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A trivialised danger

I approached this seminar as an ordinary course, but when the coach hypnotised the room of three thousand people, I got scared.

A trivialised danger

Eight years ago, I met a Frenchman. He seemed very good and polite, very different from the people I had met before. I believed everything he said.

I was so fascinated by him that, even though I was a believer, after half a year of knowing him I moved in with him in France. Unfortunately, I did not know that both he and his mother were caught up in divination …

When I moved in with him, his mother took me to a fortune-teller at the earliest opportunity, to see whether I was not getting involved with her son for money. She returned from the visit in a happy mood, because the fortune-teller had dispelled her fears. My friend also looked at me through the prism of what was once predicted to him. Even before he met me, he had it written on a piece of paper that his wife would be a woman from the East, much younger, with the letters “s” and “z” in the name. And because everything fell into place (we are eleven years apart, and my name is Agnieszka), he got involved in this relationship.

Having been accepted as a new member of the family, I was often taken to various diviners, and, although I did not believe in it all, I went along with it. I noticed that neither my partner nor his mother had any friends; they did not even visit their relatives, and their only acquaintances were fortune-tellers. A warning light lit up in my head then, but I ignored it …

A “career” on TV

At one point, they persuaded me to help make a TV programme about conjuring up the spirits. It was produced by a well-known French TV channel, and many diviners were involved in it. We drove around various churches and cemeteries, and the programmes were recorded there. Now it seems scary to me, but then — although I hadn’t even been interested in conjuring up spirits — they lured me with promises of a job as a reporter with the famous television channel if I helped them. All their promises turned out to be lies and manipulation.

This series of programmes lasted two years. During that time, I started having problems with anxiety and depression, although I had never had mental health problems before. Then — odd as it may sound — I felt the presence of something behind my forehead. When we returned after conjuring up spirits, I would suddenly start to cry, and I could not calm down for a long time. It even got to the point where, having received an amulet, a voice told me to slit my veins … At that time, I was not aware why this was happening; I did not know that it was the impact of these sessions — I was blinded. I did not even realise at which point had I left the Church. I did not go to Mass at all, spending even Christmas and Easter at home.

A séance for insiders

One day, one of the fortune-tellers persuaded us to go to a motivational course in Rome. At the seminar, we were to learn how to become a billionaire. It was run by an American coach. He was a man of about fifty, very energetic, always dressed in black. I approached this seminar as an ordinary course, but when the coach hypnotised the room of three thousand people, I got scared. I did not take the steps proposed by the coach, so I was completely conscious. I looked around: next to me a pregnant woman began to howl, and others were falling down, screaming and crying … These were demonic scenes. The coach explained that he used Dickens hypnosis. On the third day, he hypnotised the whole audience again, and people were able to walk on hot fire. At the end of the meeting, the participants were given a certificate that they were able to overcome their fears and weaknesses, because they had gone through the fire. This seminar was very expensive: you had to pay 1,000 euro per person, and a private seminar with the coach costs 30,000 euro.

I wish people realised what a great danger divination is. This topic is often ignored and trivialised. We just do not understand what huge risks it brings!

Everyday life with fortune-telling

In France, fortune-tellers’ offices are normally registered there and have a cash register. A Frenchman goes to such a fortune-teller as to a doctor …


the life decisions of the man with whom I was living were dependent on what the fortune-teller would say: from our engagement to business decisions. At work, he stopped referring to his knowledge of banking and began to depend on the fortune-teller with regard to any movements on the financial market. He spent huge sums of money on his advice, but in the end he lost everything, and many people turned away from him. As for my partner’s mother, a fortune-teller predicted that she would win a lot of money someday, so she spent all her days at a casino and got addicted to gambling.

With time, my partner started to limit me in a lot of areas; he did not let me go to Mass or meet people from outside the diviners’ circle. I could not even visit Poland for three years, because he did not want to allow me to go alone, and he never had time.

Return to the Church

My eyes began to open when I returned to the Church. In France, there are many unbelievers. In my village, the church is empty. Fortunately, the Lord God placed in my path a woman who began to take me to Mass. You could say that she was heaven sent. Thanks to her, after a gap of six years, I went to confession and promised myself that I would no longer neglect my faith. I had almost lost hope that I could get free from this whole nightmare, but when I returned to the Church and began to use the sacraments and receive Holy Communion, I suddenly gained strength and such inner peace that I even stopped being afraid.

A Polish priest, whom I met in Metz, told me that I needed to leave this man as soon as possible and get myself out of that hell, but that the attacks were likely to increase. Unfortunately, that priest was right …

A massive attack

It was getting worse. My partner became aggressive. I could not say anything about faith or admit that I went to Mass, because he would get furious and things would become very bad at home …

His attacks of aggression intensified when he began to visit a very well-known fortune-teller, who told him that he was talking to an angel (I already knew that he was talking to Satan).

When he got furious having returned from one such visit, scared and not knowing what to do, I began to say aloud in Polish Beneath Thy Protection. Then my partner calmed down and began behaving normally, having previously looked like a man possessed. His mother also looked possessed. It could be seen on her face. Whenever I left the house, she would open the door and angrily curse me and call me the worst names.

Suitcases by the door

One day, when my partner came home after visiting a fortuneteller who had previously predicted our engagement, he told me to pack up and leave. Apparently, it was my presence that was interfering with his success.

You could say that he threw me out onto the street … I was devastated: I had no job or money and nowhere to live … I was tempted to visit a fortune-teller, in order to find out whether we would be together again. Fortunately, attending the Eucharist gave me strength and hope. I entrusted everything to God, because I knew that I could not make it on my own. Suddenly, quite unexpectedly, there were people who came to my rescue. After eight years, with God’s support, I was able to break free from that nightmare!

I wish people realised what a great danger divination is. This topic is often ignored and trivialised. We just do not understand what huge risks it brings! I would also think like that had I not experienced this first-hand. We do not realise that are we ruining our lives in that way. It may also lead to demonic possession.

Unfortunately, a man without faith cannot understand this threat. That is why it is so important to always hold fast to Christ, because only abiding in sanctifying grace and being strengthened with sacraments are we able to stand up to evil.



The article was published with the permission from "Love One Another!" in September 2020.

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