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DON'T WORK FOR BONAVERBA.NET - FAKE AGENCY               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Ed 11-05-2011 14:19

BonaVerba at is a fake agency. Do not work for them! The address 67 Sevegei Sk does not exist. The project managers: Helena Wisman and Caroline Wilsonn, are imposters. The IP number of Caroline Wilsonn is not even located in Turkey, but in Dimashq, Damascus, Syria. This agency issues fake purchase orders with fake contact details and they do not pay! There seems to be a gang posing under fake identities at translator networking websites. They all use gmail addresses. Don't accept any work from them!
Re: BONAVERBA               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Ed 12-05-2011 12:13

After many emails and threats to take further action, BonaVerba has finally paid up.
Re: DON'T WORK FOR BONAVERBA.NET - FAKE AGENCY               [Reply to this message]
Sender: cercatorre 12-08-2011 12:24

I see this message to late
I am also waiting for payment and they do not respond
What to do?
They own me allmost 900 euro
I have promissed them to report them to their clients and every translatorbase like this one as fakes and non payers but they do not seem to be impressed with that
How can we stop these people??
Re[2]: BONAVERBA.NET               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Ed 13-08-2011 02:15

Don't worry. They will not respond for a while, but they will eventually pay you after 40 days or so.
Re[3]: BONAVERBA.NET               [Reply to this message]
Sender: cercatorre 13-08-2011 03:29

40 days was about a week ago
they tried to put bad translation in my shoes which is not the case but not answering my emails and makes me nervous and after reading this message
they better pay because I will bomb the net with bad publicity about them
Re[4]: BONAVERBA.NET               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Ed 13-08-2011 13:49

I think they will pay eventually. They just seem to take their time here. You do a job for them and then you hear nothing from them after that. You send them emails and you don't get a reply. After a while, your emails bounce back because their mailboxes are full. In the end, they get back to you, requesting your bank details, so that they can transfer the amount they owe you.

I am not sure if the company is based in Istanbul. I asked a contact there if there was such an address. She informed me that it did not exist and that this company was probably a foreign one.

When they advertise on this site, the IPs come from universities/colleges in the US and Germany or from Syria. Their website is very similar to the one from Lingoecho. At first I thought BonaVerba and Lingoecho were the same people. This, of course, needs to be confirmed.

Apart from their email addresses, they cannot be contacted.
Re[5]: BONAVERBA.NET               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Shalini Kheterpal 02-04-2012 19:03

Hi, you are right..Lingoecho: I worked for this agency and I waited for 4 and more months and suddenly a mail came and requested me to remove feedback and got ready to pay penalty.
And he made an excuse that their Project manager Steven ran away with money and he is the new one but I feel that its a big story!
He did not pay other translators.
I want to know that BonaVerbas and lonaverbas are they different?
But their Project manager is same...I feel suspicious!
Re[6]: BONAVERBA.NET               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Ed 03-04-2012 08:51

I think it is a new company with a new approach, even though the project manager is the same. They also pay for the project completed and are more supportive than BonaVerba.
Re[7]: BONAVERBA.NET               [Reply to this message]
Sender: cercatorre 03-04-2012 09:12

Hello Ed how did you get this info?
did you get paid?
I didn't
I want a way to block thieves like this from this website
I am sure this Caroline is the same and probably the "owner"
WHY are they not blocked from this and for that matter other websites???
Re[8]: BONAVERBA.NET               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Ed 03-04-2012 16:33


Yes. I got paid. And the new company is different. I guess different people are running the show since they have a more professional approach and are more supportive (for example, I have issues with my CAT tool and they even helped me fix it). And they also pay on time.

Hello Ed how did you get this info?
did you get paid?
I didn't
I want a way to block thieves like this from this website
I am sure this Caroline is the same and probably the "owner"
WHY are they not blocked from this and for that matter other websites???
BONAVERBA               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Ed 01-09-2011 10:11

This agency still advertises on this website. They are always looking for translators. Maybe they are not paying them. I received three emails in the past week. When I stated that I would not do any work until they finally paid for the last project, they did not reply.
Re: BONAVERBA               [Reply to this message]
Sender: cercatorre 01-09-2011 10:36

OK silly question:I am not paid, you have not received the full payment and there have to be others aswell
So why are they still allowed to advertise here????
Is there no solidarity?
Block them untill they pay everybody!!!
Re[2]: BONAVERBA               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Ed 01-09-2011 15:15

Ceratorre, have they recently approached you for other projects? I have been approched at least three times. When I mention payment, they disappear again lol.

I suggest you write to them every day, reminding them that they owe you money.
Re[3]: BONAVERBA               [Reply to this message]
Sender: cercatorre 01-09-2011 15:34

Done that and am doing that
Obviously that does not scare them
We should be able to block them from this site and other sites
To push them to pay us and not fuck around doing the same to others
Re[4]: BONAVERBA               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Ed 22-09-2011 10:26

Did they pay you in the end?
Re[5]: BONAVERBA               [Reply to this message]
Sender: cercatorre 22-09-2011 11:10

I am still not paid
I send new messages every other day and today after many weeks of silence I finaly got a reply with all the standard bullshit
She stated that because of bad translations they lost the client and all future work with that client
I know the quality of my work and stand for this quality all the way and P.S. I know the quality is much better then what you normaly would get for 3 eurocent/ word for a german to English translation it also says more about their quality as editors
Apart from that I can never be held responsable for their contract with their clients
It can never be on my plate that their client does not pay them
as they are responsable for the contract with the client and for the quality of the final translation
I am currently because of Bonaverba and another not paying "clients" in financial problems and told them that because of that I would even accept half the payment not because of the quality of my work but the desperate need for money
I hope they will at least pay half the money then I have more time to get out of this financial problems for a while
and close this stupid subject
Re[6]: BONAVERBA               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Ed 22-09-2011 13:56

They are always looking for translations and that is a sure sign that they are probably not paying them. I did a small project for them and they still have not paid. They have offered me more work, but I said that I would not accept any more work from them until they paid me for the last project. I have also sent them plenty of reminders but they still have not replied.

Some agencies bring up the quality issue as an excuse not to pay. Did they post you a copy of your translation with feedback from a proofreader/editor and/or translator? If not, then I'm afraid they are making an excuse.
Re[7]: BONAVERBA               [Reply to this message]
Sender: cercatorre 22-09-2011 15:03

No,they did not send my work back to me but complaint that the proofreader needed 5 hours to check my text of more then 20000 words
which is in my book very fast and can only mean there was little or nothing to change
They offered to pay me half the money because of those 5 hours proofreading which I find ridiculious but even that money is not paid
It felt wrong from the begining
I needed to ask for a PO and had to have it checked and corrected several times
There where suposed to be other translators working on the same project
But this was mentioned so silly it was hard to believe
I cannot understand how they can still work on this site and other sites
How can we stop them
Because of people like this I have no money at the moment and cannot provide for my family
I had several not paying 'clients' lately with as a result that I am broke
At least the other clients that where late excused themselves and where very happy with my work but have the same problem of no or late paying clients
It is absurd that the agencies let us freelancers suffer for their not or late paying customers and getting away with it
we have to stop them!!!!
Re[8]: BONAVERBA               [Reply to this message]
Sender: Ed 23-09-2011 09:37

Maybe you should write to them again regarding payment. I have just been paid for a small project I completed in July.
Re[9]: BONAVERBA               [Reply to this message]
Sender: cercatorre 23-09-2011 09:56

Good for you!!!
I have very little faith left in this so called company and am thinking about what action to take against them suggestions are welcome
I already send them an email that I need the money very badly and would even accept the half of the original bill (as they proposed themself)not that I would take responsability of bad translation in accepting half the payment
Better half then nothing and it is just to be over and done with simply to close this debacle but still no answer on that email neither

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