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How to Create More Content Faster

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You may have realized by now that a large part of getting high on Google's radar is by producing some quality content. But to compete against the big players, you're not only going to need a lot of content, you're going to need a lot of relevant content. Optimized, engaging, interesting, varied - and oozing with brand personality and that extra viral quality that people can't resist liking and sharing!

How to Create More Content Faster

Sounds like hard work? That's because it is. If you've got extra cash to invest and time is your greatest challenge, you could think about outsourcing this task to a copywriter, content marketer, designer, or videographer. And if you work in different languages, you'll need expert online translation services.

Unfortunately for most of us, however, we face a little problem called “budget.” Which means that you're probably going to have to get this done on your own. At least in the beginning. But how do you become a content factory if you quiver at the idea of writing an article? Where do you start if you're just getting your head around terms like “SERP” and “Going Viral?”

Produce Content from Content

The best way to create a lot of content is by starting off with one main source. Do you need an original piece of content to start the game off? It helps. But not necessarily, as long as you don't plagiarize anybody. Check with Copyscape if you're worried about duplicate content.

There's no problem with starting out from a video you share (and credit) on your social media, or an article relevant to your business. Once you have the main source of content, you can begin to break it down and make more content from it. A video clip becomes an article, a newsletter, a Facebook post, a tweet, an animated GIF – the whole nine yards!

Content from Audio

Audio content is becoming more popular and a great way to attract visitors to your site. You could think about holding interviews with your loyal clients, or maybe a local celebrity. You could even have someone question you on how you started your company and whatchallengesyou face.

You'll have a nice audio podcast or audio-visual podcast to put on your site and share across social media. Which is then easy-peasy to break down into an article (or two or three), which can then be split into chunks of micro content.

Maybe your interview covers a lot of areas. How you started the business, what it's like working every day, what your motivations are,favoriteproducts, or perhaps who inspires you most. Each one of these topics can be broken down into separate blog articles which you can post weekly. Out of just one 15-20-minute podcast, you can create at least four articles for your blog! Which means if you only post once a week, you're covered for the month.

Making a Podcast on a Budget

If your interview is face-to-face, you can use the recorder on your smartphone if you don't have a digital recording device. It will automatically save the file in a format easy to upload and edit on your Mac or PC, with a downloaded program like Audacity. Remember to research your interviewee beforehand and try not to speak when they're speaking. Also, keep your recording to a maximum of 20-30 minutes if you want to keep the momentum going.

If your interview will be held online, you can conduct a video call via Skype and record the session with a video recorder like SnagIt, or any of these tools here. Your video interview will be saved as an MP4 and you can upload to your website, blog, or YouTube channel with ease.

Turning Your Podcast into an Article

Listen to your podcast and get it transcribed. If you're short on time you can easily outsource this mundane task for a few dollars to a site like Day Translations or Fancy Hands. It will be easier once you have the text in front of you. What you want to avoid next is simply repeating the interview – that's what the transcript is for.

The key here is to pick up on the most important points of the interview and create articles out of those. If your customer talks about the benefits of magnesium, or the fact that her baby's skin allergies never appear when wearing your clothing, then develop those topics. Something like – “Why Magnesium Is So Good for Your Body” and “What Causes Baby Allergies and How They Can Be Avoided”. Give me a little longer and I'll write the articles for you!

Breaking Your Articles into Social Posts

Don't just copy the first paragraph of your article, paste and add “read more”. That's a really lazy way of catching people's attention. Also, you'll be linking to your article and the first few sentences will show up anyway. Instead, think about writing a short description for your post or an eye-catching title (different from the one in the link).

The jury's out on how long your Facebook posts should be, with some experts recommending as little as 40 characters. The key is to mixing your posts up. You won't always link to a blog article. You won't always talk about promotions. You won't always post or share a humorous meme.

The best way is to keep it varied and use your mothership content source for inspiration.If you're really feeling creative, check out how to make an animated GIF. Almost all inspiring quotes or the animated GIFs you see on socialwere derived from bigger pieces of content. When you start milking your content for all it's worth you can become a content marketing machine in no time. Freeing up your time to work on running your business, hangingout with your friends, or maybe even taking a vacation.

Author Bio

Christina Comben

Christina Comben is Content Manager at translation services provider, Day Translations. Motivated by challenge, change and continued learning, Christina has garnered in-depth knowledge of diverse office environments and varying industries, from media and entertainment, to education, health and information technology. You can connect with Christina through Twitter (@christinacomben) or LinkedIn.

Published in February 2017

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