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6 Essential Steps To Getting Anything You Want

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Ken Leonard Jr.You know that dream you've always had? The one thing in the world that you really want! What if I told you that if you do six simple things, you will get exactly what you want? Would you believe it? Well, it's true.

These steps have been proven over time, and are greatly responsible for the fortunes of some of the world's most successful people. If you have a great desire to achieve something, whether it is money or another meaningful goal, using these steps in your life will bring you what you want.

Step 1

Think of your specific desire. Be very detailed about what it is that you want. Mentally picture yourself in that desired situation, enjoying the benefits of your goal. Make sure you can 'see' yourself in your desired situation, having already reached that ultimate goal or dream.

Step 2

Imagine how reaching your goal will benefit others. What will you give in return for the money or benefit you will get from attaining your dream? Picture yourself giving your customer the product or service that you will give. How will you be able to 'give back'? Again you should be specific here. The idea is that you must take advantage of the Law of Giving. Give of yourself generously, and it will come back to you ten times over. I relate it to Karma, or some people's view of 'spiritual energy'. What you dish out comes right back at you at some time or another. Do good for others, without expecting anything in return. That's the key. Now picture yourself in the position to help others through attaining the object of your intense desire.

Step 3

Put a time frame on satisfying this burning desire. Again, be specific. Be realistic, of course. Whatever your dream is, think about when you want it to be a reality. Attach a familiar date to your goal, so it is easy to focus on, like your birthday, New Year's Day or something that works for you.

Step 4

Make a plan of action for getting what you want so badly. Be as specific as you can. It doesn't have to be a formal business plan, just imagine what you will have to do to make this goal happen. See yourself involved in the process. Start on it right away, even if you can't do most of it now. Do something that gets you moving in the direction of making that goal a reality. Don't wait, start now!

Step 5

Write all of this down. Start with your ultimate desire, and be very specific. Include the exact time frame in which to accomplish this goal. Make a list of specific ways that you will give of yourself and be helpful to others. How will you start giving right away? If it is money you want, exactly how much? What are you going to give to get this money, and be specific. And that plan of action? Well, right it all down on paper. Be very specific, and edit/develop it over time.

Step 6

Take the document that you created in Step 5, and read it to yourself out loud. Do this daily. While you are reading, imagine seeing yourself having reached your intensely desired goal. Believe in yourself that you can and WILL be in the position that you envision.

Follow These Steps Daily...

You have to do all of these steps every day. It is very important not to overlook steps 5 or 6. All of these steps work together to allow you to know that you WILL get what you want, as long as you don't give up, regardless of any bumps or failures along the way. It's all about getting the mind to think about positive things, that will lead to your ultimate dream. Your positive and confident thoughts will attract other positive thoughts and ideas. The power of positivity is huge. Believe in yourself and what you can do. Anything you put your mind to.

These steps help you believe in yourself, which is essential for success in anything. If you think doing all of this seems strange, don't worry about it. Do it anyway. You are telling your subconscious that you WILL succeed, and after awhile, it will believe that you will succeed. Then the powers of your own mind will provide you with the way to achieve your ultimate dream, your "burning desire". If you can imagine it and believe it, you CAN achieve it!


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