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Web Site Promotion: Free Web Site Traffic That Produces Leads and Sales

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Ken Leonard Jr.Sure, you can pay for ezine advertising and PPC listings and get targeted traffic all day long. But wouldn't you like to have a stream of free quality traffic (at no extra cost) bringing you interested web site visitors at the same time that your advertising is running? Web promotion, when done correctly, can bring you that stream of free, targeted traffic.

There are many different web site promotion methods you can use. The time it will take to learn and apply them is well worth it. The key to profitable results from your free traffic is to use every web site promotion method that you can.

What are some web site promotion methods that you can easily put into action to bring you a stream of free targeted traffic?

1) Writing and submitting promotional articles
2) Exchanging links with quality, related web sites
3) Swapping ads and articles with other webmasters/publishers
4) Writing and submitting free, helpful ebooks/reports
5) Getting publicity from newspapers, tv and radio
6) Using viral marketing methods

Considering the price of advertising, you are crazy if you don't develop a strong web site promotion system. And don't think that you can just pay for traffic using one of those "100,000 guaranteed hits to your website" deals. Those "pay for hits" programs generally do not produce quality visitors. Test for yourself and you will see what I mean. But make sure you use money that you can afford to lose.

That means your site about "travel destinations" may get hits from people looking for computers, movie info and classic cars, in addition to any other subject you can think of. These visitors are useless to you, and the money you paid for the traffic was wasted. All the more reason to use many free or low cost ways at the same time to promote your web site, if you're interested in long term results.

You've probably read that most people fail to make any money with their web sites. The online home business owners that succeed are the ones that have a serious web promotion plan and have put it into action. They are getting quality traffic that in some cases would have cost thousands in advertising costs. And they're not paying a dime for it.

I get email every day asking how to make money from home online. No matter what product or subject the emailer is dealing with, they are advised to learn the finer points of copywriting for the web and to learn web site promotion. If you can learn to write attention grabbing headlines and compelling sales copy, you can place ads in ezines and with the PPCs that will bring in leads and make you money. If you take the time to learn a systematic approach to web site promotion, you stand to bring in even more leads and make more money, with no extra cost to you. Wouldn't you say that's a really good deal?

Using a web site promotion plan properly can get you all the free and low cost targeted traffic you could ever want.

Do yourself a favor and don't waste any more valuable time. Get started right away and learn how you can produce more leads and sales at no cost to you with free and low cost web site promotion. Or would you rather pay for every lead and visitor to every one of your web sites forever. It's your choice.

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