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Private Label Rights: How to Use and Profit from PLR Articles

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Rosalind GardnerInformation is what surfers are looking for and successful Internet marketers know that providing relevant content on their sites is the first key to building a highly profitable online business.

That's easy enough for those who love to write, but how can new webmasters succeed if they hate to write?

Fortunately, 'private label rights' sellers have stepped up to fill the void.

So, what are Private Label Rights?

In most cases, Private Label Rights are articles and ebooks contracted out to and written by ghost writers. Occassionally, you'll see private label rights granted to software and graphics.

There are two significant benefits to buying a private label rights package.

First of all, buying PLR packages is really inexpensive compared to hiring a ghost writer to produce articles or an ebook for you. Private label rights articles average 10 to 20 cents a piece, whereas a ghostwriter will charge between 10 and 30 bucks for one well-written article.

Secondly, you can usually modify the content in any way you want, which brings me to the different ways you can use PLR articles.

For example, if you bought a package of 50 articles about 'interior design', you could take the entire package, create an ebook with a fancy graphic, call it "Debbie's Design: 50 Tips for Divine Decor" and sell it through Clickbank. You'll even be able to find affiliates at Clickbank to sell the book for you!

You could even sell your new book on eBay and generate affiliate sales or bring traffic to your site through links in the book.

The private label rights package you buy may come in ebook format, so you might want to take the whole thing and separate it out into individual articles.

You could put each of the articles on your site or post them to your blog. Those new pages will get spidered by the engines and generate more traffic to your site. If you can't find an affiliate program relevant to a particular topic, you can generate revenue by adding Google Adsense to those pages.

Another thing you can do is use the first paragraph or two of each article in a follow-up autoresponder series and include a link to the complete article on your site.

Alternatively, you could put one or two of the articles together as a 'special report' which you then use as incentive to sign up for your newsletter.

Last but not least, you could just give the product away as a bonus, and drive revenue through affiliate links that you've added to the material.

Most private label rights packages are restricted to a certain number of buyers, so you won't have to worry about 'your' material showing up 3 gazillion times on Google.

Having the right to modify the articles means that your final product will be completely different from anyone else who buys and repackages the same material.

In all likelihood however, you won't have to worry about competition as most people who buy PLR packages set their project aside for 'another day' and then do nothing with the material.

Before you buy a private label rights package, read the terms carefully. You want to make sure that you have the right to change, modify, cut, delete the content in any way you want, and put your name on it.

It's no wonder that Private Label Rights are now 'all the rage'. It's a great way for those with a little initiative to turn a small investment into a lucrative online business.

Recommended Private Label Rights (PLR) Distributors

Info Go Round

InfoGoRound by Bryan Winters is a Private label niche article site that adds 100-300+ brand new articles in 40+ content categories to the database each month. Categories include:

  • Business
  • Employment and Wealth
  • Health & Fitness
  • Society
  • Computers & Internet
  • Entertainment & Recreation
  • Home & Family

You'll also receive 200-250 private label articles on HOT niche topics. Each topic contains between 10 and 50 articles. Professional web-site graphics packages are included with every private label product. The InfoGoRound site includes a built-in formatting tool that lets you instantly format your articles to your desired application, ie. set a newsletter to 60 characters wide.

Niche Health Products

Registered nurse, Kim Standerline, offers Private Label Resell Rights to 2 brand new health niche ebooks every month, 25 additional articles and the keywords related to those topics! Kim's package also includes 2 separate sets of graphics and book covers, Free Hosting for up to 10 web sites, a members-only affiliate program and an XSitePro template for one the niche products.

Article Force

Launched in early January 2006 by Matt Bass, Article Force offers 375 articles in 15 different niche topics per month and includes 15 niche topic reports and 15 comprehensive keyword lists. Slightly more expensive than the other PLR sites, Matt's articles are all between 500 and 600 words in length (read 'real articles) and memberships are strictly limited to 200 members. From a quality perspective, I highly recommend Article Force.

Dog Niche Articles at Article Brainstorm

'Dog' was the 9th most popular Internet Dogpile search terms in 2005. On a daily basis, Mike Robinson will send you 5 brand new Dog articles that range in word count from 350 to 500 words and 2 short articles for use on your doggie blogs and adsense sites. That's a total of more than 200 articles per month... all about dogs! Ruff!

Self-Help Articles at Article Brainstorm

Who doesn't need help? Mike Robinson's personal development PLR site offers 200+ very good quality articles per month on the following topics:

  • Financial Success
  • Loving Relationships
  • Business Management
  • Better Parenting
  • Goal Setting
  • Positive Thinking
  • Emotional Healing
  • Self Confidence
  • Stress Relief
  • Anger Management
  • Effective Leadership
  • Professional Appearance
  • Overcoming Fear
  • Dating Tips
  • Communication
  • Time Management
  • Organization

On a daily basis, Mike Robinson will send you 5 brand new self-help articles that range in word count from 350 to 500 words and 2 short articles to use on your sites, blogs, in yours newsletters and anywhere else you can think of.

Ready Made Content

Joel Osborne supplies 150 original articles every month for less than $0.20 per article. Membership is strictly limited to 200 members.

Content Desk

Content Desk is much MORE than a provider of private label rights articles. Started by highly successful Internet entrepeneurs Jack Humphrey, Mark Braunstein and Peter Lenkefi; Content Desk is an exclusive online community focusing on four things; community, learning, technology and profits. It's also a source of over 150,000 high-quality, targeted articles. Membership has been re-opened for a short time, only a limited number of memberships are available.

Learn more about Content Desk. Includes a Report & Case Study on jvAleert's Sid Hale.

Author's Resource: Article by Rosalind Gardner, author of the best-selling "Super Affiliate Handbook: How I Made $436,797 in One Year Selling Other People's Stuff Online". To learn how you too can succeed in Internet and affiliate marketing, please visit

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