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Airline codes
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IATA ICAO Airline Callsign Country Comment
  DOD USAF Air Mobility Operations Control Center   United States  
  DOI U.S. Department of the Interior INTERIOR United States Office of Aircraft Services
  EXM United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority EXAM United Kingdom CAA Flight Examiners
  GIH Union des Transports Africains de Guinee TRANSPORT AFRICAIN Guinea  
  GKA US Army Parachute Team GOLDEN KNIGHTS United States  
U5 GWY USA3000 Airlines GETAWAY United States  
  UAB United Arabian Airlines UNITED ARABIAN Sudan  
UA UAL United Airlines UNITED United States  
  UAC United Air Charters UNITAIR Zimbabwe  
  UCS United Carriers Systems UNITED CARRIERS United States  
  UEA United Eagle Airlines UNITED EAGLE China  
U2 UFS United Feeder Service   United States  
  CFU United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority MINAIR United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority Flying Unit
  KRF United Kingdom Royal VIP Flights KITTYHAWK United Kingdom In Military Aircraft
  KRH United Kingdom Royal VIP Flight SPARROWHAWK United Kingdom In Civil Chartered Aircraft
  SDS United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority STANDARDS United Kingdom Training Standards
  TQF United Kingdom Royal VIP Flights RAINBOW United Kingdom Helicopter Flights
  CGX United States Coast Guard Auxiliary COASTGUARD AUXAIR United States  
  AGR United States Department Of Agriculture AGRICULTURE United States  
  UAD University Air Squadron   United Kingdom Colerne
  UAJ University Air Squadron   United Kingdom Glasgow
  UAA University Air Squadron   United Kingdom Leuchars
  UAH University Air Squadron   United Kingdom Newton
  HBU Universal Avia KHARKIV UNIVERSAL Ukraine  
  HLE UK HEMS HELIMED United Kingdom  
U7 JUS USA Jet Airlines JET USA United States  
  LEA Unijet LEADAIR France  
  MSH US Marshals Service MARSHALAIR United States US Department of Justice
  NDU University of North Dakota SIOUX United States  
  PNA Universal Airlines PACIFIC NORTHERN United States  
  RAU Uganda Royal Airways UGANDA ROYAL Uganda  
  SAU United Aviation Services UNISERVE Spain  
U6 SVR Ural Airlines SVERDLOVSK AIR Russia  
  TRB Ukraine Transavia KIROVTRANS Ukraine  
  UAF United Arab Emirates Air Force UNIFORCE United Arab Emirates  
  UAI Union Africaine des Transports UNAIR Ivory Coast  
  UCC Uganda Air Cargo UGANDA CARGO Uganda  
  UCH US Airports Air Charter US CHARTER United States  
  UCO Ucoaviacion UCOAVIACION Spain  
  UES Ues-Avia Aircompany AVIASYSTEM Ukraine  
  UGA Uganda Airlines UGANDA Uganda  
  UGC Urgemer Canarias URGEMER Spain  
  UHL Ukrainian Helicopters UKRAINE COPTERS Ukraine  
  UHS Ulyanovsk Higher Civil Aviation School PILOT AIR Russia  
  UJR Universal Jet Rental de Mexico UNIVERSAL JET Mexico  
  UJT Universal Jet Aviation UNI-JET United States  
  UKI UK International Airlines KHALIQ United Kingdom  
  UKL Ukraine Air Alliance UKRAINE ALLIANCE Ukraine  
UF UKM UM Airlines UKRAINE MEDITERRANEE Ukraine Ukraine Mediterranean Airlines
  UKN Ukraine Air Enterprise ENTERPRISE UKRAINE Ukraine  
  UKP United Kingdom Home Office POLICE United Kingdom  
6Z UKS Ukrainian Cargo Airways CARGOTRANS Ukraine  
  ULT Ultrair ULTRAIR United States  
  UMS Unitemp-M TOPAZ Russia  
  UNC Uni-Fly UNICOPTER Denmark  
  UNF Union Flights UNION FLIGHTS United States  
  UNJ Universal Jet PROJET Spain  
  UNS Unsped Paket Servisi UNSPED Turkey  
  UNU Unifly Servizi Aerei UNIEURO Italy  
  UPL Ukrainian Pilot School PILOT SCHOOL Ukraine  
5X UPS United Parcel Service UPS United States  
  URV Uraiavia URAI Russia  
US AWE US Airways CACTUS United States  
  USC US Check Airlines STAR CHECK United States  
  USF USAfrica Airways AFRICA EXPRESS United States  
UH USH US Helicopter US-HELI United States  
  USJ US Jet USJET United States  
  USX US Express AIR EXPRESS United States  
UT UTA UTair Aviation UTAIR Russia WAS P2 till 2006
  UTG UTAGE UTAGE Equatorial Guinea  
  UTR Utair South Africa AIRUT South Africa  
  UTS Ukrainian State Air Traffic Service Enterprise AIRRUH Ukraine  
  UTU Urartu-Air   Armenia  
  UVA Universal Airways UNIVERSAL United States  
  UVG Universal Airlines GUYANA JET Guyana  
  UVM Uvavemex UVAVEMEX Mexico  
  AIO United States Air Force AIR CHIEF United States Chief of Staff
  UVN United Aviation UNITED AVIATION Kuwait  
HY UZB Uzbekistan Airways UZBEK Uzbekistan  
PS AUI Ukraine International Airlines UKRAINE INTERNATIONAL Ukraine  
  WEC Universal Airlines AIRGO United States  
UH   US Helicopter Corporation   United States  
US   Unavia Suisse   Switzerland  
US USA USAir   United States now known as US Airways
US*   USAir Express   United States Allegheny Commuter Airlines, Inc. d/b/a USAir Express, was AL

* on IATA code indicates a controlled duplicate.

italics indicates a defunct airline.

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Published - January 2009

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