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Sarah Hyde photoWith so many career options out there, why is it that some of us decide on translation? Is it a love for language or writing? A desire to help the world communicate? Sheer madness?

Recently my career took a step in the right direction when I was hired by Ccaps Translation and Localization. With a degree in Mass Communication, and a specialization in International and Cross-Cultural Communication, it really was a fitting move. And I can honestly say that I love what I do. The transformation of written text from one language to another is a delightful, challenging puzzle. And what is more, there is a crucial purpose to our work as translators. In the process, we fulfill a fundamental role by breaking down language barriers in a world that is increasingly interlinked, at a time when “globalized” communication is fundamental for both international business and social relations. Here at Ccaps, we have translated everything from business proposals to children’s games, and each new project is a chance to eliminate yet another barrier.

But why do we endure those grueling “all-nighters,” those messy legal contracts and those hours of pain-staking research? Most definitely because of a love for our profession. During my life, I have worked as everything from a waitress to a journalist, and I have never seen professionals more dedicated to their work than translators. A colleague of mine once said it was like a healthy addiction: it makes you feel great, you can’t get enough and the side effect is a pay check. Furthermore, if you think of all of the professions of the world, which is more exciting than this one? In this line of work, we have the opportunity to open doors, bringing people, cultures and countries together.

September 30 is recognized internationally as Translator’s Day. Remember to give yourself a pat on the back, go out and celebrate. You deserve it!

In commemoration of this day, I decided to ask some experienced translators what drove them to choose this profession. Here are their stories:

Translation found me as part of a group of engineers trying to deal with extremely complicated agreements and manuals and searching for the best way to transform those rocky English sentences into smooth Portuguese. Only then was I convinced that translation was a trade for professionals! I decided to complete a Translation and Interpretation course at the State University of Rio de Janeiro. After the course, which was taught by Astrid de Figueiredo (who later became a friend), I never stopped studying. Changing from the exact sciences to the human sciences was such a positive experience that I managed to keep both: translating both technical and not so technical texts is equally pleasant. I find it delightful to learn something new with every new job, rewarding to help the less experienced and thrilling to know that every day I will have to go that extra mile. I love being part of a community that gathers such smart and interesting people.

Vagner Fracassi
President of the Brazilian
Translator’s Association (ABRATES)

I am proud of belong to a trade of professionals that is inherently pacifist and concerns itself with promoting good international understanding. Even as we watch translation programs getting better and better, I think good translators, like good artisans, will always be needed and appreciated.

Isa Mara Lando
Translator and Author of Vocabulando,
A Practical English-Portuguese Vocabulary

I translate to transport ideas and events through time and space. I translate to make something understood, to accomplish, to prove. I translate to communicate, transform, and revert. I translate to touch. Through translation, we gather what human beings think, feel and do. By translating, we make ourselves understood and come closer to together.

Tamara Barile
Public Translator

I happen to be fascinated by human interaction. My role as a bridge for human communication gives me a natural “high” whenever I interpret or translate. Every time I look at the faces around me in offices, auditoriums, courtrooms or any other one of my thousand workplaces, I feel powerful. As I struggle to find the right word or idiomatic expression, I witness human beings otherwise unable to understand each other suddenly able, because of me, to reach an agreement, resolve a conflict, render a fair verdict, sign a contract that will give jobs to thousands, understand a diagnosis and plan a course of treatment, applaud a great speech or broadcast an inspiring message. There is no better job in the world.

Tereza d’Ávila Braga
Translator and Administrator
of the ATA Portuguese Language Division

To see what we have prepared for you translator, click here. Don’t forget to turn the speakers on!



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