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How To Succeed At Your Home-Based Business... With The Basics!

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Ken Leonard Jr.It goes without saying that having good work habits is essential for success in any business venture, whether online or offline. Online marketing presents a worldwide selling opportunity, but with it comes a sea of businesses competing for the same customers that you are. Successful people do what others aren't willing to do to make it happen. Don't you think that using excellent work habits might give you an edge over the competition?

You're right. It will!

Direct marketers in the real world have succeeded using the basics for years. These apply to any form of sales or business, certainly to online marketing. Consider email marketing, which is direct marketing. You are presenting a product or service (read: sales pitch) to a prospect directly to their own personal email inbox. The marketer has to deal with a lot of the same issues that offline marketers deal with daily.

With experience comes the knowledge of a veteran marketer. These sales talents have been developed around a base of straight-forward, simple concepts that are a must for success. The online marketer that learns and applies these ideas will have an edge over the poor work habits of a lot of people selling on the internet today.

Step One - Be Positive, Always

When someone asks "How are you today?", how do you answer? If it's not "great", it should be. Positivity breeds positive results, as negativity only leaves you nasty, with poor results. Do whatever it takes to build and achieve a positive manner and outlook on life. This will be easier for some than for others. You know yourself the best. If you are generally a negative, abusive or short-tempered person, this may be difficult for you. But it is certainly possible. If you are an easy-going person that may have an occasional bad day (like we all do), this will be easy for you to accomplish.

The benefits of achieving a positive attitude are enourmous, helping you reach all of your goals and aspirations. The presence of a negative attitude can be disastrous to any small business, especially to a home-based venture.

Step Two - Don't Lose Your Attitude

It is easy to relax on a sofa with chips and a cool beverage, and maintain a great attitude. The test comes when you are confronted with negatives. They may be from family or friends, a co-worker, or from a business lead that just told you no. How about from a day of dozens of "no"s from potential customers?

It helps to understand the "law of averages", as it concerns sales matters, to keep that good attitude going strong. Basically, the law of averages means that the more people (contacts) you see (or call or email), the more "yes"s (sales, leads, promo opps) you will get. Sales of any kind is all a numbers game. When you are having a bad work day (lots of "no"s, poor ad responses), don't quit with a bad attitude. Increase your efforts (see the people, or work to make the people see you) and you will find the prospects and sales. You will make more money, and will feel better about yourself for going the extra mile.

It takes work to keep up a good attitude.

Step Three - Be Prepared

Yes, here in the US, this is the motto of the "Boy Scouts". Know what you are getting yourself into. Always research your position in the market. Never lose a sale or a good lead because you didn't do your homework. With online marketing, this means reading as much quality material on the subject. This means studying your competition. Don't launch a product, then find your target market. Research the market first, find a common problem and fix it. Find a small, focused niche of customers that you can present a beneficial product or service to. Now build your product around the unfulfilled needs and wants of this niche market. Being prepared before you develop a product will save you time and headaches in the future. It may also mean the difference between success and failure.

Step Four - Set Goals

All of the steps in this article are important. Setting realistic, do-able goals may be at the top, along with having a positive attitude.

You must have a solid business plan of action if you expect to succeed. You must know where you want to take this "ship", and where you want it to take you. Do whatever works for you to build a strong game plan. If you want to write your goals down, do it (This is an excellent way to know exactly where you stand, and where you want to go). If you need to put up signs and notes around your office or home to remind you daily of your goals, by all means do it.

Set achievable goals to map out your plan. This gives you a focus point, so all of your tasks take on great meaning. It doesn't matter if the task is large or small, all focus points to your goals. When you set short-term (daily, weekly, quarterly, etc.) goals, and don't reach them, re-evaluate your goals. Start a little lower until you can achieve those tasks, then slowly increase them. Medium-term goals (monthly, biyearly, yearly, etc.) can be edited occasionally to ensure that everything is moving in the right direction. Long-term goals (yearly, further into the future) can be adjusted, too, but don't stray from your vision. This is the big picture that enables all other goals to make sense, and is the motivator that will let you keep a good attitude and strive for success. Achieving goals along the way will give you a sense of progress.

Step Five - Know Your Customer

The most effective methods of online marketing involve selling to a small niche group of prospects. Focusing your product or service to a perfect target customer will allow you to meet and exceed their wants and needs, while gaining a warm lead for future (back-end) sales.

Before developing a product, find out what your target customer is all about. Get to know their needs and wants, their likes and dislikes. In short, become your customer. Don't waste time marketing to everybody, just focus on the few that may be interested in what you have to offer.

Step Six - Work A Full Day

Not everyone is cut out to be their own boss. That's why regular jobs exist. Employees go to work and know that they have to perform, or they will be replaced. That is their motivation, along with the supervisors to watch over them, making sure that they are "doing their job". A person who owns a business or works from home needs to find motivation from a different source, themselves.

The benefits of running a home-based business include the freedom to work whenever you want to. You should give yourself time away from your business to relax and enjoy your family, but don't let it get out of hand. You should come up with a loose schedule of what tasks you need to do and when. Know what time of the day you feel most productive and schedule that time as work time daily. If you are not getting all of your tasks completed, add hours to the base schedule you already have.

"Be" your own boss!

Step Seven - Take Control

This can pertain to doing what it takes to close a sale, or for our subject, controlling your personal situation. The goal is to have a work environment and a physical and mental well-being that is conducive to running a profitable business. Take control (in a nice way, of course) of family problems, any "negatives" from spouses or friends, etc. Make sure that your life is stable, both financially and emotionally. Taking the bad things out of your life will contribute to you reaching or exceeding your goals.You may be thinking,"Yeah, easier said than done." You'll see that taking control of your situation, whatever it may be, is not as hard as it sounds. Plus, you will end up having a better overall attitude, more focus on your business and goals. You might even start having fun at work!

Step Eight - Know Your Opportunity

Regardless of what kind of business venture you are involved with, you have to remember why you got into it in the first place. You have to remember where it can take you. This doesn't necessarily have to do with "biz-opps" or MLM (Multi Level Marketing) programs. (It does hold true with those, too, though). The "opportunity" of any business is where you can take yourself with it, with planning and hard work. (Despite what you read on the internet about running a home-based business, it is not easy, and requires hard work). Use this to motivate yourself when you are letting the negatives get you down. When you've called dozens of leads, and everyone tells you that they are "not interested", this will help you start the next day with a great attitude. Now you're ready to pursue your opportunity of a successful business, which will lead to you reaching your long-term goals.

These steps will compliment any business plan, be it an online venture, or a brick and mortar store. Using them as a regular part of your life can make you a happier, more successful person. You will notice better productivity, and more sales. If you live and do business with confidence, and be tolerant of others, you have found the keys to a happy and productive life.

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