora de Transportes Aereos OPERADORA AEREO Mexico  
  OPV Operadora de Veulos Ejectutivos OPERADORA DE VUELOS Mexico  
  LLO Operation Enduring Freedom APOLLO Canada  
  OAX Operational Aviation Services   Australia  
  ORD Orange Air Services ORANGE SERVICES Sierra Leone  
  ORJ Orange Air Sierra Leone ORANGE SIERRA Sierra Leone  
  ORE Orange Aviation ORANGE AVIATION Israel  
  ORX Orbit Express Airlines OREX Turkey  
  ORK Orca Air ORCA TAXI Egypt  
  BUE Orebro Aviation BLUELIGHT Sweden  
  ORM Orel State Air Enterprise ORPRISE Russia  
R2 ORB Orenburg Airlines ORENBURG Russia  
  OTA Organizacion De Transportes Aereos ORGANIZACION Mexico  
  OML Organizacoes Mambra MAMBRA Angola  
  OVV Orient Air ORIENTSYR Syrian Arab Republic  
  OTR Orient Airlines ORIENTROC Sudan  
  ORN Orient Airways ORIENT LINER Pakistan  
OX OEA Orient Thai Airlines ORIENT THAI Thailand  
  NGK Oriental Air Bridge ORIENTAL BRIDGE Japan  
  OAC Oriental Airlines ORIENTAL AIR Nigeria  
QO OGN Origin Pacific Airways ORIGIN New Zealand  
  OED Orion Air Charter ORION CHARTER South Africa  
  OIX Orion-x ORIONIX Russia  
  KOV Orlan-2000 ORLAN Kazakhstan  
  RNG Ornage Aircraft Leasing ORANGE Netherlands  
  OAD Orscom Tourist Installations Company ORSCOM Egypt  
  OSH Osh Avia OSH AVIA Kyrgyzstan  
  OCO Ostend Air College AIR COLLEGE Belgium  
OL OLT Ostfriesische Lufttransport OLTRA Germany  
  FNL Oulun Tilauslento FINN FLIGHT Finland  
ON RON Our Airline OUR AIRLINE Nauru formerly Air Nauru
  OOT Out Of The Blue Air Safaris OOTBAS South Africa  
OJ OLA Overland Airways OVERLAND Nigeria  
  OXE Oxaero OXOE United Kingdom  
  WDK Oxford Air Services WOODSTOCK United Kingdom  
  OAA Oxley Aviation   Australia  
OZ OZR Ozark Air Lines OZARK United States defunct
O7 OZJ Ozjet Airlines AUSJET Australia  

* on IATA code indicates a controlled duplicate.

italics indicates a defunct airline.

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Published - January 2009

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