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Sender: SHAHID MAHMOOD 18-05-2024 12:37

Dear all, please read the following story, I myself the victim of this.
I receive an email “(I hope this email finds you well. My name is Roy Petros, and I am reaching out to you from Los Angeles, California. I am currently employed as a top project supervisor at Inkwell Press Publications, a reputable organization known for excellence in various aspects of publishing.
I recently came across your contact information on TranslatorDirectory, a platform that we hold in high regard. As we are currently seeking highly skilled freelancers who can provide translation and proofreading services to give a final polish to a document that is soon to be published. We would like to inquire about your availability and interest in taking on a new translation project with ( Your expertise and skills would be a valuable addition to our team, and we believe that your contributions would greatly benefit our ongoing and upcoming projects. If you are open to discussing this opportunity further, please let us know your availability for a follow-up discussion. We would be happy to provide more details about the project and answer any questions you may have regarding the collaboration. Thank you for considering this opportunity with us. We look forward to the possibility of working together and leveraging your talents for our mutual success.)”
He wanted to get a report about 30,000 words on Women's Health Agenda translated into Urdu. He sent me pdf of project along with guidelines. When I finished the project and sent him they appreciate me and gave me an email and told me to send at this. I sent the project to the email provided, then they sent me a link and told me to create an account on given website then contact any Mr. David James on telegram, after creating an account I contact Mr. David they debited amount on oakmadok quickly.
But the real game begins here. When I tried to withdraw money, I found out that it was a fake website. When I clicked on withdraw asked to provide IBT code, I contacted David for the code they asked me $250 for this. I tried for wire transfer there is first and mandatory dropdown ‘select the bank’ but that list is empty.
The purpose of this detailed discussion is that scammers have now started targeting freelancers, so we all need to be careful.

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