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About 60% of translators, who visit this site (and participate in the poll), earn 200 EUR to 5,000 EUR PER MONTH .

One of the best ways to receive translation jobs working from the comfort of your home is to register with potential customers - translation agencies.

We believe many translation companies rarely post jobs online and rarely hire translators for important translation projects without having any preliminary experience with those translators. Such companies try to create their own databases of freelance translators.

Would you like to appear on their freelance translator databases?

If yes, then contact thousands of translation companies to offer collaboration and to register with those interested in your services!

We offer you the database of   TRANSLATION AGENCIES !

All these agencies have either agreed to be listed on our translation agency database or have registered in the database directly through this portal.

Cooperation with these translation companies can bring you a large number of new jobs in translation, interpreting, localization, proofreading, voice-over, desktop publishing and other freelance jobs.

A small investment in our database of translation agencies can pay off after several completed new projects and should be bringing in net profits thereafter.

Contrary to popular opinion, there is no good way to obtain such a database for free by using the Internet. There are online databases where you would usually need to browse hundreds of pages to see translation agencies' details.

You may try compiling your own database of translation agencies - many people do. We have been building our database for about 6 years, even though many translation agencies have been registering directly through portal. Imagine how much time you could waste trying to do a similar job, instead of earning your money translating.

And how can you be sure translation agencies you would find yourself don't mind being listed on your database?

With database, you can be sure: all translation agencies have either agreed to be listed on our database and/or have registered themselves through this portal.



We do our best to regularly upgrade our database. The latest upgrade was February 15, 2017.

We believe the database is a great tool for you assuming you are a freelance translator who wants to make a good living working from home.

Imagine having details of   translation agencies in one document. No need to browse thousands of pages - you can see everything at one page!

You can obtain a Free Database Sample to have an idea of what it is like.

Attention translation agencies: if you no longer wish to be listed in our database of translation agencies, please let us know. Your agency will be promptly removed. On the other hand, if you want to add your translation agency to our database (or to update your previously submitted details), you are welcome to do so at our registration page.

Key Benefits:

  • You must have spent quite a lot of money to become a translator: learning the language, travelling abroad, buying books, dictionaries, attending courses, purchasing computer, connecting to the Internet, buying expensive software etc etc. So, why not invest a little bit more to start earning all the money back and making profits?

  • Our comprehensive database has been compiled over the last five years and contains translation agencies from all over the world. Most of the companies are based in USDope, Asia and North America.

  • All translation agencies from our database have either agreed to be listed in the database or have registered themselves directly through this portal.

  • This bestselling reference tool may help you to obtain translation jobs in almost any in-demand language combination.

  • If only 0.5% of translation agencies from our database give you jobs, that will mean about 35 customers for your language services (and they might become your lifetime customers).

  • Unlike other translation job portals, we do not charge any membership fees! Neither do we charge any commissions when jobs are given to you: everything you earn goes to you.

  • By completing just several new translation projects you can earn back the investment into the database - and start earning the profits. Alternatively, if you don't invest into the database - you may spend months looking for customers - which would mean thousands of unearned USDos.

  • You can buy the whole database by parts, paying in installments.

  • Majority of the translation agencies are listed with agency name, contact person, e-mail address, URL, phone, fax, postal address, profile etc - in Excel (xls) or csv format as well as in Word (doc, rtf) or plain text (txt) formats.

  • You can target your services geographically by using a database of translation agencies in any given country, such as: the USA, Italy, Germany, France etc, or any combination of countries (you choose).

  • Even if you have enough work at the moment, remember that you could be busy at a higher price and choose the jobs you like by extending your clientele with the help of our database!

  • If you don't need new translation jobs, our database can enhance your translation experience, as you will have your partner/competitor details. You will be able to contact hundreds of translation agencies with proposals for cooperation.

  • You will be able to see how other translation agencies run the translation business: what web-sites they run, what services they offer, what rates they charge, how they assure quality of the services, how they present their services etc.

  • Do you have a translation / localization/ proofreading project to subcontract? Hundreds of translation agencies from the database might be eager to help you!

  • Are you launching your own translation agency and trying to think out the agency name? Look what names have already been taken by other   translation agencies.

  • If needed, we will issue an official invoice/receipt for your accounting purposes (a signed hard copy can be airmailed to you).

  • The database will be sent to you by e-mail, usually within 1 business day after receipt of your payment (sometimes order processing can be delayed for up to several days due to various reasons like force majUSDe, overwork, holidays etc).

  • Updated database can be obtained by you in the future.

  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! If you have contacted majority of the agencies from the database, and no translation agency responded positively to your language service offer, and you have made no use of the database, you are offered FULL REFUND of the amount paid for the database. The refund conditions can be found here.

Don't delay, act now, be ahead of your competitors!

Attention: ordering/buying our databases you agree with the terms and conditions posted at the following page:

We accept payments by bank wire transfer, secure credit card payment, PayPal, Skrill.



The more agencies the database comprises, the higher return on investment you should usually expect. In fact, the information presented on this page about the usefulness of the database mainly concerns the full database of   translation agencies, not the single-country databases.

For secure credit card payment, or for PayPal, bank payment please follow the BMT Micro links in the table below.

For Skrill payment, please just send the relevant amount to our Skrill account: CEO at and specify which database that payment is for.

For other payment methods, please
send us your inquiry.

We plan to raise the price of the full database of translation agencies (freelancer license) a little bit in the future (we gradually raise the price, from time to time, as the database grows and the currency devalues).

Can't afford to buy the full database of   translation agencies?

You still have two very good options:

1) Instead of purchasing the database, you can become a member at just 96 USD/year to obtain the online access to this database.

You will be able to contact translation agencies one by one, through the contact forms located at their online profiles.

2) Instead of purchasing the database, you can ask us to e-mail your advertising letter or CV to all translation agencies which are registered with e-mail addresses!

Full Database of Translation Agencies

Number of Agencies



Database of translation agencies, all countries - Freelancer License (for freelancers & companies with up to 5 employees)   $870 Buy!
Database of translation agencies, all countries - Corporate License (for companies with more than 5 employees)   $2775 Buy!
Database of translation agencies, all countries, part 1 3000 $200 Buy!
Database of translation agencies, all countries, part 2 1000 $200 Buy!
Database of translation agencies, all countries, part 3 1000 $200 Buy!
Database of translation agencies, all countries, part 4 1000 $200 Buy!
Database of translation agencies, all countries, part 5 1000 $200 Buy!
Updated database, all countries
(if you had bought its earlier version)
  $285 Buy!

If you can't afford to buy the full database of translation agencies even by parts, in installments, you may consider ordering single-country databases below.

But if you need translation jobs, you will have much much better chances of obtaining them if you use the full database (see the table above) as single-country databases are very small in comparison with the full database of potential employers in all countries.

Single Country Database

Number of Agencies



Database of translation agencies in Argentina 122 $35 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in Australia 40 $26 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in Austria 40 $25 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in Belarus 9 $19 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in Belgium 92 $47 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in Brazil




Database of translation agencies in Bulgaria 87 $20 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in Canada 173 $57 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in China
(including Hong Kong and Taiwan)
335 $63 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in Croatia 22 $19 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in the Czech Republic 64 $33 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in Denmark 24 $22 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in Egypt




Database of translation agencies in Estonia 48 $21 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in Finland 27 $25 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in France 160 $87 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in Germany 250 $87 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in Greece 43 $25 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in Hungary 55 $22 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in India 653 $65 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in Indonesia 45 $20 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in Iran 28 $19 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in Ireland




Database of translation agencies in Israel




Database of translation agencies in Italy 212 $76 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in Japan 78 $42 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in Jordan 19 $19 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in Korea 34 $19 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in Latvia 13 $19 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in Lithuania 11 $19 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in Luxembourg 7 $19 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in Malaysia 24 $19 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in Malta 7 $19 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in Mexico 40 $19 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in Moldova 4 $19 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in Morocco 20 $19 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in the Netherlands 108 $57 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in New Zealand 13 $19 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in Norway 24 $19 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in Pakistan 41 $19 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in Peru 16 $19 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in Philippines 12 $19 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in Poland 128 $45 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in Portugal 51 $27 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in Romania 98 $29 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in Russia 170 $57 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in Serbia 25 $19 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in Saudi Arabia 8 $19 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in Singapore 42 $19 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in Slovakia 28 $19 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in Slovenia 27 $19 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in South Africa 46 $25 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in Spain 269 $87 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in Sweden




Database of translation agencies in Switzerland




Database of translation agencies in Thailand




Database of translation agencies in Turkey 120 $29 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in the UAE 45 $20 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in the UK 564 $300 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in Ukraine




Database of translation agencies in the USA 940 $300 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in Venezuela 5 $19 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in Vietnam 40 $20 Buy!
Database of translation agencies in another country (please specify the country)

Please inquire



Updated database, one country
(any country - if you had bought its earlier version)




Please also consider ordering our other products and services (see table below).

Other Products and Services




Professional membership of 1 Year $96 Buy!
Blacklist: 600+ Unreliable Translation Outsourcers (Members Only) 600+ $27 Buy!
How to Become a Prospering Translator - Tips 50+ $19 Buy!

How NOT to Be Scammed as a Freelance Translator - Tips (Members Only)

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We accept:

take your translation jobs! buy translation companies list order translation agencies list

take your translation jobs!


I have used both your list of translation agencies as well as the TranslationDirectory site since its inception.

I have bought other lists in the past, and none have been as useful as yours. Many of the other lists are old compilation of dead e-mail addresses that give very limited results, if any.

Your list has allowed me to create a personalized marketing campaign with extremely positive results. I can say that I recovered my investment in less than one week after the first contact, and that I’m still receiving inquiries from contacts I made early in the year.

I would recommend this list to any freelancer. You can also publish my e-mail address in case anyone wants to contact me for direct recommendation.

Sincerely yours,

Ricardo Martinez de la Torre
Chilean Language Services
English-Spanish Translator – Interpreter
Santiago, Chile
rmartin at clschile com

Thanks a lot about your cooperation, I already received the refund in my visa.

Best regards,
English to Arabic Translator
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
al_musallam_a at

Let me first of all say how extremely satisfied I have been with the database and its effectivity. It is certainly worth the money, which one earns back over the first few jobs.

In your letter you said to me that there may be free updates of the list available: If this is still the case, I would be only too grateful to receive them.



Peter Sibley

info at sibley-lingua de


I have ordered the full database and the mailing service a week ago. I've already received dozens of excellent responses and have already received and completed work that will pay for what your service cost - thank you very much!!

Thank you VERY much for giving me the full contacts!! I will certainly recommend your service!

Robert Finnegan
Belem, Brazil

I purchased the short list 2 months ago and have since then earned back my investment many times over! In fact, I earned it back with the first project that came from it. I received hundreds of positive responses from translation agencies I sent my CV to and they have all included me in their database of freelance translators. Since I started using the list, I have completed over 20 large and small projects and I receive requests for quotes on a daily basis for even more projects.

I have now purchased the complete list and am looking forward to the new, exciting projects that will be pouring in as a result. Guaranteed! Thanks Serhiy, for this great initiative which gave my business a jump start I never could have accomplished otherwise!

Best regards,
Astrid Hanssens
Hanssens Text & Translation
The Netherlands

Inger Lise SaeterHello!

This testimonial you can use freely!

I purchased your list the first week of my translating career, having no customers yet, thinking "what the heck, I might just as well give it a try".

The e-mails I sent out based on this list have kept me more than busy (working more than fulltime) for 1.5 years now. I have not done any marketing since, because I did not have the capacity to take on any more jobs :-) Still, 1,5 years after sending out those e-mails, I am contacted by agencies that registered me in their database back then, offering me jobs.

In short: the list that you offer is truly an amazing tool for translators!!! Thanks tons for compiling it - you have saved me lots of hours and money doing this research myself.....

Inger Lise Saeter,
English/French/Swedish/Danish-->Norwegian translator
post at adepto no

Thanks a lot. I am just starting my career as freelance translator I am very happy to have found your website with all the translation agency databases.

Really very helpful,

of course, I recommend your services to other freelance translators!

kind regards

Langenfeld, Germany
info uebersetzungen-juliaherzog de

I feel like I have a full-time job now by answering all the letters and requests. So, I am really happy with your database offered at .

Also I really appreciate all the effort you made into building such database. It is worth it!

Toronto, Canada
areda SoftHome net

Within a week after I contacted the agencies, I have already received one translation job from one of the agencies on your list.

Gordana Podvezanec
English to Croatian translator
Gordana.Podvezanec at Bridge2Babylon com
Nova Cesta 130a, Zagreb

Soy una traductora con 11 años de experiencia y 7 de estos fui traductora interna en "Maquiladoras" (Industria Manufacturera). Siempre soñé con trabajar en mi casa en esta profesión de tiempo completo, aún cuando estudiaba en la universidad. Lamentablemente nunca me fue posible hasta que compré el listado de Translation Directory.

Lo compré todo en un sólo pago y aún no termino de usarlo porque tengo muchísimo trabajo.

¡Bendito Dios! que me permitió dar con el listado y por darme los medios para adquirirlo. Lo recomiendo de todo corazón, es lo mejor para obtener trabajo pronto y poder estar en tu casa.

Rosalicia De La Rosa

I have received the database of translation agencies and I am already happy to see how much work you save me with this database.
Thank you very much,
Esther M. Perez
English-Spanish Translator
mojarro06 at hotmail com
Halifax, UK

Dear TranslationDirectory,

Thank you for your enquiry. I have been a freelance translator for sometime now and stumbled across the TranslationDirectory one day while drudging through website after website looking for work from companies online.

At first, I was a little hesitant about whether to buy the database or not, but after finally plucking up the courage and applying to a few of the companies listed, I soon received replies regarding work and made around ten times the money I spent on the directory in little under a month.

I have only applied to around 4 of the companies in the long list clearly itemised in the database and I'm still getting work.

I must say that without doubt the TranslationDirectory is a product well worth investing in.

Hence, I would like to say a big thank you to TranslationDirectory for making my life easier and more profitable.

Kind Regards
B. Walker
ben walker at hotmail co jp


I purchased your database, sent out an email, and 2 hours later I had landed my first job. Since then I've been working full time for agencies that were on your list!

Best regards / Vennlig hilsen
Thomas Kleivenes

Enerhauggata 7
N-0651 OSLO
+47 40 22 81 81 / +47 22 68 17 49
thomas at thotran no

I was very pleased with the databases you sent me. Due to time constraints I only contacted a few. The few were enough however and I now have five or six new customers who are sending me regular work.

The value for money was excellent, as the jobs were worth at least 10 times what I paid for the databases.

I will be coming back to you shortly to buy some more for other countries.

Many thanks again!

Sean Mac
Newry, UK
langex at btconnect com

It is a fantastic database - saves me time searching on the Internet - which, to get this amount of contacts - would have taken me days and days and days. I have had tremendous response from the bureaus I have contacted.

I have received projects. So I am very happy.

I would, however, wish that the bureaus were listed country by country.

Kind regards

Jytte Crooks

12 Heaton Road
United Kingdom

Tel.: +44 (0)1484 328890

Email: jytte bornebus-crooks demon co uk

Thanks this is absolutely fine. I've already sent individualised emails to half the clients on the database list so a little more time-consuming than one mass mailshot but hopefully will yield better results that way, and have started getting responses already from this morning, so already well ahead of the game. Thanks once again for your help.

You're right, it would take me ages to find this information on websites by myself so I would say your database is very good value for money, and you can use this as a testimonial if you wish, or get a better one once I get some work and real results!

JoJo Ramsden
United Kingdom
jojoramsden at hotmail com

Actually, I am very pleased with the number of responses and the number of people who invite me to fill out forms, take tests, etc.

I never thought this would be possible, but within only four days of your sending out my credentials, I have already completed two translations for reputable businesses, and I have good reason to think that specific other agencies will send me work.

So all things considered, I am a happy customer.  

Best regards,

Jack Piotrow
German to English
Russian to English
E-mail: jpiotrow at comcast net
Gaithersburg, USA

Thanks for offering this service, something which I think many of us have thought of doing, or even done on a small scale, but you actually made happen and for a reasonable price too. I appreciate the information and shall continue to use it as a useful professional reference for my work.

Richard Mort, French>English, German>English

Editing, Rewriting, Translation

Answers below:

1) Have you received replies from translation agencies listed on our database?


2) Have you received translation jobs from translation agencies listed on our database? If yes, have you earned more money on such jobs than you have paid for our database?

Yes and yes

3) How would you compare investing into our database with investing into other language service marketing methods (i.e. into paid memberships of translation job portals, associations etc.)?

I think it's better than the job portals but not quite as good as ATA membership.

4) Would you recommend our database for freelance translators looking for jobs?

Yes, and I have.

5) Other comments.

Several of the addresses were out-of-date and the resumes were returned.

Well worth the investment!

Mindy Emmons, Spanish to English translator, mindyemmons at hawaii rr com

For more than one year I was trying to keep in touch with agencies all over USDope, but, for one reason or another, rarely did I receive an answer.

By chance I kept in touch with TranslationDirectory site and I saw that they offered the databases of many agencies not only in USDope, but also in USA. That meant to save time looking in the Internet for the web pages!

The price was reasonable, too and Serhiy even offered me a discount when I bought some of them. It was great!

When I received the databases I realized that for a very cheap price Serhiy could mail my resume to all the agencies. Well, it was shocking, but in just one day I knew that about six hundred agencies have read my cv and about sixty or something replied my letter. More than twenty have already sent me a test to evaluate my skills and I am now beginning to work with some of them.

Another good thing about TRANSLATIONDIRECTORY is the service given by Serhiy. He always replied my messages quickly and helped me. Nice guy, indeed!

Juan Castilla
jcptraducciones at hotmail com

Just a quick note to thank you for sending the database of translation agencies in Germany, and to offer the following testimonial:

After receiving the database of translation agencies in Germany, I contacted the first 150 names on the list. Within hours, around 20 agencies had contacted me and offered to include my details on their books. The next day one of these sent me a job which more than recouped my initial investment. Less than a week later I'm working for a number of interesting new clients, and best of all there are still 100 more addresses on the list that I haven't yet contacted. I'd say the database is the nearest thing to a safe bet that it's possible to find - thanks very much!

Best regards,

Carl Thompson

The best testimonial I can give you is the reply I sent to someone in November who was considering TranslationDirectory and who asked me for my sincere evalution. The text of the message follows:

Dear Luciano,

I can honestly say that the program has opened possibilities for me that would not have been there if I had tried by myself to find translation agencies willing to give me work. To be sure, almost all of the work has come from companies located in the United States, but at least to this point, I have had more than enough translation assignments to keep me busy. None of this would have happened if I had not signed up with TranslationDirectory.

The biggest problem I have is finding time to fill out the personal data questionnaires that so many of the companies require. When I can do that, I believe the work opportunities will expand even farther.

I hope this helps a little. I am sure you will make the right decision.

Jack Piotrow
FJP Translations
16645 S Westland Dr
Gaithersburg MD 20877
jpiotrow at comcast net

Dear Sirs,

I bought the first part of your translation agency database a couple of months ago.

It was very useful, and now I would like to order part 2 and 3, and I'd like to pay by money transfer, as previously.


Zsolt Sesztak
English to Hungarian translator
sesztak_zsolt at yahoo com

Adam Czasak photoI've already started getting the first responses from agencies only hours after receiving your professional Agency List.

Adam Czasak
Krakow, Poland
Bi-lingual simultaneous interpreter and Polish to English translator.
adam czasak at bci pl
P.S. Thanks for the invoice

I never did get around to thanking you for the list--Ive had a huge response, have several new clients throughout the world as a result, and (the only downside) a massive backlog of registration forms to fill in and return to interested agencies. It was really too successful for the number of hours in the day to cope with, in fact! Even now, 5 months later, I'm still getting replies, and last week received my first order from an Israeli agency! I happily recommend your service to other translators!

Robert Goldie, MIL
London, SE11 4NR
United Kingdom
Phone: 020-7735-1264
E-mail: tiggstrans at aol com

Thanks for the databases. Replies are coming in pretty quickly. Figures so far are 47% of the database for Norway, 31% for Sweden, and 19% for Denmark. No doubt there will be more as the week goes on.

It's a very worthwhile service, but many such efforts go largely unrewarded. Your charges are very reasonable and there must be an enormous amount of work involved!

Thanks again for your help, and all good wishes.

Mike Shields, FITI, MTA, FSFO
Literary and Technical Language Services
(Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, German to top-class, tailored English)
Tel +44 (0)191 489 7055
SMkShlds at aol com

Please, feel free to use these lines up in your web site.

The decision of buying your database took me a while since I was
somewhat suspicious of its usefulness. However, I finally bought it
some six months ago. First of all, the service I got was very good, as I bought in on a Saturday morning and I had received it within a couple of hours. Within a couple of weeks, I had received an invoice and the physical copies of the database.

And it worked. I created a collective email letter out of my cover
letter and my resume. For the first few days, the response was just great. Many agencies ack'ed reception while a few others said they did not work my language pairs or they were not in need of translators at the moment. Within a month or so I got new clients. Three of them have become my best-paying, most regular customers.

Definitely a good idea to buy your database.

Thanks and keep up the good job.

Victor Vinuela
+34 670 864 730

As soon as I have a bit of time I will write a short report. No doubt.

Now I have a lot of tests to do and so many questionnaires to answer.

It was a great idea to contact you. I should have done before!

And I will probably buy more databases.


Juan Castilla
jcptraducciones at hotmail com

I have found the database extremely useful. I could never have reached so many potential clients in such a short time without it. I am now working on a steady basis with a few of them. Thank you very much indeed, and congratulations for the excellent work you have provided in building the database.

Of course you can put the above on line.

Best regards,
Mireille Rabenoro
(English into French
French into English)
mireille rabenoro at blueline mg

We bought the short list in November. We sent e-mails to all the addresses in mid-November and have received a lot of replies since then. We think at least a few hundred of the addresses either couldn't be sent or were obsolete, but we have received replies from about 10 % of the agencies we wrote to. It took a while before we actually got a job, two translations from my country of residence but in spite of being small, they paid for the cost of the investment. In December we bagged a project containing 35.000 words and now we get offers from many different countries.

Buying the list must be said to have been a good investment as a lot of people know about us now. Even writing the "exotic" countries turned out to be worthwhile, since we got the big project from an agency situated in India, and other propositions have come from Latin America. In the beginning, we were a bit suspicious and sceptical about buying the list but it has given more positive results than we expected.

Best regards,

Olga Dimitrova & Mikael Lyshede
Freelance translators of Bulgarian, German,
English, and the Scandinavian languages.
derring-do at uk2 net

I have had quite a good response so far despite the returned messages and am very happy that I invested in your database - in fact I'm just doing a job now for one of the agencies on your database! And I've only sent out about 400 mails out of the 2700!

As soon as I get a spare moment (thanks to your good self!), I will write you a testimonial for your site.

All the best

Chafford Hundred
United Kingdom
E-mail: jhlangserv at btopenworld com

The list proved to be an excellent marketing tool to expand my list of
contacts. I followed the advice of not contacting the whole list at the
same time, but rather doing it by parts, and it actually worked that way! I have added new clients, and have been included in several databases, what should mean future work.

Thanks Serhiy!

Zulema Ferrer
Ayacucho 520
(1026) Buenos Aires
All language combinations

I think your database really deserves to be advertised among freelance translators like myself. It is a great way of putting translation agencies and translators into contact. I had gone to research engines on the internet, but that process was terribly time-consuming, it would have taken ages visiting the sites one by one, and it would have been expensive too, telephone-billwise.

I have had an average 7 replies to every set of 50 e-mails I've sent, which I think is a very good percentage.

By the way, that's one thing maybe you should tell your customers: that all the e-mails on the database should not be sent at once, because it would be impossible to handle hundreds of answers at once, and it would not do to keep potential partners waiting for an answer.

Yes, please do send me the updated version of the database.

Thank you again for a fantastic instrument of promotion of translation businesses.

Mireille Rabenoro
mireille rabenoro at blueline mg

I wanted to let you know that your database has been quite useful for me.

Among others, I have found contact to several agencies as well as publishing houses, some of them willing to work with me on a permanent basis from now on.

Your database has been very helpful and instrumental in establishing these contacts, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once more for your kind support and orientation.

I hope you're doing fine as well and your projects turning out successfully.

Take care and kind regards,

Andreas Zantop
a zantop at web de
English <>German

I think the database is invaluable. It contains all the information you could possibly need to reach a prospective client, and I am sure it will prove very beneficial to you in the long run.

Maria Burnett, M.A.
Translator of Italian, English, French and Spanish.
mariab at buffnet net

Your list was useful in every sense. Thanks very much.
I will be coming back to you to buy the full postal address list.

Kind Regards,

Ahmed Al-Hamdi
Arabic Translator and Interpreter
Manchester, UK
arabtranslator at aol com

Thanks for today's email concerning the databases.

Yes I bought two of these and used them quite extensively. I was impressed that they came in Excel and in Word.

At the moment the inflow of work is very satisfactory and I expect to update the databases in due course.

Best regards

Tony Butter
Tony Butter Associates
Antonybutter at aol com
+44 [0]1303 264968
United Kingdom

We have used several of Translation Directory's databases and have found each time the response to be highly worthwhile. We would recommend any freelancer or agency to purchase these databases as they bring a terrific response.

Linda Darian
Marketing Manager
linda at transquotation com

Dear Sirs,

After many faithful years of using your list, I am requesting to obtain an updated list of agencies in the USA and Canada. Each time it has generated
new clients, thank you for your invaluable service.


Heidi J. Golicz-Miranda
Idiomas, LLC

I am a French to American English business translator, and would like to say how pleased I am with your professional services.

I purchased your database of translation agencies in France in 2006, and I must say that it was certainly money well spent!

I have worked with several agencies and continue working on a regular basis with three of them - and I never have had the time to contact all of the agencies!

I will certainly order the update in order to have the latest details on the agencies, that is, if I have time to prospect in the near future!

I would definitely recommend your database to any free-lance translator, especially those who are beginning or hesitating in a career choice. Not only does your database give valuable info about contact people, the type of translations the agencies are specialized in, but your translation newsletter also gives tips, free on-line dictionaries, and other resources. Your "black-list" of agencies to avoid is also a plus!

Keep up the good work!

Kind regards,
Jacquie Bridonneau
14 rue Saint Aubin
27190 Conches, France
2BTraduction at wanadoo fr
Member of Bretagne Traductions


I purchased the list about 4 years ago, and have gained plenty of regular customers from applications I made at that time.

Sometimes, when I am approached by a new customer, I wonder where they have heard about me, and check back and realise that I may have contacted them years ago, as they are in this directory.

I would recommend purchasing the directory to anyone wishing to set up as a freelance translator.

It is worth sending application letters to as many as possible, because you will very soon recoup the cost of buying the list.

Nicola Devlin
nicola devlin2 at ntlworld com

Thank you for providing translators with a database of agencies. Your worldwide list has helped me enter into the USDopean market and expand my client base. After sending out just 300 messages, I already have acquired new agency contacts and the first job has paid for the cost of the entire list. Thank you for your service.

Heidi J. Golicz-Miranda
Foreign Language Desktop Publishing
Idiomas, LLC
fldtp at comcast net

Dear Sirs,

I would be more than happy to provide a reference!

I started as a freelance translator in 2007 and needed to start contacting potential customers. I received an advertisement regarding the TranslationDirectory database and, after reviewing some testimonials, decided to purchase the German database.

I only contacted approx. one quarter of the contacts in the list, this was however sufficient for making a number of good business connections. The list did lead to work for me within relatively short period of time and got my freelance career off to a positive start.

I would therefore definately recommend this list, it is money well spent.

Kind regards

Steven W Palmer B.A. mcse ccna
Hofдckerstrasse 11
65207 Wiesbaden-Naurod

Tel: (+49)06127 7059700
Mobile: +49 (0)177 1624 087
Email: steve palmer at gmx net

Accredited translator (IHK) / staatlich anerkannter Ьbersetzer (IHK)
Mitglied des Bundesverband der Dolmetscher und Ьbersetzer
Member of the German Association of Interpreters & Translators
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
Microsoft/Cisco/Novell/CompTIA Certified IT Specialist

I have subscribed to this database of translation agencies and find it very useful. As a starter to the translation profession - two and a half years to be exact - the database is what I have needed to establish myself and make those vital contacts. It has given confidence and I would recommend it to anyone.

Dawn White
Legal, medical, technical and insurance translator from French, Italian and Portuguese into English.
United Kingdom
Dawn at dwhite70 fsnet co uk

I thank the day I purchased the Translation Agency Database from Translation Directory. I have since been offered work from over a dozen translation agencies around the world. With Serihy's free update with over 1000 new agencies, his database is a true bargain.

In addition, Serihy always answers my questions immediately. When I lost the first database, he sent me a replacement immediately.

He is truly a man dedicated to service.

Robert Finnegan
Freelance Translator, Brazil
rfinnegan at boardermail com

María Iglesia RamosI have been using since 2011. Thanks to this company I haven't been without work one single day.

I have been added to the database of hundreds of translation agencies and buying the list of agencies has surely paid for itself with just the very first job requests I received.

TranslationDirectory has been and continues to be a valuable means in terms of peace of mind and long-term source of work.

¡Thank you very much!

Maria Iglesia Ramos, BA, MA
Degree in English and French and Spanish
Master's Degree in Audiovisual Translation: Localization, Subtitling and Dubbing
Certified Medical & Court Interpreter, California (USA)
Business/Telephone/Escort Interpreter,
Editor, Writer
Medical transcriptionist
Audiovisual translator
Freelance Translator
English French > Spanish, Spanish French > English (US/UK), English Spanish > French
Cobeña, Spain
translatorenes at

I bought the Database of Translation Agencies end of last year. I started applying to the agencies January this year and must say that it has been very useful to me!

One will have to make out time to make the applications, complete some registration forms and do some test translations for the agencies. I must confess that it's time consuming.

One thing I experienced is that some of the eMail and web addresses are inactive, some of the agencies will not reply at all, some will send a test translation and will never reply when you send it back to them. At first, it's a little bit discouraging because you might end up sending like 50 applications and getting only 5 to 10 replies, some of which are just acknowledgements.

In summary, it has been very useful to me. I have made contacts with some agencies that need my services; they are satisfied with my work and I hope to have a long lasting collaboration with them.

I'll advise that one does not give up in sending the applications because if one is serious about it and is good in it, one will definitely get good contacts at the long run.

I have covered the cost of the database in 4 months of being active in it and will recommend it to anybody, beginner or even somebody that has been in the system for long now.

I'm really happy that I bought the database and wish to congratulate the team for a job well done!!!

Clara Ogwuazor
claribely2k at yahoo com

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