How To Get Free Promotion For Your Website... (Part 3) General Tips on Working as a Freelancer translation jobs
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How To Get Free Promotion For Your Website... (Part 3)

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Ken Leonard Jr.Submitting Your Article To Start The Free Promotion Machine

It's done. You've written your first article. Now what do I do?, you ask. Well, it's time to announce your article to the online world.

For Use In Ezines

Subscribe to newsletters related to your niche. See if your work would fit into their style and format. Send an email to the publisher of each related ezine and ask if they would review your article for possible publication in their ezine. Personalize the email (publisher's name, ezine name) and write in a conversational tone. Be friendly, you are contacting a busy person. Kindly request that they consider your article. Publishers get a lot of email. They delete anything that even smells like spam. Don't just send one email, with 20 names in the To: or CC: field. Don't send the article as an attachment. Paste it into the body of the email. And don't send ten articles at once. Treat them as you would have others treat you.

Free Content Sites

Many online publishers simply cannot (or will not) write articles for their own publications. They are constantly in need of good, fresh, informative articles. Free content websites exist to serve these publishers. Submitting your article to a high traffic content site can mean a ton of free exposure. No emails are sent to these sites. They provide online forms to allow you to submit your article. You just cut and paste.

Here are a few good ones to get you started:

Idea Marketers


Ezine Articles

Making Profit

Article Master/Opportunity Update

Ultimate Profits' Success and Money Library

CFC (Click For Content) Article Bank

Article Announcement Lists/Groups

These groups are moderated discussion email lists. You can post articles to a group, and every member of the list gets a copy. You also get copies of all articles that other members submit. You must join the list to participate.

Here are a couple of popular free content email groups:

Article Announce (Yahoo Groups)

Free-Content (Yahoo Groups)

As an added bonus, some content sites offer announcement emails to their users, too. Submit to the site, and you automatically get included in the announcement email list.

Follow The Rules

Be aware that all ezine publishers have a certain standard for accepting article submissions. If you don't follow the guidelines, the submission will get deleted. Content sites will not approve your submission if it doesn't meet their rules. Moderated email groups have even less tolerance to article submitters not following their guidelines. Make sure that you get it right the first time. If you can't find their guidelines, ask for them.

After You've Submitted Your Article

Here's what you can expect from all of the work that you put into writing and submitting your article.

When an ezine publisher runs your piece in front of 30,000 readers, chances are that you will get some clicks on your resource box link. Maybe quite a few. They could be potential buyers, or new subscribers to your free newsletter. And they
were free.

Your articles on free content sites are permanent parts of each one. They can generate leads for you 24/7, even while you are sleeping. Write an article once, and it works for you over and over again. It is free to submit to these sites.

Announcement groups/lists are great for the busy online publisher. And for you, too. Your article is sent directly to the inboxes of hundreds of publishers that need good content. They didn't have to go anywhere to find your article. It came to them. This is free, too.

Promoting your website can include many marketing techniques, but some of the best free promotional tools you'll ever have are the articles you write. People get to know your name, and you build your online credibility at the same time.

What a deal. Go write an article.

See also: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

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