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Abdul Rahman Nasr's photo

Mr. Abdul Rahman Nasr

Arabic to Arabic translator in Saudi Arabia.

An Arab translator who holds a bachelor's degree in translation and simultaneous ‎Interpretation from ‎Al-Azhar University. I have been working as a professional translator for ‎over 11 years, during which I ‎provided linguistic services to many translation agencies and ‎direct clients. I refined my decent ‎academic qualifications with rich hands-on experience in many translation fields.

Rate per word is 0.07-0.08 Euro

Phone: +966549449974
E-mail : Contact Mr. Abdul Rahman Nasr

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Member of
Basima Baasiri's photo

Mrs. Basima Baasiri

Arabic to Arabic translator in Lebanon.

Translation, Proofreading, Interpretation (Consecutive), Subtitling, Project Management, Copywriting, Teaching (Language Courses)

Rate per word is 0.04-0.04 Euro

Phone: 009613938384
E-mail : Contact Mrs. Basima Baasiri

Beirut, Lebanon

# Translator's Name, Country, Rate
3 Yomna Elkhiamy, Egypt, Rate per word 0.01-0.01 Euro
4 Selma Betouche, Algeria, Rate per word 0.02-0.05 Euro
5 Marah Alomari, Morocco, Rate per word 0.10-0.40 Euro
6 Mark Sed, Algeria, Rate per word 0.11-0.15 Euro
7 Abdelghafar Elghazi, Morocco, Rate per word 0.01-0.50 Euro
8 Hamden Nasri, Tunisia, Rate per word 0.10-0.50 Euro
9 Rahmon Olusanya, Nigeria, Rate per word 0.25-0.22 Euro
10 Rima Arafeh, Egypt, Rate per word 0.01-0.01 Euro
11 Hanada Shatara, USA, Rate per word 0.35-0.35 Euro
12 Jomana Mahmoud, Egypt, Rate per word 0.05-0.05 Euro
13 Abdullah Yousaf, Pakistan, Rate per word 0.05-0.10 Euro
14 Salaheddine Soulaimani, Morocco, Rate per word 0.02-0.04 Euro
15 Somaia Madi, Palestine, Rate per word 0.25-0.50 Euro
16 Amr Waheed, Egypt, Rate per word 0.08-0.10 Euro
17 Amir Attia, Egypt, Rate per word 0.10-0.14 Euro
18 Abdirzak Arab, Somalia, Rate per word 0.50-0.49 Euro
19 Ibrahim Soliman, Syria, Rate per word 0.02-0.03 Euro
20 Samar Arafah, Turkey, Rate per word 0.04-0.05 Euro
21 Mohanad Hamada, Egypt, Rate per word 0.05-0.07 Euro
22 Basama Asharaf, Egypt, Rate per word 0.12-0.12 Euro
23 Aytein Mahmoud, Egypt, Rate per word 0.25-0.50 Euro
24 Fady Fawzy, Egypt, Rate per word 0.35-0.40 Euro
25 Fayrouz Elsawy, Egypt, Rate per word 0.20-0.30 Euro
26 Shaimaa Attieh, Egypt, Rate per word - Euro
27 Magdy Emam, Egypt, Rate per word 0.07-0.38 Euro
28 Ahmed Sahloul, Egypt, Rate per word 0.03-0.03 Euro
29 Ahmed Omar, Egypt, Rate per word 0.03-0.04 Euro
30 Tariq Boukebir, Algeria, Rate per word 0.19-0.19 Euro
31 Tayseer Elmongy, Egypt, Rate per word - Euro
32 Diana Falukh, Ukraine, Rate per word 0.50-0.50 Euro
33 Abeer Khudhair, USA, Rate per word 0.50-0.50 Euro
34 Yuksel Fatih Bolek, Turkey, Rate per word 0.10-0.10 Euro
35 Soulaimane Bennani, USA, Rate per word 0.04-0.08 Euro
36 Ibrahem Belal, Egypt, Rate per word 0.50-0.50 Euro
37 Nadia Saeed, Kuwait, Rate per word 0.05-0.05 Euro
38 Ahmed Massoud, Egypt, Rate per word 0.05-0.05 Euro

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