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Dieudonne Ndagijimana's photo

Mr. Dieudonne Ndagijimana

Mongolian to English translator in Kenya.

I always working hard to improve my skills as translator

Rate per word is 0.08-0.10 Euro

Phone: +254724966517
E-mail : Contact Mr. Dieudonne Ndagijimana

Nairobi, Kenya

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Jalis Nasiri's photo

Mr. Jalis Nasiri

Mongolian to English translator in India.

Services I Provide Translation / Back Translation Typesetting (We have many full-time typesetters to take up as much pages per day as possible maintaining the accuracy) Brand / Cultural Evaluation Reconciliation Potential Areas and Services The areas I am willing to work in and am confident of giving a quality output, in the light of my experience, are: Medical / Pharmaceutical Business / Commerce / Finance Chemistry Environment and Ecology Film / TV Games / Video Games Subtitling of English Movies into Arabic / Urdu / Hindi Religious / Islamic Regular Job Experience Summary: Worked as ‘News Monitor’ with the Central Monitoring Cervices, National Technical Research Organisation, Government of India, (New Delhi). Worked as ‘Sub-Editor’ with the weekly ‘Sahara Time’ (Sahara India Media and Entertainment) NOIDA. Worked as ‘Sub-Editor’ with the daily ‘Rashtriya Sahara’ (Sahara India Media and Entertainment) NOIDA. Worked (on call basis) as ‘Translator-cum-Interpreter’ (Arabic-English-Arabic) with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Academic Profile: o Ph.D. (Arabic) from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi. o M. Phil. (Topic: Development of Arabic Media in the United Kingdom after 1950: A Survey) from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi, 2005. o M. A. (Arabic) from JNU, New Delhi. o P. G. Dip. in Mass Communication (PT) from Bhartya Vidya Bhavan, 2002. o Dip. in Computer Application (PT) from LCC, 2000. o Adv. Dip. in Modern Arabic Language & Translation (PT) from Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, 1999.

Rate per word is 0.03-0.04 Euro

Phone: 09873889586
E-mail : Contact Mr. Jalis Nasiri

Jaitpur Extension Part- Ii, Badarpur, New Delhi, India

# Translator's Name, Country, Rate
3 Lkhamaa Yondon, Mongolia, Rate per word 0.05-0.08 Euro
4 Yaruusaikhan Khishigsaikhan, Mongolia, Rate per word 0.04-0.05 Euro
5 Tserenlkham Ulziibayar, Mongolia, Rate per word 0.01-0.10 Euro
6 Maralgoo Dashdoorov, Mongolia, Rate per word 0.05-0.08 Euro
7 Mandy Dorj, Mongolia, Rate per word 0.05- Euro
8 Bulganchimeg Namjildorj, Mongolia, Rate per word 0.04-0.10 Euro
9 Oyungerel Gantulga, Mongolia, Rate per word 0.05-0.07 Euro
10 Saruul Davaasuren, Mongolia, Rate per word 0.05-0.05 Euro
11 Anudari Ganbat, Mongolia, Rate per word 0.01-0.03 Euro
12 Davka Davaa, Mongolia, Rate per word 0.01-0.04 Euro
13 Gunchmaa Nyam, Mongolia, Rate per word 0.02-0.08 Euro
14 Uyanga Bayarsaikhan, Mongolia, Rate per word 0.03-0.05 Euro
15 Margaderdene Mendbayar, Mongolia, Rate per word 0.13-0.20 Euro
16 Otgontugs Ulziisuren, Mongolia, Rate per word 0.04-0.05 Euro
17 Munkhtsetseg Baasansuren, Mongolia, Rate per word 0.10-0.40 Euro
18 Gunzaya Otgonjargal, Mongolia, Rate per word 0.04-0.08 Euro
19 Suwd M, Mongolia, Rate per word 0.20-0.25 Euro
20 Tuguldur Batmunkh, USA, Rate per word 0.10-0.18 Euro
21 Turbold Tseveenjav, Mongolia, Rate per word 0.03-0.08 Euro
22 Rizagul Nurgaaz, Mongolia, Rate per word 0.07-0.07 Euro
23 Enkuush Enkh, Mongolia, Rate per word 0.05-0.08 Euro
24 Bataa Ganhuyag, Mongolia, Rate per word 0.10-0.50 Euro
25 Dashka Ch, Mongolia, Rate per word 0.04-0.09 Euro
26 Mungunbayar Davaadorj, Mongolia, Rate per word 0.05-0.08 Euro
27 Sajid Gadal, Brunei, Rate per word 0.03-0.05 Euro
28 Dejidmaa Galbadrakh, Mongolia, Rate per word 0.05-0.09 Euro
29 Radnaa Naran, USA, Rate per word - Euro
30 Anika Ganaa, Mongolia, Rate per word 0.10-0.15 Euro
31 Biswajit Mishra, India, Rate per word 0.03-0.03 Euro
32 Enkhbayasgalan Davaajav, Mongolia, Rate per word 0.10-0.30 Euro
33 Unurzul Mishigdorj, Mongolia, Rate per word 0.05-0.08 Euro
34 Gomzi Expertise, India, Rate per word 0.02-0.03 Euro
35 Punsaa Bayaraa, Mongolia, Rate per word 0.10-0.15 Euro
36 Gerelchimeg Ganbat, China, Rate per word 0.05-0.20 Euro
37 Gerelmaa Vangun, Japan, Rate per word 0.15-0.25 Euro
38 Zaya Bolorbold, Mongolia, Rate per word 0.10-0.20 Euro
39 Altankhuu Badarch, Mongolia, Rate per word 0.08-0.10 Euro
40 Unurmaa Janchiv, UK, Rate per word 0.09-0.10 Euro
41 Nyam Enkh, USA, Rate per word 0.09-0.09 Euro
42 O Adiyadorj, UK, Rate per word 0.40-0.50 Euro
43 Baigalmaa Nurzed, Mongolia, Rate per word 0.20-0.15 Euro

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