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Why Are You Not Using Free Advice?

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Ken Leonard Jr.It amazes me how some people will ask for advice for their home-based business, and not take action and use the advice to solve their problem.

These people don't have a problem with asking a busy online professional to take time away from their customers to give them some free advice. But then they don't use the advice, like they don't think it is worth their time to try it.

If you are trying to build a successful home business, why wouldn't you try the advice that a trusted source was nice enough to give to you at no cost? A lot of people pay big bucks for personal and business coaching. They get advice from a trusted source, but they have to pay for it. But then they USE the advice to help them solve their problems and to make their businesses more profitable than they were before.

The increase in revenue can easily surpass the relatively small fee paid to their coaching mentor. But there will be no increase where there is no effort to make your business better.

With this in mind, why would you not take advantage of a potentially profit-increasing tip that you didn't even have to pay for? Is your time not worth testing this tip for your business? The advice you are given could very well be the boost you need to get your business growing and making sales.

Now you know why some internet business owners don't even respond to emails asking for free advice. They know that most people won't take action and actually use their advice anyway.

Make it your top priority to take action and follow through on tips and advice you receive. Whether you get help from an eBook or course that you bought, or from an internet publisher or website owner that helped you out just to be nice, use the advice.

Not all advice will work for every situation, so you must test it in your business. But at least you've tried it so you know if it works for you or not. At least you made the effort and used some of your valuable time applying what other's have taught you. Just like the internet marketer that used their time to help you, though they didn't even know you.

If you are getting free advice or coaching from a trusted internet business owner, be thankful. This person is doing you a great service. You won't find many that will do this for you, for free anyway. Take advantage of their generosity, use all of the advice that you get. Can you imagine using one tip that ends up doubling your profits in a month? You'll never know if it works for you if you don't use what's given to you.


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