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# Agency name
1 Bernadette Pâques, Canada
2 Traduction Mimsky Korsakov, Canada
3 ProzGlot Translation Services Montreal, Canada
4 Translation in Vancouver, Canada
5 Translation in Toronto, Canada
6 Translation in Ottawa, Canada
7 Universum Translation & Consulting, Canada
8 Texto solutions linguistiques, Canada
9 cosmos language service, Canada
10 QLS - Arabic | Professional Translation Services, Canada
11 ICI, Canada
12 Traducta Multilingual Translation, Canada
13 Shamash Ideas, Canada
14 Utterpal, Canada
15 EJP translations, Canada
16 Francisation InterGlobe, Canada
17 CommWD, Canada
19 Shahji Translators, Canada
20 Wiebe\'s Translation and Interpreter, Canada
21 Patterson Linguistic Services , Canada
22 AC Translations, Canada
23 Interpreter & Translator Networks Inc., Canada
24 Economical Translation Consortium, Canada
25 Certified Translation Services, Canada
26 khalil company for translation, Canada
27 Language Linx Ltd., Canada
28 OXO Translations, Canada
29 Value Translations, Canada
30 Tra-Loc inc, Canada
31 One Cent Translation, Canada
32 Mangat Translation Agency, Canada
33 Hemleen Inc, Canada
34 Sandal Interpretation & Translation Services, Canada
35 MCIS Non Profit Language Services, Canada
36 AFG Translation, Canada
37 Arnaud Bridger & LWT Communications, Canada
38 WEBlinguists, Canada
39 ProLingua Consulting, Canada
40 Express International Translations. Inc., Canada
41 pendleton translations, Canada
42 Gate Translations, Canada
43 Consell Translations, Canada
44 Language Doctors, Canada
45 MultiCorpora, Canada
46 Afnan Translation, Canada
47 Services linguistiques Annie Talbot Language Services, Canada
48 wintranslation Professional Translation Service, Canada
49 Mnemonic Translations Inc., Canada
50 Society of Translators and Interpreters of BC, Canada
51 Translex Services Inc., Canada
52 ProDialect Language Saolutions, Canada
53 Sudbury Translation Services, Canada
54 Aubertin Suzanne Traduction Inc., Canada
55 The Write Words, Canada
56 BMD Multi-lingual Technology, Canada
57 Omnicom Translations Calgary, Canada
58 Ktranslation (Korean Translation), Canada
59 Asian Trans World Inc, Canada
60 Dualicom inc., Canada
61 Parenty Reitmeier Translation Services, Canada
62 Language Connection (LC) Translations, Canada
63 Sunleaf Language Services, Inc, Canada
64 Plush Text Communications, Canada
65 Welink Consulting Solutions Inc., Canada
66 BG Communications International Inc., Canada
67 Translators of Toronto (T of T), Canada
68 Most Valuable Asset Interpreting Services, Canada
69 Softran, Canada
70 Mariemello, Canada
71 Transcanada Translation Services, Canada
72 Monde Media Solutions, Canada
73 Lingua Lightning International, Canada
74 Resolvis Typeseeting, Canada
75 Alpha Translations Canada Inc., Canada
76 Cartier et Lelarge, Canada
77 ABC Language Solutions, Canada
78 ACTION eBIZ, Canada
79 Prolexweb Communications, Canada
80 ACCU Translation, Canada
81 Universum Translation & Consulting, Canada
82 CA Translation Services, Canada
83 Japan Communications Inc., Canada
84 Point Virgule, Canada
85 All Linguex Translations Inc, Canada
86 Global Audio Visual, Canada
87 Kingly Translations, Canada
88 Kado Translations, Canada
89 AD-COM, Canada
90 SoHo World Multilingual Translations, Canada
91 Patton Productions Inc., Canada
92 Association of Translators and Interpreters of Alberta (ATIA), Canada
93 The Centre for Education & Training, Canada
94 Creative Global Connection, Canada
95 All Langauges Ltd, Canada
96 Cantalk (Canada) Inc., Canada
97 AK Language Service, Canada
98 Équivalence 2001, Canada
99 Goulet Professional Translation Services, Canada
100 Textronics Communications Ltd, Canada
101 Evoluz Inc. Transcription and Translation Services, Canada
102 Sunday Times, Canada
103 BRAVO Language Services, Canada
104, Canada
105 Quick-French, Canada
106 Cyberscribe Solutions Inc., Canada
107 Aaron Translations, Canada
108 Great Translation, Canada
109 Elance, Canada
110 Berlukas Communications Inc., Canada
111 CILFO Translations, Canada
112 McKelvey Communications Inc., Canada
113 Technovate Translations, Canada
114 Portuguese translation, Canada
115 Multi-Culture Communications & Learning Ltd., Canada
116 Elite Translations, Canada
117 Altamar Translation & Interpretation, Canada
118 Precision Language Services, Canada
119 Gestion Linguistique MJC, Canada
120 International Direct Response Services Ltd, Canada
121 Canada Legal and Language Services, Canada
122 Rossion Inc, Canada
123 Anglo-Franco Communications Ltd., Canada
124 Toronto Chinese Translation, Canada
125 PF Media Group, Canada
126 Able Translations Ltd, Canada
127 Renaud Expertise Inc., Canada
128 Turkish Translator, Canada
129 Transcription Lab, Canada
130 Galaxy Translations, Canada
131 Diálogos Translations, Canada
132 Aubut & Associates, Canada
133 Universal Publisher, Canada
134 Amana, Canada
135 Web Lite Solutions, Canada
136 Language Services Ltd., Canada
137 Documens Translation, Canada
138 Quality Language, Canada
139 YYZ Translations (a branch of YYZ Network), Canada
140 Eurotranslation, Canada
141 in FRENCH only inc./in SPANISH too! Translations, Canada
142 Traduction-Worldwide, Canada
143 Textogo Word Experts, Canada
144 Deep Trans Inc., Canada
145 Universal Translations, Canada
146 Express International Translations Inc. (EIT), Canada
147 NissR Web Design and Translation, Canada
148 World Links Grobovsky, Page & Associates, Canada
149 RR Translations, Canada
150 Argos, Canada
151 Accents Language Services Inc., Canada
152 Yyang Services, Canada
153 ICI - International Conference Interpreters Inc., Canada
154 Laidley Corporation, Canada
155 Premier Focus Translations, Canada
156 Traductions JC, Canada
157 R&R International Translation Specialists Inc., Canada
158 MOSAIC Translations, Typesetting & Language Consultants, Canada
159 Language Services, Canada
160 Linguaction, Canada
161 Eurologos-Toronto, Canada
162 Foreign Exchange Translations, Inc. (, Canada
163 Latin Routes, Executive Translation Services, Canada
164 Words Your Way, Canada
165 Tima Search, Canada
166 TraducLigne, Canada
167 STF Traducation, Canada
168 BeTranslated, Canada
169 Paragraf, Canada
170 RiverWest Translation Services Inc., Canada
171 WordCheck/iContent, Canada
172 International Translators and Interpreters, Canada
173 Les Traductions St-François, Canada
174 Lexi-tech International, Canada
175 CanElsa International Group, Canada
176 Atlas Translating Services, Canada
177 Amero Translation and Interpretation, Canada
178 Langu-EDGE Solutions Inc., Canada
179 Lexis Communications, Canada

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