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How to Win Clients by Providing Certified Translation Services

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Providing certified translation services can help you to win more clients. But how do you become a certified translator and how do you market your translation services in a way that will make clients want to hire you, rather than another translator?

Read on to discover all this and more. If you want to compete with the best translation services, you need to discover and mimic what the best translation agencies are offering, including certified translation. Let’s look at why and how you can do just that.

How do you translate a document officially?

Translating a document officially means using a certified translation service. This is a service that provides an official confirmation that the translation is a true and accurate copy of the original document.

Certified translation services are often used by government departments and by the legal and medical professions. The latter has, understandably, seen a spike in demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with medical documents being exchanged between countries.

With more than 32 million cases globally (at the time of writing), the coronavirus has impacted the working world in myriad ways, with an increased need for translation services being one! Individual countries are using certified translation for domestic purposes as well. When it comes to certified translation services, UK government departments, medical firms, and businesses all need a professional touch. Such services enable huge cities such as London and Birmingham to communicate COVID-19-related messaging to their non-English-speaking residents.

How to win clients with certified translation services

If you want to win clients by providing certified translation services, you’ll need to show them the benefits. The benefits of using certified translation services in the first place and then the benefits of them using you to provide them.

There are various ways that you can do this. One of the best is to establish your authority as a provider of translation services (including certified translation services) through your own blog, LinkedIn profile, and on community groups and translation portals. Showcase your expertise so that anyone who Googles you to check your credentials will instantly see your skills on show.

Then it’s a question of getting your message across to clients. You can use a variety of marketing approaches for this and often a combination of them works best. From email marketing to using social networks to sell your services, it’s a question of targeting the kind of clients you want to work for and then making them see why they need your services.

You can also win clients as a certified translator through freelancing sites like Upwork and through portals like Translation Directory. It can also be advantageous to approach agencies providing certified translation services online, to see if they need the skills of another certified translator.

Of course, all of this depends on your becoming a certified translator in the first place. How do I become a certified translator? There’s not actually a simple answer to this, as the meaning of ‘certified translator’ differs from country to country. As such, you need to check what it means to provide certified translation services in your own location. Only then can you ensure that you meet the requirements to provide certified translation services. UK translations, for example, require a certificate of translation to be issued with the translation. However, the translator does not need to hold any particular qualifications or accreditations in order to provide this kind of translation services.

Why it makes sense to win clients as a certified translator

Winning clients by providing official document translation services provide you with several benefits. It’s not just about earning more money, although that, of course, comes into play.

Indeed reports that the average translator in the UK earns Ј26,066 per annum. However, the salary range varies considerably, going from Ј7,500 to Ј66,000. Becoming a certified translator is one step that you can take to move closer to the larger end of that scale.

Salary aside, winning clients through expanding the range of translation services that you offer makes good sense in the current climate of job insecurity and economic hardship. Working for just one or two clients carries a high degree of risk. If one or both of them suddenly can’t afford a certified translator anymore, your income will suffer hugely.

Providing translation services for a larger number of clients means more security in terms of your income. When you have ten clients, losing one of them is slightly unfortunate. When you have one or two, it can be a disaster.

Now that you know how and why it’s so important to win clients by providing certified translation services, all that remains is to go out and start doing so. Good luck!

Published in November 2020.

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