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How To Run A Stress-Free Home-Based Business

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Ken Leonard Jr.I think we can all agree that stress is one of the worst things in life. If you manage stress well, you can also manage your business and your life well. Living with stress can make running any business a chore. Too much unmanaged stress can break up families and friends, and will ultimately be fatal to your small business and your health.

The ideal business plan for an entrepreneur that expects to be successful "down the road" is to develop multiple streams of income. When starting a home-based business, you can immediately begin working on your second "stream" by not quitting your day (or primary) "job". This puts your new online business in the best position in which to succeed, with minimal stress. There is no pressure to produce from day one, as long as your household income stays the same. Of course you will push yourself to reach your goals, but if you don't make a profit for a while, your personal finances are not affected.

Being in this great situation, you will notice that you not only enjoy building your home-based business, but you now enjoy your time at your "regular job" even more. When you go to work in the morning ( or whenever), you know that you are working to finance your "real passion", your growing home business. It will make you appreciate the time you have at night and on the weekends to make your business a success. All day long, you can't wait to get home to get started on your most important work of the day, building your business.

You may even be able to work on your business ideas during the day while your at work, in a discrete manner. Your standard equipment for your regular job work day, whether you work in an office or drive a truck, should include a notebook (or two) to capture good ideas that hit you while you are working. When you have slow periods or break time, you can also write or complete works in progress. A pocket-sized voice memo recorder is also a great tool to carry around with you at all times. When that great idea hits you, and you can't stop to take out your notebook and jot it down, just record a short message to yourself. Listening to these personal notes later will put your "idea machine" back in gear, so your brainstorming can continue from where it left off earlier in the day.

Having this kind of dedication to build your business, while still paying the bills, will allow you to the have the online business that you've always dreamed of.

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