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The Smart Way To Choose Domain Name

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Ken Leonard Jr.So you're ready to put up your first website (or maybe your second...). Great. Putting some thought into your choice of a domain name now can bring added benefits for your online business later.

Too many people put up a website without first knowing what they are going to sell and who their potential customers will be. The temptation is to use your own name or something cute. If you want your site to be noticed by the search engines, which means more sales for you, read on.

Before your website goes up, before you create your product or service, you had better know who the people are that will buy it. A product and it's website has to provide a solution to a problem experienced by a certain group of people. Investigate different target groups to find out what their common problems are. Then find a group in which you can provide a solution to their problems. Now find out which words or phrases people in this group use to look for a solution to their problem.

Your product and it's website should be built around these keywords. Here's an example for you. There is a website that advertises with radio spots here in South Florida called . They are targeting cat owners with offers of cat-related gifts for cats and for people. Giving cat owners what they want. There is a pretty good chance that a lot of cat owners that are looking for information or gifts related to house cats may enter "house cat" while searching with their favorite search engine, like AOL or Google. And that is why this company's website is called

When search engines see that your website has the term "house cat" used frequently, they assume that it is about house cats, and list it highly in the search results displayed for that keyword phrase. If the website's domain name also includes these same targeted keywords, the search engines assume that it has even more relevance for a search on house cat, and lists the site even higher in the search results. For maximum effect, a dash should be placed in between keywords in the domain name, like . This makes it easier for the search engine to separate the keywords correctly.

Having your website listed on the first page of search results for your target keywords means lots of targeted, free traffic for your business, that is likely to include buyers that want your product.

So when you buy your first or next domain name, stop and do some research first. The time you take now will ensure that you will never have a problem attracting targeted traffic to your website.


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