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Questions And Answers About Paid Surveys

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Since paid surveys have become so popular in recent years there are many questions that have come up surrounding them. Finding answers to these question is not always so easy though. With so many paid survey sites out there it is hard to know what to believe.

To try and clear up some of the confusion surrounding paid surveys and sites offering paid surveys I have put together a list of questions and answers (like an FAQ) to help navigate the grey areas of paid surveys. Hopefully this will shed some light on some of the questions you have had and make it easier for you to make a clear decision regarding paid surveys and paid survey sites.

Can I really make money taking paid surveys?
Yes you can. Tens of thousands of people just like you get paid to take surveys every day. This is a fun and risk free way to make some extra money.

Why would someone pay me to take a survey online?
Major corporations hire market research companies to get customer feedback on their products. The market research companies create the surveys and they pay you to take them as an incentive. The market research companies are simply passing along part of their earnings to you to get your opinion. It is sort of like a commission.

Will I get spammed by signing up for paid survey sites?
No, not usually but you do have to take some care. Some sites are simply trying to get your email address so they can sell it or use it to send you additional offers. If the site is asking you if you want more information on other products or services there is a good chance you will get spam. If you are being offered a fantastic prize to sign up you might want to do more research on that company. If it is a paid survey database site then you will very likely get more email offers if you give them your email address to register. Remember, the legitimate survey companies will never endorse a product or service because they need to remain unbiased. Read the companies privacy policy if you have concerns. Most of the sites out there are legitimate and will only email you when they have survey opportunities for you.

Should I pay for membership to a database of paid survey sites?
No, there is no reason for you to pay for membership to a database of paid survey sites and that includes giving them your email address to register. Market research companies are prohibited from charging people to register to take surveys because it makes them biased. In addition, the market research companies take a very negative stance against any site that makes you pay to get access to paid surveys. And finally, you can find most of the sites yourself for free. There are sites out there that have good comprehensive listings of paid survey companies. All you have to do is a little searching to find them.

How much money can I make taking paid surveys?
This question is difficult to answer because the answer completely depends on a number of things. What demographic are you in? Some people are recruited more heavily than others to take surveys. Right now people of Spanish descent are in heavy demand and will get many survey opportunities. There are other groups as well that are always in heavy demand. How many paid survey sites will you register with? The more sites you register with the more surveys you will get and you will have a better chance to make more money. Will you check your email and respond to surveys daily? You have to respond to the surveys to get paid. In addition, some surveys fill up fast so you need to respond to them fast. Also, the survey companies like to send the best paying surveys to the members that they know will respond.

How does it work?
Each paid survey company works a bit differently, but in general this is how it works. First you register at a paid survey site. They will ask for some basic demographic information during the registration such as age, income, gender, etc. They will then send you an email to confirm your registration (not all companies do this). Once you confirm your registration you may be able to log into the survey site and provide them with more detailed demographic information. When the survey company has a survey that fits your demographic they will send you an email invitation. The invitation usually links right to the survey which you then take and qualify for your reward.

What kinds of incentives are offered?
The incentives can vary from site to site and even based on what survey you are taking. Of course cash is a popular incentive, but there are others. Gift certificates (especially from Amazon) are popular incentives. Some sites will offer merchandise such as CD’s, DVD’s, small appliances, etc. Many times you will be entered into drawings for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The payment also varies with some sites paying per each survey and some sites requiring a minimum payout. If you take surveys regularly the minimum payout is usually pretty easy to reach.

Can I get rich by taking paid surveys?
So many people ask this question and unfortunately the answer is no. I wish it was yes because then I would already be retired. You can make a decent amount of money taking paid surveys though. Think of it like a well paying part time job, but you get to work from home, decide how many hours you want to work and decide when you want to work. The sites that tell you that you can make thousands of dollars a month are simply lying to you. Yes there may be some people out there making that kind of money, but most people will not come close to that kind of income.

Well then is it worth it to make some extra cash taking paid surveys?
I think that it is definitely worth it. While it may not make you rich it is fun and easy and there is no risk involved unlike other online schemes. You can make a decent hourly rate at your own leisure. I have a good time participating in paid surveys and it is really neat when you see a new product come out that you reviewed months before in a survey.

So, that’s it for the paid survey FAQ. I hope that I have answered some of your questions and made the whole area of paid surveys more clear for you. If you disregard the hype around paid surveys and take a realistic view of what to expect then paid surveys can be a fun way to make some extra money. There is no risk, you get to see new products before they come out, can improve existing products through your feedback and you get paid besides.

Have fun and make money. No cost and no registration, just free access to over 300 paying survey sites. Paid Survey Success is your ticket to a fun and easy way to make money in your spare time.

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