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1. Grammar and Spelling
2. Punctuation
3. Measurements and Abbreviations
4. Geographic Distribution
5. Character Set

Section One - Grammar and Spelling

1. Gender: There is no distinction in Khmer.

2. Plurals: the plural can't be recognised, they have articles before nouns. In Baley khmer language the plural can be recognized, e.g. khmer languagekhmer language

3. Spelling:

  • Vowels have two ways of being spelt - khmer language
  • There are also Khmer words which include mute sounds, eg. khmer language (underlined characters can't be spelt, because they are mute.)
  • A vowel can be placed in front, behind, above or below a character. e.g. before khmer language
  • A letter of the alphabet usually has a foot which is given a character according to certain rules, e.g. khmer language
  • Typing and writing: there is a difference between these two. Writing is more simple, whereas typing is more difficult, e.g. khmer language
  • khmer language indicates that a character should be written twice.
  • Some words can be written in two ways khmer language

Section Two - Punctuation

1. Full stops: Full stops are not used at the end of headings, titles, subtitles, dates or page numbers.

2. Semi-colons: Semi-colons are used for changing sound. e.g. khmer language khmer language

3. Capitalisation: This is often used in magazines, headings, titles and the beginning of sentences but is never used in simple writing.

4. Hyphenation: Words are hyphenated by syllable.

Section Three – Measurements and Abbreviations

1. Measurements: Metric system is commonly used for length except for computer monitor (inches), inner diameter of pipes/tubes, nautical miles, the size of computer disks.

khmer language is used for fruit, in some places khmer language is used for rice.

Time: 24 hour clock is used or can use AM = khmer language PM = khmer language

Date: the Cambodian lunar calendar is divided into 12 or 13 months, a 29 or 30-day month. In a month, the 15 first days are shown by khmer language and the next 14 or 15 days are shown by khmer language In the 15th khmer language the moon is full.

20/02/2004, khmer language

Day: khmer language

Month: khmer language

Lunar month: khmer language
khmer languagekhmer language

Year: khmer language

In numbers, a comma is used for denoting decimals, a point is used for separating 4 digits in thousand.

khmer language

No space before a symbol, including °C

2. Abbreviations:

khmer language

Section Four - Geographic Distribution

The Khmer language is spoken in Cambodia and is the official language. In addition, there are Khmer speakers in Vietnam, Thailand, USA, France and Australian. Khmer is descended from Baley khmer language The Khmer language is used by one of the Vietnamese ethnic minority people.

Khmer is one of the main Austroasiatic languages. As result of their geographic proximity, the Khmer language has influenced Thai and Laotian, and vice versa. It differs to Thai, Laotian and Vietnamese in that it is not a tonal language.

Language Family
Family: Austroasiatic
Subgroup: Eastern Mon-Khmer

Source: (accessed 14.06.05)

Section Five - Character Set

Khmer Language
Khmer Language
Khmer Language

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