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# Agency name
1 VSI Translation & Subtitling BV, Netherlands
2 Severein Services, Netherlands
3 Scriptware bv, Netherlands
4 Data Entry LTD, Netherlands
5 RIGS, Netherlands
6 Translation Bureau Infotech vof, Netherlands
7 LinguaFidelitas, Netherlands
8 WijVertalen, Netherlands
9 Boot tekst en taal, Netherlands
10 Ecrivus International, Netherlands
11 naomi consultants, Netherlands
12, Netherlands
13 DutchTrans, Netherlands
14 AgroLingua B.V., Netherlands
15 New Youth Translation, Netherlands
16 DCT (Data Concept Technology), Netherlands
17 Your Words Translation Services, Netherlands
18 Proflangs, Netherlands
19 GlobalizeMe, Netherlands
20 Mettaal, Netherlands
21 CasaLingua Language Processing, Netherlands
22 Elycio Tekst & Vertaling, Netherlands
23 Jensen Localization, Netherlands
24 Zhikol, Netherlands
25 GATIM Language Services, Netherlands
26 Crossword Translations, Netherlands
27 Euro-Com International B.V., Netherlands
28 Translation Kings, Netherlands
29 Meesterwerk TalenTm, Netherlands
30 Moysiadou Translations and Lessons, Netherlands
31 Negrin Vertaaldiensten, Netherlands
32 Noorderlicht Translation Agency, Netherlands
33 Kern Amsterdam B.V., Netherlands
34, Netherlands
35 Tekom Vertalers, Netherlands
36 HHCE, Netherlands
37 Turkstotaal, Netherlands
38 Claro Taal, Netherlands
39 Wordhouse, Netherlands
40 alinea.doc, Netherlands
41 Alle Talen BV, Netherlands
42 Wauters Translations, Netherlands
43 Multilingual Translations Management (MTM), Netherlands
44 Language Networks BV, Netherlands
45 EstEnter Translations BV, Netherlands
46 Graauw Vertalingen, Netherlands
47 Smit Translations, Netherlands
48 Boudens translations, Netherlands
49, Netherlands
50 international Software Products (iSP), Netherlands
51 Beter Engels Vertaalbureau, Netherlands
52 Portanto Languages Office, Netherlands
53 PLS Professional Language Services BV, Netherlands
54 WYO Talen Nederland BV, Netherlands
55 inVision Subtitling, Netherlands
56 Vereniging van Schrijvers en Vertalers, Netherlands
57 Buro KADER, Netherlands
58 Easy Translation, Netherlands
59 Euregio Language Services, Netherlands
60 Marina Translations, Netherlands
61, Netherlands
62 Vertaalbureau It Ljocht, Netherlands
63 L&L BV, Netherlands
64 I-translate, Netherlands
65 TranslaText, Netherlands
66 UvA Talen, Netherlands
67 Fundalingua, Netherlands
68 Hehua Translation Agency, Netherlands
69 Lisaan-Iles Language Communication Office, Netherlands
70 Frendu Vertalingen, Netherlands
71, Netherlands
72 House of Words, Netherlands
73 proverb Nederland, Netherlands
74 De Buvry Traductions, Netherlands
75 Amoeba Sciences Ltd, Netherlands
76 NedDuits, Netherlands
77 Wordworkers B.V., Netherlands
78 BOZZ Text & Translations, Netherlands
79 ACB Medical Translations, Netherlands
80 Dost Vertalers, Netherlands
81 Akebono Translation Service, Netherlands
82 Duo vertaalburo, Netherlands
83 TransArabe Freelance, Netherlands
84 Akzent, Netherlands
85 TransMania, Netherlands
86 Maruboshi Europe BV, Netherlands
87 Russian Translation Agency, Netherlands
88 Elisant, Netherlands
89 Tongues Translation Services, Netherlands
90 BSTS Translation Service v.o.f., Netherlands
91 Confluent Translation Services, Netherlands
92 STV Translations BV, Netherlands
93 f.a.x. Translations b.v., Netherlands
94 Azbuka, Netherlands
95 Aalten Vertaalbureau / Aalten Translations, Netherlands
96 Vertaalbureau Bothof, Netherlands
97 Van Hoorn Business Translations, Netherlands
98 Mondi Talen, Netherlands
99 Lingua-World, Netherlands
100 Helena Technical Translations B.V., Netherlands
101 Word-Ing, Netherlands
102 The Language Lab Talenservice, Netherlands
103 Vertaalbureau De Goeij BV, Netherlands
104 All Translations Company, Netherlands

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