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Real Estate is Booming and YOU are the prime Property

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earl mannThe information age has ushered in a change in value assignment. The transition from a hard (physical) asset based economy to a knowledge based economy is in full swing. Icons of yesterday’s wealth; buildings equipment, inventory and tradition are being replaced by Intellectual property, rapid innovation, and fluid self definition. Companies started in the last 10 years are worth more than companies that have been around as leaders in their industries for over 50 years. Companies like AOL, Google,, and EBay seem just as much a pert of the American fabric as GM, GE and Ford. Who would have ever believed that AT&T could disappear as a leading provider of phone service?

Must of the rapid changed that sweeped into our lives over the last 10 years can be summed up under a single word – connection. Business enterprise to business enterprise, computers to computers, people to computers, and people to people. This mass connection has both been a massive liberator – potentially giving any individual access to any one or piece of information desired, while at the same time creating an immense challenge of mapping your way trough these potential connections.

Some wise person once said, “Solve a big problem, and get a big pay check.” Well. The mapping of these potential connections is growing to be one of the most important “problems” in modern commerce.

We live in a time now where we’ve transitioned from a handful of television stations to 500, over 500 stations being available to the average person, the average home, and 8,000 or more different niche magazines, and as many niche newspapers and as many radio stations. And what does all this have to do with real estate? Maybe everything if the appeal of real estate is asset accumulation and value appreciation over time.

Not unlike a piece of property which has a unique location, ownership and the promise of appreciation over time; so is the network of people that you are connected to. Not just the ones you know, but the ones they know and so on. Social networks – people connected by relevance and or acquaintance is to golden gate through the maze of possible connections. These networks are the new prime property of the modern economy.

Merchandisers, advertisers, and manufacturers are having a very hard time getting their message to people. They can no longer afford to mass market. Mass marketing is too inefficient and too expensive. What they want to do now is send a very targeted message to a very targeted group of people that are predisposed to be interested in their message. This is called “narrow casting.”

That’s an exciting time for people that are in the business of building networks. You know, the future of merchandising, the future of commerce is in social networks, is in your personal networks. The six degrees of separation has never been more valid, more exciting and more able to be the source of income generation for anybody that becomes aware that they are a part of a network and they can choose to become a conduit, a tollbooth, a gatekeeper to massive amounts of niche networks that advertisers and merchandisers and consumer product manufacturers are trying to reach.

This is the time, you know, in the formulation periods of our nation, there were times when people went out into unpopulated parts of the country and staked their claim of land. They claimed the waterfront property, they claimed the riverfront property, they claimed that rich valley property. The exact same thing is happening now as we are becoming more network aware. Now is the time to stake your claim. The good news is that there are infinite amounts of “land”, when you look at social networks. We’re not restricted by the borders of your town, by the borders of your state or even by the borders of your country. Now is the time to get smart on realizing that you are a part of a network. Once you become “network aware,” you need to become “network centric” in your approach to everything you do.

Trillions or dollars are on a course to flow through these networks of connected people. Some of us will simply be conduits while others toll booths! Commerce is being redirected to flow through your hands, your neighbor’s hands even if you and your neighbor are never aware of your position or role in the process.

You net worth is becoming your network whether you choose to participate or not. You may refuse to acknowledge that you are connected…but you can never unplug.

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Earl Mann,
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"The best technolgy is indistinguishable from magic"..A.C. Clark Visit Earl's discussion on the Science of Success, Instant achievement, and paths to personal empowerment at

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